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Comment New windows and back button (Score 1) 384

Apologies if mentioned above. Using android default browser. Couple of use cases that looks like haven't been considered.

1. Opening stories in new tab. I like to open the main slashdot page, browse down the stories, then as I see a story I like long press on the story and choose to open it in a new tab. This preserves my place on the main page, and I can reviews the story/comments in a new tab. Then close it when I am finished. Currently cannot long press on anything. Appears that each story summary on the main page has no 'links' as understood by the Android browser, rather some sort of screen area that cannot be opened as a separate tab.

2. Back button does not work. Seeing as I couldn't open stories in a new tab, I pressed to open a story. Naturally as with any browser based application, when I had finished, I used the Back button to return to the main Slashdot page. This resulted in slashdot disappearing altogether! I guess you are using dynamic loading of content. If you don't want this to work in a browser, then create your own client side application with it's own functionality. If you expect this to work in a browser, then for god's(gods,noodly) sake RESPECT THE WAY THAT BROWSERS WORK!

Comment BluePutDroid? (Score 1) 93

BluePutDroid will do the same thing. It works by turning your android device into a bluetooth Human Inteface Device (HID). So, it will work with pretty much any device that has bluetooth. Don't have bluetooth? I'm sure you can find a cheap bluetooth USB dongle.

I use it for my PS3. It also has mouse control and has a screen for the PS buttons. I can't handle the 'typing' using PS3 gamepads...

I guess I could use it as a keyboard for my laptop which has bluetooth, but i dunno why, they already built one in!

Comment Re:*sigh* (Score 1) 394

There had to be one post that was modded up to 5 to provide a 'fair and balanced' view.

It's just a shame that is is such a trollish post. "Anti-geek", "anti-apple", "anti-beer", "anti-car", "anti-environment", "anti-everything"

How could it NOT be modded up?

It's a sad reflection of the current slashdot users that this type of comment is now regarded as 'insightful'.

Comment Re:2.6.38 has a power management problem indeed (Score 1) 186

Measuring heat may not be a fair comparison. Perhaps the 2.6.38 performs >20% better at that higher temp? How many loops are you getting in that period?

I have a general perception that running fast for a short time and idling at low power for longer is generally better for low power consumption.

Also heat may not necessarily be a good indication of performance directly. Just as battery life is not necessarily a direct indication of performance.

Correlation != causation.


Comment Google == goggle (Score 1) 165

Google has really had their goggles (or blinders) on about the whole app market.

While they've managed to create a lot of market momentum behind what is fundamentally a hardware platform, they have been unable to tie that to their software based platform.

Is this because of their 'open' stance? Perhaps, but that's only going to be able to be discerned over time.

As hardware has become 'commodotized', so has software, and so too will the 'great' web services like google.

It's only a matter of time.

Submission + - Ubuntu Linux Claims 12,000 Cloud Deployments (

darthcamaro writes: The cloud is more than just hype for Ubuntu. Canonical COO Mat Asay is now saying that they can count 12,000 deployments of the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud. He also things the cloud is where Ubuntu can make money — because to be frank in his view the company for the last five years wasn't setup to generate revenue.

"For the first five years of the company's life, it wasn't set up to make money," Asay said. "The company was set up to make a fantastic Linux distribution and other tools around it and get it out there and get people using it. That was the focus."

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