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Star Wars Meets Pulp Fiction 80

adamnap writes: "I just found this site a few hours ago. it is a flash hybrid of the phantom menace and Pulp Fiction. If you need to waste some time, check it out at Pulp Phantom."
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Star Wars Meets Pulp Fiction

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  • That is SO old.... (Score:2, Informative)

    by KilBee ( 414914 )
    Very entertaining though. My guess as to why it hasn't been submitted until now is that it used to come with a bunch of pr0n popups. It no longer does... and strangely, I no longer go to that site.... mmmmmmmmm... bytemail chicks....
    • by richie2000 ( 159732 ) <rickard.olsson@gmail.com> on Saturday March 09, 2002 @06:16AM (#3134479) Homepage Journal
      Now when the site is about to become /.ed, those ads are sure to come back.

      Hm, that sounds like a business plan: Create a nifty site, get it mentioned on Slashdot and then fill it with ads just in time for the /. effect to hit the adservers. Free money! :-)

      • I have not seen broad support for Flash recently here on /. A recent high dollar Flash commercial site:


        brought issues up whether Flash is the just the thing for the Internet/ecommerce/navigation/content delivery/etc. I believe most people agreed it cannot be all of these things.

        The two websites are in Flash but dramatically different. One of them has a whole lot of money thrown at it and the other is well....I thought it was great. I found the clips small in size but graphic and sound quality was great. I don't believe Flash is something that is going to change the universe as claimed by some people but I find it a great medium to deliver 'content' like this.

        Great site. Thanks for the Saturday morning humor.

    • Well, I dunno if the pop-up are gone or not -- I can't get to it through websense (proxy/filter) at work. :/
  • Another mix. (Score:2, Informative)

    by Mattygfunk ( 517948 )
    I've seen this kind of thing before with Pulp Fiction. It was mixed with and adult film and called Pulp Friction. Seriously.
  • by Skyshadow ( 508 ) on Saturday March 09, 2002 @06:21AM (#3134484) Homepage
    Man, it's a good think I'm sitting here alone, drunk on a Saturday morning at 2:17 AM PST, 'cause I got a good look at the thing before it got Slashdotted.

    Er, okay, that sounds even more loserly than general, doesn't it?

    Anyhow, very good stuff. I mean, it was a little lame at times (yeah, Pulp Fiction seeded with Star Wars terminology!), but I'm definately sending it to my non-geek friends when the /. effect wears off. Then again, I'm pretty loaded, so this is opinion is obviously open to revision sometime tomorrow morning around 11.

    Crap, I'm getting modded down for this, aren't I? Oh yeah, well my UID is lower than yours, smart guy.

  • Nice episode's but they only last about a minute. So you probably will look 20 times at the intro (same music, same graphics) And after four times it got on my nerves.
  • by Oink.NET ( 551861 ) on Saturday March 09, 2002 @06:31AM (#3134495) Homepage
    Check out Episode 14's [pulpphantom.com] preloader game for some Jar-Jar Binks bashing fun!
  • Parody? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by jmd! ( 111669 ) <jmd@pobox. c o m> on Saturday March 09, 2002 @06:37AM (#3134499) Homepage
    Wow, these are pretty bad. They didn't really even change any of the plot, or dialog. Just substituted in SW characters doing Pulp Fiction line for line.

    If you want Pulp Fiction, go rent it. If you want a SW parody, go rent Space Balls.
    • Re:Parody? (Score:4, Insightful)

      by Skyshadow ( 508 ) on Saturday March 09, 2002 @06:51AM (#3134513) Homepage
      Yeah, but doing Dance #4 should keep a lot of the Natelie Portman trolls occuppied for weeks to come. You can't tell me that's a bad thing.

      Besides, it's more the flash animation that the dialog that keeps the whole thing interesting. The image of the Queen Amidala character ODing is art in itself, at least as much as the stuff hanging on the walls in museams. Besides, the fact that it uses a lot of Pulp Fiction is a great example of the value of Constitutionally-protected parody, ain't it?

      And my UID is still lower than yours. Damn, I'm loaded.

    • Actually the dialog *HAS* changed but the plot is basically the same. Then again IIRC Park-Wars the south-park/SW parody did have exactly the same dialog. Personally I like the site the sad thing is I have a feeling in a few minutes it'll be slashdotted into oblivion.
    • I agree. And the most annoying thing is the intro and exit "trailers". Look, I want to watch your stuff, just bloody well stream it to me!

      Last but not least, all of the other animated crap on the screen - banner ads, other flash things that just loop through an animation sequence for no good reason - GAGH!

      Look, I understand having the banner ads - a man's got to pay for his bandwidth (especially when being /.'ed), but all the OTHER crap on the screen is just a waste of CPU. Tell your story, tell it well, and tell it with as little BS as possible.

      Besides - "... double barreled lightsabres..." ?!?!?! Considering one of the characters is a Darth Maul parody, it should have been
      "... double bladed lightsabres ..."

      • Animated crap on the screen got you down? Look at the source for the .swf url.

        Add /episodes/1.swf to the url and you just get the episode, scaled to the whole browser window to boot.

        Can't do anything about the intro trailer. Sheesh, after about 3 of them I was sick of looking at Uma/Natalie...

    • Re:Parody? (Score:3, Funny)

      by matrix29 ( 259235 )
      Wow, these are pretty bad. They didn't really even change any of the plot, or dialog. Just substituted in SW characters doing Pulp Fiction line for line.

      I've got a better concept. Do a remake of David Lynch's DUNE - but instead of the regular cast I suggest a MUPPET cast. Put Gonzo in the role of Paul Atreides, Fozzie as Thufir, Miss Piggy as the Baron, Kermit as Feyd, Janice as Reverend Mother Ramallo, Sam the Eagle as Emperor Shaddam IV, Lew Zealand (the boomrang fish guy) as Gurney Halleck, Doctor Teeth as The Baron's Doctor, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew as the Head of the Spacer's Guild, etc...

      There is enough cast to transfer between both movies and the casting is the most fun in this case. It would require a slight alteration in dialog to fit the MUPPET character types, but that is also the fun bit as well.

      It's time to play the music,
      It's time to harvest the spice,
      It's time to get things started,
      It's time to light the lights,
      So let's use the weirdo way,
      Why don't we take the spice?

      It's sensational,
      This is what we call the "Kwisatz Haderach".

      Statler: "When will this make any sense?"
      Waldorf: "Somebody's been putting whiskey in the stillsuits."
      (Both laugh)
  • This is really kinda lame. Sure its
    novel, but not really all that creative.
    I enjoyed the Force Fiction comic much better.
    Its a much higher quality meshing of Star Wars and Pulp Fiction.
  • one of the episodes (number 17 I think) makes a reference to another star wars spoof here [theforce.net].

    There are actually a lot of good sw spoofs out there; just a matter of looking at places like atomfilms and ifilms. but be warned, there are also a lot of terrible ones
  • by pryan ( 169593 ) on Saturday March 09, 2002 @06:49AM (#3134512) Homepage
    Okay, I got through about five issues before I couldn't stand it anymore. I've seen Pulp Fiction many times, I've seen Ep.I. No change in dialog wore on me, but the drawing is someone stimulating.

    I suppose I would have gone through the whole thing if it weren't for the splash intro for each episode. Gah, I admire the person who went to the effort, but create a set without the splash intro for each issue!
  • Wasn't it interesting when Pulp fiction came out that you had a whole crop of people who could quote Ezekiel 25:17 from watching Pulp Fiction 100 times but never cracked open a bible ever? I know I still have that phrase memorized.
  • The 'Vincent/Maul' charactor should have been a Wookie. That would have made for an interesting dialogue.
  • Copyright? (Score:1, Redundant)

    by mlknowle ( 175506 )
    I'm afraid that they are going to have copyright problems, because this isn't so much a parody as a re-make of PF using SW charictors - word for word from the script. I'm not sure if it is a big enough fish for the lawyers to care, but I'd be watching out for a legal nasty-gram if it were my site.

    Actually, I'm not that worried; it's not very funny anyways.
    • They've been around for at least 3 years (maybe 4), if they haven't been smaked with a cease and desist yet I doubt it will come. Besides this isn't he first major press they've gotten, I've seen them mentioned in vairous fan mags.
  • If you had to use a Travolta flick, why not pick something more entertaining? Just imagine Han Solo gettin' down in the disco a la Saturday Night Fever? *boogies* Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh, Usin' the Force, Usin' the Force.
  • This [studiocreations.com] SW/Resevoir Dogs parody..
  • American Jedi [jedinet.com] has got to be my favourite Star Wars parody. Check it out while you wait for the Slashdot effect to pass on Pulp Phantom, it's very well worth it.
  • Not only is it a word-for-word redux of Pulp Fiction with Star Wars characters, it SOUNDS like it was read off of a script. The Darth Maul character was so pathetically nasally I barely made it through the entire thing without wanting to choke him.

    The animation and drawings were decent. There were some issues with timing, but in all it was okay. I applauded the character choices as well.

    Getting a better soundman or sound software (sound forge rules!) AND better people who know their lines instead of reading it off a script, would have made the entire thing a ton better.

    I'd give it 1.5 stars out of 4.
  • Okay, at first glance this all seems a bit comical, but my word... seeing the 18 or so episodes at the bottom of the page, it's almost more amusing to think that someone spent all that time doing the whole damn movie.

    Sort of makes a guy feel better about only wasting hours of his life, heheheh.
  • It seems pretty unimaginative. They're making a film that takes dialog written by one person and lays it over characters created by another person, and the idea for this was surely "inspired" from the whole load of other movies out there like this (Park wars, Imperial Dogs, Trooper Clerks).

    They're not really very funny either. Sure, it's MILDY amusing to see the characters from one movie in the roles of another, but other than that there aren't really any other jokes.

    Overall grade: D+
  • Given the lack of related current-events, this is even less entertaining than it was a year ago...
  • I guess if you mix two so-so films, you get a not-so-so film?

Forty two.