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Xbox Live Needs MMOG Overhaul 48 has a discussion with cofounder Jeff Strain. During the course of the interview, Strain states that he considers Xbox Live imperfect for MMOG titles. From the article: "Their whole goal is to encourage people to go and buy games on the shelf, then there's an online component for it ... But for us, when you buy it on the shelf, that's just the beginning of our relationship with you - and we want a direct connection with our customer so that we're always giving you new content, always supporting you directly. Xbox Live just wasn't really built, from a business standpoint, to support that." Relatedly, Guild Wars' World Championships were recently held. eToyChest has a few words on the Korean dominance of the event.
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Xbox Live Needs MMOG Overhaul

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  • MMORPG (which is the very large bulk of MMOG out there) isn't mentioned in the summary or the article (by what I skimmed). I wonder if this is to deter comments about "howabout an RPG in the first place?".
  • I thought this was why Microsoft allows people to play MMOGs with just a "Silver" level subscription to Live on the XBox 360. Well, that, and they want you to pay for the MMOG on top of your normal "Gold" level subscription.
  • From the summary:

    "the Korean dominance of the event"

    In Korea only old people play MMOGs.

  • and we want a direct connection with our customer so that we're always giving you new content, always supporting you directly.

    Until the service is no longer profitable, in which case our "connection" with you gets upgraded to level "fuck you."
  • Xbox live charges a fee. does not, and focuses on providing new content to generate income. Xbox is also designed to play a game on a disc,'s Guild Wars has contantly updated content, ie. the new content from Factions is already located on most people who play GW's hard drive. It just needs to be unlocked by purchasing a key when it's released. The store bought disc model is rapidly fading in the MMOG world. Xbox thrives on this "old" model, and is designed with it in mind.
  • Microsoft has had a nasty habit in the original XBOX Live service of charging its customers no less than $5.00 for the most trivial of content updates. Though to be honest, I don't know why an MMORPG would want to use the XBOX Live infrastructure when they already have their own proprietary infrastructure. Short of letting others know a GamerTag has their 360 turned on and logged into XBOX 360, the rest of the XBOX Live crap is just a nusiance to developers and subscribers. I'd be really frustrated if every
    • Umm... what are you even talking about? There is NO option "Check for Upgrades" on any 360 game at all. The single dashboard update and the COD2 patch both informed the player when they connected that the update was available. You didn't have to look for it.

      It's also not like you have to manually log in to Xbox Live - unless you deliberately set it that way. The console automatically does it. And even if you have it set to manual, it's all of selecting an account and pressing the button. No entering u
  • by Skankme ( 889016 ) on Friday February 24, 2006 @06:11PM (#14796911)
    If you follow the link to the full interview, he just used LIVE as an example , his comments were about "consoles" in general.

    So, there need to be some changes in the business model, and we're keeping an eye on the technology - but we love console games, and I'd love to see Guild Wars on an Xbox [360] or a PlayStation 3. 14931 []
  • It only recognized Xbox 360 games if you want to set up a gamer profile on I wanted to track my BattleFront kills and such. The whole Live Arcade thing is dumb, too. Most of those games or something like them can be played at
  • As an avid Guild Wars player and fan of ArenaNet and its roots, I know what Strain is getting at.

    Implementing an MMO on Xbox Live requires a break in continuity from the generic and limited "live-enabled" template, which has only been updated to add "no duh" features they had left out like voice chat from the Dashboard and voice messages. At its core, the current iteration of Live is basically indistinguishable than what you got in terms of online play from MechAssault or Crimson Skies.

    Three companies ha
  • I dont understand what hes asking for.

    Live allows additional content. It allows for support. Nothing hes saying cant be done in the present system. Add to that the fact that he neither has a game on Live nor is planning one for live and I have to wonder what exactly is the point of this at all?

    Not only are his comments vague they are also counter to the fact that square is already accomplishing what he wants and Final Fantasy XI is already working on live ready for full release.

    Maybe hes talking with the ot
    • Live definitely has the ability to update each user's xbox, which sounds like their main beef. However, it is very slow (at least with the old xbox). The other issue I see is how the games are hosted. I don't know if this is true for all games, but Halo 2 isn't hosted by a central server, and I think the same is true of Forza. Each game is hosted by a random member of the group in any given game. To run MMOGs, you can't rely on a random person's xbox to run the whole game for everyone. A central server is

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