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Christmas Cheer

Vendetta: A Christmas Story Part 2 67

RainbowSix writes: "The sequel to Vendetta: A Christmas Story is up. Check it out here. I haven't finished downloading it yet, but hopefully it will be as entertaining as the last one. At 25k/sec, hopefully people can post mirrors too. It is only in .mov format so far, so mpg linux people will have to move to a windows box until they post the other formats." Update: 12/26 05:34 GMT by T : marks writes: "We now have an official mirror of Vendetta Parts 1 and 2 up here via http and here via ftp. We have the Quicktime/AVI full movie and segments for Part 1, and the Quicktime Full Movie and Segements for Part 2."
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Vendetta: A Christmas Story Part 2

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  • .mov format (Score:3, Informative)

    by npietraniec ( 519210 ) <npietran.resistive@net> on Tuesday December 25, 2001 @05:07PM (#2749985) Homepage
    It is only in .mov format so far, so mpg linux people will have to move to a windows box until they post the other formats."

    You mean you didn't buy Crossover? []
    • mplayer (Score:2, Informative)

      by PhoboS ( 21600 )

      Also check out the news page [] over at the mplayer homepage. The latest release, 0.60pre1, is supposed to play mov format. A snip from the changes:

      support for new fileformats (Quicktime MOV, VIVO v1/v2 and Autodesk FLI/FLC)

      I haven't tested mov yet, but mplayer is great for avi, divx etc.

      • Quicktime is a wrapper format for a number of codecs, just like AVI. An actual Quicktime file is almost invariably encoded in the Sorenson file format, which is is exclusively licensed to Apple. MPlayer cannot play Sorenson encoded Quicktime. Only Crossover can.

        MPlayer won't play this file anyway, and just like Crossover, it isn't Open Source, but at least the Crossover give more back to OSS projects (like Wine). Also, the Crossover developers are friendly and responsive (as you'd expect when you pay for software), but more importantly, are civil (which you'd expect from everyone in real life apart from the Mplayer developers.

        Telling people who don't know about ldconfig that they are they are too to use Linux, or that their Gigahertz Athlon with 640 MB of RAM is TOO SLOW and they should upgrade, and not responsonding to Bero's debarking their little RH GCC rant is childish and annoying.

        Both are not Open Source, but at least the Crossover people share some of the
        • Nice incoherent rant.

          And I can confirm that the latest mplayer won't play

          As for this <whine>MPlayer group isn't nice to me</whine>. Whatever. I just went through the process of reinstalling the latested version from CVS and I found that their DOCS had all the info needed. It wasn't easy to install correctly, sure, but what you need to know to do it is clearly spelled out in the volumnious docs. It is an intricate and complicated install process due to all the wide ranging things needed (kernel, X11, dri, etc) things that have to be set up. But, the problem mplayer solves is not a simple so (at this stage) one shouldn't expect simplicity. I can understand how they don't want to be bothered by clueless newbies so that they can instead spend more of their time hacking on this *GPL*ed program.

          Sure, maybe it would be nice if they had more tact, but, come one, get over it, they are *volunteers*!

          • Nice incoherent rant.
            It reads quite coherantly apart from the fragment last sentence, which should have been deleted. Thanks for calling it a rant. Nice OT flame :D

            As for this MPlayer group isn't nice to me.

            Was I complaining about whether they were nice to me? Care to paste in where I was? I've always found mplayer simple if eccentric. But I don't like them being as rude as possible to anyone and everyone, its completely uneccessary. Anyone can answer a question without being a fuckwit. Its not hard.

            It takes a lot of effort to get people into Linux. People who are unneccesarily rude to newcomers undo all that work.

            But, the problem mplayer solves is not a simple so (at this stage) one shouldn't expect simplicity.

            Xine solves the same problems and does it fairly simply. In terms of DVDs, Ogle does it simply too.

            I can understand how they don't want to be bothered by clueless newbies so that they can instead spend more of their time hacking on this *GPL*ed program.

            I can too. I can't understand why they want to antagonize newbies so much rather than simply answering the question.

            MPlayer is most definitely not open source. It contains some Open Source components but cannot be distributed or modified under the terms of the Open Source Definition. Read the MPlayer docs.

            Well you seem to care enough to reply, so you obviously have an opinion.
            • I guess my point is really that there is no guarantee that a volunteer effort will embrace uninformed questions and that a project like mplayer isn't the place for newbies to cut their teeth.

              Thankfully, most free software groups are not like the MPlayer group in that they are more tolerant of newbies asking beginner questions. Also, when I say I understand their actions, doesn't mean I condone them.

              As for the non-free aspect, this refers mostly to the codecs I guess? For the code part, they say "[they] are still developing towards GPL", whatever that means. It seems their development model is "grab whatever is out there and make it work", one seen in other projects. This makes it hard to keep licences compatible but will hopefully be worked out in the end. (If not, surely RMS will come to the rescue!). This sort-of-non-free state of affairs is unfortunate and one of those ideals/practicality trade offs. I am just glad I don't *need* to view DVDs and video downloads so I don't feel I am selling my soul for shiny baubles (well, I am, but they are disposable baubles).

  • 25kbps? (Score:3, Funny)

    by banky ( 9941 ) <gregg.neurobashing@com> on Tuesday December 25, 2001 @05:11PM (#2749996) Homepage Journal
    Jesus, now that its on the front page, I'm getting the movie via avian IP. Hey look a pixel, I think its a nose....

  • Somebody please mirror it (and the first one too)... please!?!?
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Oh great and fantastic slashdot, thank you for bestowing upon us this most relevant and technologically astute story.

    Merry Christmas to all! Come read about nothing!

    Merry Christmas to moderators! Praise you for diligently watching over posts and doling out your precious points! Without you, how would we know how to react to things? In my life, I have never seen such an incredible system. I walk down the street these days and I say, "Oh, that's a beautiful skirt. Score: 5, Purple and low-cut!"

    Praise you, CmdrTaco, for softening AOL's impact on the rest of the net.

    Domini, domini, domini.
  • Why? ibooks with UN*X installed are going for $895 until 12-31 at one of those mac connection or mac mall places.
  • Mixing 80's Buddy Cop shows and Santa = bliss. Thank you. Thank you.

    ...though, I never did trust that Santa guy. His name IS an anagram for Satan.
  • I wonder if it's coincidence that both Vendetta and A Christmas Story were separate episodes in Bonanza. see here [].

    Was Little Joe and Hoss responsible for this?

  • I never saw the original.. does anyone have mirror links for the old one that are not dead?
  • It is only in .mov format so far, so mpg linux people will have to move to a windows box until they post the other formats.

    No, we won't "have" to do any such thing.

    If they don't care enough to use a standard format, I certainly don't care enough to view their movie.
  • Here. [] 10 users simultaneously.
  • by localman ( 111171 ) on Tuesday December 25, 2001 @11:40PM (#2750875) Homepage
    Hello all. Sorry that I got slashdotted with my pants down - again.

    If anyone is in the mood to mirror between 10 and 600MB of video, I will get you the files quickly - contact me at

    After the last slashdotting, I did post Vendetta in MPEG, DivX, and Real formats so that everyone could enjoy - Episode 1 is still available in those formats, but Episode 2 is not yet. We'll see what we can do.

    Take care,
    Jonathan Field
  • OFFICIAL MIRROR (Score:4, Informative)

    by marks ( 12185 ) on Wednesday December 26, 2001 @01:17AM (#2751066) Homepage
    I emailed Jon, and he sent me the files... [] []

    We have the full movie and its parts for both 1 and 2 in Quicktime, and we have Part 1 (full/parts) in AVI as well.
    We've got a 45 megabit connection to the internet and 100 megabit to Abilene (Internet 2) so leech away!
    Merry Christmas!
    • Pulling 50k/s off the ftp with DSL. Aint bad considering 2 of my roomates are getting VCD porns off hotline...
    • If you have an Abilene connection and are getting poor speeds send me an email and I'll add you to the "abilene" list which has unlimited bandwidth.

      My email address can be found on the top of this page:
  • This is a prime example of why slashdot should set up mirrors for sites that it's going to destroy. Great fucking content that the site owner got maliciously trashed for. I see all these posts talking about mirrors and slow downloads and blahblahblah and no one talking about how great these movies are.
  • Someone asked me via email if there were any interesting encounters with the cops while shooting Vendetta. I figured I'd just post it here. I'll put it on the Vendetta site eventually - along with the photo my wife snapped while we were being questioned :)

    We were filming the "dumpster scene" in an Industrial park (where we had
    no right to be) and some nearby people called the cops to report they
    spotted "A man in a Santa suit with a gun". This event made the local
    police log in the paper.

    So the cops came by and we all tried to act non-chalant. One of them
    stepped up and asked what we were doing. We told him we were making a
    Christmas movie, and he asked to see the guns. I handed him one, muzzle
    first, and he scolds me "Hey, don't point that at me!". Whoops. I turn
    it around and he takes it and checks it out. Cheap plastic toy.

    Then he asks why we're making the movie. My friend (who plays Santa) had
    gone to Harvard a few years earlier, so he whips out his expired student
    ID and says it's a school project. The cop glances at it briefly and then
    looks back at his partner, still in the cruiser. "Hey Charlie...
    Harvard." The cop in the car shakes his head knowingly, "Harvard," he
    says. I never figured out what that little exchange meant.

    Anyways, he gives us back the guns and tells us that we were scaring the
    folks nearby. We tell him we'll be done shortly. They say "okay" and
    take off. We finished up filming the scene in about 20 minutes and left
    the private property.

    Here's to the Law Enforcement Officials of Norwood MA - cool people.

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