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Comment I do not like Richard Stallmana (Score 1) 649

He is a Socialist. I am a Capitalist. He wants to punish companies for being successful. I think that is a bad idea.

By the way, I have seen GNU software in HPUX and Solaris. We don't call them GNU/HPUX or GNU/Solaris. Linux is a Kernel. Ask anyone developing embedded systems. No GNU there, but it is still Linux. He gave his software away. Now he wants everyone to bow down because we used it. What happened to the HURD Kernel? Get over it.

Yeah I know. Call me a troll. It is a subject I am passionate about. Sorry if I offend, but I have a right to my opinion.

Comment Re:Yet Another Missing Option (Score 1) 525

"Military family - grew up on and around bases, Father retired enlisted, majority of siblings served in one way or another. Me, they didn't need."

This was going to be my missing option as well. My father was a lifer, fought in Korea - actually a non-combat role. I have two brothers who served and a niece-in-law who is currently enlisted and stationed abroad.

What most people do not understand is that when one family member serves, the whole family serves. Most of my siblings were born abroad, as I was. My mother raised a family on a soldiers wages. When my family goes to war, we organize local efforts to send care packages and letters. It is a lifestyle.


Submission + - Stereotypes are more valid than most social psychological hypotheses. (

hessian writes: "That stereotype accuracy — the correspondence of stereotype beliefs with criteria — is one of the largest relationships in all of social psychology. The correlations of stereotypes with criteria range from .4 to over .9, and average almost .8 for cultural stereotypes (the correlation of beliefs that are widely shared with criteria) and.5 for personal stereotypes (the correlation of one individual's stereotypes with criteria, averaged over lots of individuals). The average effect in social psychology is about .20. Stereotypes are more valid than most social psychological hypotheses."

Comment Re:Everyone's first answer is wrong (Score 1) 515

-You can't eat them.
I grew up hunting. I can kill game. However, in a post-apocalypse world I would do more trapping and fishing and save the ammunition.

-You can't drink them.
I can brew beer and make wine. Who wants to drink a weapon?

-They can't power your well, sump pump, freezer, or furnace
No, neither can a roof over your head, but that doesn't mean I would live in the open.

-A gun doesn't do a very good job of providing you information about the weather, news updates from the CDC, or other emergency management information.
No that is why I have an emergency radio. See my answer above.

-1000 rounds of ammunition == approximately 1000 dead zombies +/- your accuracy. This becomes a problem when the zombie population goes > 1000 zombies. A delta of zombies is a bad thing.
I have reloading equipment. Also I do know how to make gunpowder from sulfur, charcoal, and saltpeter, but god forbid it comes to that.

-Guns cannot process large game into juicy delicious steaks all by themselves.
No but I can! See my answer to number one above.

A lot of what you are saying is the equivalent of "A boat is not a car, so why would I want a boat?" My answer is when you NEED it you will WANT it.

Comment Re:No audiobook option? (Score 2) 283

By.... not depicting either? Sorry but I fail to see the specific issue. Illustrations could be used outside of the depiction of those two individuals, and if they needed to include visuals during those passages, let them be impressionistic representations or abstract patterns.

You know you may be right. I am / was probably letting my ignorance / prejudice reflect in my opinion.

I stand corrected.

Comment Re:No audiobook option? (Score 1) 283

"I hope one day books will be available as multimedia presentations with text, audio, illustration, glossaries, and in some cases video"

You know I have seen a lot of versions of the bible done this way. I think that at this time, you have to have a book that has a huge appeal to make it proffitable to do a book like this. The Bible is an obvious choice, but I honestly cannot think of any other book that warrants this treatment. I would say The Koran, but with Islam's restriction on depicting Allah and The Prophet Muhammad in human form, I am not sure how you would pull this off.

Comment Re:GNU/Linux (Score 1) 258

"So the GNU/Linux arguments start making a lot more sense now, aren't they? Cause if you just call it Linux, Android seems perfectly "Linux" to me."

I just don't get this. The gas pump you use probably runs Linux. The cash register at the store probably runs Linux (OK I've seen a lot that run windows.) Tivo runs Linux. Linux is a very popular embedded operating system. Most embedded systems run little if any GNU software. That does not make them less Linux.

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