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Comment Re:F1 is an advertsing business (Score 1) 136

"Racing only would be useful for avoiding cars that happen to be going the same direction as you. It has no oncoming or cross traffic or stopped vehicles. It doesn't have inexperienced or bad driver"

You must have never seen Kamui Kobayashi race in F1. There was a significant chance he'd end up, backwards, stopped, sliding across the circuit... And making a few exceptional passes.

Comment Re:486 in 2010 (Score 4, Interesting) 332

While working IT support back in the day -- in the summer 2002: The company I was working for was opening a new location up, and the day before the building inspectors came to give us our occupancy inspection the IBM PS/2 computer that was originally installed to control the HVAC system on some bizarre serial connection had it's motherboard fry completely. I guess the life of span of it didn't match original poster's...

However,I had an old PS/2 in a closet, and it was the same model. We swapped the hard drive out, installed my old system, and had it up and running with enough time adequately cool the building...

It was still running in 2010 when I was last in that building.

The best part of story was when the manager of the HVAC company came with $3000 to compensate me. I probably would have just been happy with getting the job done. But apparently PS/2 parts are fairly hard to find on a day's notice, even back in the early 2000s. I've always wondered what sort of penalty structure the HVAC company had built into their contract.

Comment Re:Onions (Score 2) 146

I get this, I actually felt the same way. I still maintain an old 86 Toyota MR2. Mid engined, RWD, no ABS... A hoot to drive. However it certainly isn't my daily driver, and my eyes were opened when buying a new car.

I thought, BAH! begone with your technological answers to questions I didn't have. I don't want a car that parks itself. But what I've found is that my car will now beep if a pedestrian is about to walk behind my vehicle when reversing out of a parking spot. I've never reversed into anyone before, but is this warning a bad thing? Does it make me a worse driver? I now try to make sure it doesn't beep.

My car will now has front collision avoidance. If I'm following a car and it starts slowing down to the point where a collision is imminent my car will break to avoid a collision. Has this ever happened to me? No. Is it something to complain about? Would I think I'm a horrible driver if it ever did kick in? Yes I probably would, and I'd also thank my lucky stars that it a potential collision was potentially avoided?

Are you so much in control that you can never make a mistake? Never look down to change the radio station? Never look at a your passenger? If that's all true, then maybe you are the automated system that's in my car.

I now welcome the technology.

Comment Re:Model Airplanes/Rockets (Score 4, Informative) 533

It's hardly freaking ruined. Spend $5, get registered, nothing else changes. Except they know who you are if you fly like a retard.

And if you aren't registered and fly like a retard, they now have legal recourse.

I'm all for the government minding their own business... But RC Helicopters are hardly ruined by a $5 tax.

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