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Submission + - Hackers Who Stole $45 Million Via Lurk Trojan Arrested In Russia

An anonymous reader writes: The Kaspersky security research group reports that it has aided Russian police in the arrest of 50 hackers who stole more than $45 million by the use of the Lurk Trojan. The infection was initiated by the user merely visiting an affected web-site, including 'leading media and news sites', according to Kaspersky. The Lurk Trojan uses digital steganography, and encrypts URLs into image files by manipulating individual pixels, with the ultimate aim of initiating a downloader — and it runs entirely in RAM, avoiding any potential blockade from conventional anti-virus products.

Comment Re:Not funneled into (Score 1) 284

The politicians who have the power to fix these issues have negative incentives for fixing this issue. The flow of money from corporate campaign donations would magically funnel to candidates who completely coincidentally oppose fixing the tax code.

This is why campaign finance reform is such an important issue. The corruptive nature of all that money from corporations and rich folks is skewing our public policy.

Comment Re:the worst summary for the worst proposal. (Score 2) 458

You're of course correct.

However, the president does have quite a bit of power in setting the legislative priorities.

The president can also more or less say: "I will veto every f***ing bill that comes on my desk until you hacks do what I want you to do. Get it done!" Obviously his veto can be overruled, but if he can recruit a large block of legislators in both houses, it would be difficult to overrule the veto for all but the most bi-partisan efforts.

Comment Re:This might be the one thing that gets Congress (Score 1) 266

This is always the case. They are completely incapable of seeing things from their constituents' point of view (unless of course there's money or votes to be made by doing so), which for an elected official is pretty tragic.

This is also why the only way we get any changes in gun legislation is if someone shoots one of their kids.

The Germans must've also been quite happy with the difference of the reaction of NSA spying on German citizens vs. their Chancellor.

Comment Who cares (Score 3, Funny) 786

This would've been a more interesting article, if it discussed the merits or lack thereof, of the RedHat change in the Linux kernel.

The "drama" the article discusses is of no value to anyone, but the likes of Nerd TMZ (if there was such a thing).

Can we please stop posting articles such as these? And if someone does post one, can we NOT promote them onto the front page?

Comment Offshore developers will love this (Score 2) 130

I expect a tremendous boom in offshoring development work as a result.

Every patent troll is going to contract the cheapest possible software development team to implement working code for their idiotic patents.

This is not the right solution to the problem.

Limiting the duration of software patents would be a better one, if abolishing them entirely isn't on the table.

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