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Comment I wonder which of the sites will end up on top (Score 1) 100

It's an interesting bit, seeing this happen. wonderful news all around.

But I'm more interested in seeing which of the crowdfunding websites ends up being more reputable, for projects like this. In terms of delivering their product, doing so on time, etc.

Some are certainly more important than others...

But purely from an intellectual standpoint, it'll be interesting seeing which of the sites end up on top. And why.

Comment Re:Few to admit it, but a lot of parents teach thi (Score 1) 1208

Dude it's not racism. This is the internet. The person posting the comment claiming to be a white guy in a black neighborhod could just as easily be an albino lesbian cockerspaniel. Treating them like a dick because they're acting like it isn't "reverse racism", it's treating someone like a dick cause they're acting like one. That's not even hypocrisy, it's just fair.

Comment Re:Pointless... (Score 1) 63

Tactile feedback.

Hitting something with a hammer, you FEEL how hard you hit it and how far you've driven the nail in.

touching the screen doesn't give you that.
If a 3d display can fix THIS, then it'll be the new thing. But right now, keyboard and mouse offer tactile feedback, and the touchscreen does not. a 3d space where you wave your arms around? If it's anything like the Kinect I tried, it won't do.

Comment Learn a new language, get a job. (Score 1) 688

"learn to code, get a job" is functionally identical to "Learn a new language, get a job." We call our programming languages languages because that's what they are. it's a new way to communicate.

People who only know how to communicate in one language never really understand how easy it is to figure out how to solve translation problems. Learning a new language is incredibly easy and it's probably one of the most valuable tools that you can get as a human being. Why? Because communication is key to human advancement.

It's true that learning how to code will make you a more valuable worker. But it's not the only way and it's not a fire and forget solution. If you don't learn how to code, and you don't learn another language, you're holding yourself back in ways you'll never be able to understand.

Comment In more recent news (Score 1) 147

When APB came back and went free to play, I was looking forward to it, but one of the things that bothered me was that they did away with the previous (very solid) microtransaction method. Now, you can purchase temporary weapons using in game or real cash, but the kicker is that they have limited-time-offer weapons for sale, alternatives to weapons in game, no better, no worse, which are permanent. And these weapons will set you back SIXTY BUCKS of real world cash.

Yes, it's almost enough to make you want to do a price comparison at an actual Republican convention.

Some tidbits here: That's $60, for one gun, on one character, on one server, you still have to buy ammo for it, and if the game goes under (again) you're up shit creek without an MP5. And there doesn't seem to be a way to reach the developers to tell them that this is moronic.

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