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Comment Why are we still scared of cookies? (Score 1) 126

99.99% of my browsing I don't care if hosts know that I've been there before, or that I've been to a "partner" site. I rather like that my browser keeps a history of visited sites. Incognito is good if you want to keep your dirty habits secret from someone who might get their hands on your data. There is no such thing as truly private browsing. Yeah, yeah, VPN for your torrents, Great Firewall, etc, but there are holes in the security well past anything a typical user can influence.


AT&T To Allow Xbox 360 As U-verse Set-Top Box 62

suraj.sun sends this quote from Engadget about U-verse subscribers soon gaining the ability to use an Xbox 360 as a set-top box: "A so-called Wired Release will roll out to AT&T U-verse customers next Sunday, and it'll bring the long awaited feature with it (though you'll have to wait until November 7th for that particular aspect). This means an AT&T U-verse customer's Xbox 360 will have a Dashboard app, and when launched, it'll let it function exactly like any other U-verse set-top. The only major catch is that it can't be the only set-top — you'll need at least one DVR at another TV in the house to enjoy one of the four HD streams that could be funneled into your home."

Comment Let the whinging begin! (Score -1, Flamebait) 490

It should be interesting to see how much (or little, more likely) our comments add to the conversation, since TFA presents the same basic position that most Slashdot readers already hold and it's presented with far more legal knowledge and in-depth analysis than most Slashdot readers are capable of.

Comment Re:Death of broadcasting? (Score 1) 318

>>>"Free" broadcast is alive and well - online.

That's NOT free. You have to pay a monthly bill, and if you go over ~250 gigabytes per month (which would be easy to do if internet == television in your home), then you have to pay even more money.

In contrast my broadcast television has NO monthly free and I get all of these channels:
MAIN channels:
2 (BaltimoreTV)
3 (ion)
6 (news)
8 (NBC)
10 (Xena, Hercules, and other 90s classic)
11 (syndicated/independent shows)
12 (PhillyTV)
13 (baseball)
15 (CW)
17 (MyNetworkTV)
21 (ABC)
27 (CBS)
33 (PBS)
35 (MIND)
43 (fox)
45 (sports)
48 (tbn)
49 (family)
51 (ads)
57 (reruns)
61 (ion)
65 (univision)

SUBchannels (X-2, X-3, X-4, X-5)
This movie channel
NBC Sports
Megahertz (world news)
FOX News (local 24 hour news)
Smile of a Child (SOAC)
JCTV (music vids)
TBN Spanish

So that's what? About 40 channels? And they are all free-of-charge and takeup very little space on the spectrum (about 0.4 gigahertz). I don't see any reason to kill off broadcast, free TV as some companies like Microsoft, Google, and Apple want to do.

Comment Re:Sheeple (Score 1) 466

Gamers are some of the biggest mindless consumers there are right after the Apple fanatics :)

Some people have paid good money for Ayn Rand books, so it's hardly fair to single out gamers and Apple fanatics as mindless consumers. I mean, fucking hell, we're talking orders of magnitude here people.

Comment Re:Descriptions? (Score 1) 581

But the "Zeroth" Law was not created by US Robots. As I recall it was created by R. Grissom who suffered irreparable damage to his positronic brain by executing that law, however he was able to modify another robot's (R. Daneel Olivaw) brain to allow for that law.

The Courts

RIAA Receives Stern Letter, Folds 382

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "In SONY BMG v. Merchant, in California, the defendant's lawyer wrote the RIAA a rather stern letter recounting how weak the RIAA's evidence is, referring to the deposition of the RIAA's expert witness (see Slashdot commentary), and threatening a malicious prosecution lawsuit. The very same day the RIAA put its tail between its legs and dropped the case, filing a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal. About an hour earlier NYCL had termed the letter a 'model letter'; maybe he was right."

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