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Attacks On US Continued Reports 808

I'm still having problems getting news from most normal sites, and we are just barely holding up. Both world trade towers have collapsed after hijaacked planes crashed into them. New Yorkers are asked to give blood. Pentagon has collapsed after similiar crash. A pilot of another hijaacked plane crashed in a PA field rather then hitting another target in Pitt (unconfirmed). Military is at the highest alert. US Embassy in Oslo evacuated, all israeli embassies evacuated. 2 Flights to LAX lost radio contact. 3 other planes down. London evacuating. Camp David crash is false. Bin Laden threatened about 2 months ago. Many many many dead. Many other cities evacuating and shutting down.
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Attacks On US Continued Reports

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  • by bahtama ( 252146 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @11:51AM (#2277918) Homepage
    This may have been already posted, but CNN is slowly making its way back online, just give it some time to load, it is still very sporadic. Although the BBC [] [] is the best one for news so far. index.html [] []

    Here it is from CNN, only a synopsis right now.

    NEW YORK (CNN) -- Terrorists struck the United States Tuesday morning in harrowing, widespread attacks that included at least three commercial jet crashes into significant buildings.

    In the first attack, a plane smashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center in Manhattan shortly before 9 a.m., followed by another plane into the second tower about 20 minutes later. Both towers later collapsed. Sources told CNN that one of the planes was an American Airlines Boeing 767 that had been hijacked after take-off from Boston.

    About an hour later, a plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington, part of which later collapsed.

    Sources say a second plane was heading toward the Pentagon; F-16 jets were in the air monitoring it.

    The Pentagon, the White House, the State Department, the Justice Department, the Capitol, the CIA and all other government buildings in Washington evacuated.

    In the first ever national ground stop of aircraft, all flights nationwide have been stopped at their departure airports.

    All international flights were diverted to Canada.

    Israel has evacuated all its missions around the world.

    President Bush cancelled an appearance in Florida to return to Washington, calling the crashes "apparent terrorist attacks" and "a national tragedy."

    In Chicago, the Sears Tower was evacuated; United Nations in New York evacuated.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta was evacuated.

    The New York Port Authority said it had closed all bridges and tunnels into the city.

    New York's Bellevue Hospital was designated command central for handling the catastrophe. Several hospitals have already reported receiving victims with burns and head injuries.

    Large plane crashed 80 miles south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but it was unknown if this crash was connected to terrorist attacks.

    U.S. stock markets were closed after the New York attacks.

    • by Anonymous Coward
      The plane in PA was hijacked, someone with a cellphone on the plane called 911... today's date
    • We're covering this on Poliglut at this []
      link. Photos and links being updated every few minutes.
  • DFLP claim false (Score:2, Informative)

    by merlin_jim ( 302773 )
    DFLP has said that they are not responsible. The TV station confirmed that the call they received this morning was anonymous. High level DFLP officials are in contact with the US gov't, and according to ABC are offering to cooperate fully.
  • by Karmageddon ( 186836 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @11:51AM (#2277921)
    Update We're having server problems. Sorry.

    I think you're being slashdotted :)

  • over here (Score:5, Informative)

    by psych031337 ( 449156 ) <psych0 AT wtnet DOT de> on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @11:51AM (#2277927)
    We (members of the german army) have been put on alert, people are being revoked from holiday, all system/material checked, no talk policy.
  • Here is what is on their webpage []:


    FORT WORTH, Texas ? American Airlines confirmed today that it lost two aircraft in tragic incidents this morning. American said the flights were Flight 11, a Boeing 767 en route from Boston to Los Angeles with 81 passengers, nine flight attendants and two pilots; and Flight 77, a Boeing 757 operating from Washington Dulles to Los Angeles with 58 passengers, four flight attendants and two pilots.

    Because of the heightened security due to the nature of today?s events, American said it is working closely with U.S. government authorities and will not release more information at this time.

    The government has shut down the entire air traffic system in the United States. American, TWA and American Eagle will not operate.

    "We are horrified by these tragic events," said Donald J. Carty, chairman and CEO of American Airlines. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of all involved."

    Media calls should be directed to the FBI. Customers who wish to receive information about relatives should call American?s response number at 1-800-245-0999.

    Updated information about this morning's incident in New York will be available here as soon as it is verified. Check back frequently and refresh your browser often to make sure you have the most current information.
  • by weslocke ( 240386 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @11:52AM (#2277931)
    Granted exploding planes aren't exactly the best transport system for biological agents, but with the number of people compressed into relatively small places, a good number of which will soon be travelling back to their home areas soon...

    The possibilty of secondary attacks to that end are just frightening as hell.
    • Absolutely.

      I live in a place of significance to the US's position in the world (Silicon Valley) where there aren't many big targets.

      Think like a terrorist for a minute, and ask yourself how you would attack the SV if you wanted to.

      I'd have stayed home today, but I don't know where I'd go to be safe...

    • No. (Score:5, Insightful)

      by einhverfr ( 238914 ) <> on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @12:21PM (#2278372) Homepage Journal
      Biological and chemical terrorism is something which is a bit of a boogey-man. We will probably never see a devestating attack using these means because they are simply too costly. However, the threat of a threat could be effective (in other words a claim is more important than the reality).

      Now, there are a few things that have occurred to me about these events:

      1: The planes must have been flown by the terrorists into the buildings. I have a hard time believing that a pilot of an airliner would be at the helm and be a part of such an attack.

      2: This is an attack which would have been very difficult for a small organization to pull off. A large support organization would have been necessary for the necessary piloting expertise and intellegence work. Although this could have been state-sponsored, there is no reason at this time to think that it was.

      3: One cannot adequately protect against suicide terrorists. There are too many otherwise inocuous items which can be, under the right circumstances, lethal weapons. The only defense against suicide terrorists is attack the morale of their organizations.

      The reason why I suspect that this attack originated in the Middle East is that they are the only region of the world which a) has suffered enough at the hands of Europe and America to create that sort of response and b) has the resources at their disposal for such an attack. (Yes, I have studied my Middle East history, and a should point out that Britain was probably more a part of the problem than the US, but the US has been the present main player in the region).

      IMO, we will eventually have to adopt a different policy toward the OPEC nations which aims to foster their economic independence (and live with the higher oil prices) or come to terms with the fact that low oil prices will be bought with human lives. Terrorism is expensive both in lives of supporters and in material resources, and this attack indicates that we as a country (America) have not adequately targeted the morale and/or finances of the terrorist organizations.

      Don't get me wrong. I think that terrorism should be fully prosecuted etc. and I think that people who use innocent victims as weapons against a larger enemy deserve no respect, I think that, for the sake of security, we need to create a comprehensive plan which aims not only at attacking the actual terrorists, but also reducing the support they have from economically powerful people by responding to some of the root economical realities which have fostered terrorism in many areas of the world (but especially the Middle East).
  • latest (Score:4, Informative)

    by forsaken33 ( 468293 ) <forsaken33.ematic@com> on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @11:52AM (#2277932)
    Latest on the news is that the Palestinians have condemmned the attack, attention has shifted to Bin Laden who has in fact threatened us a while ago. Estimates on ABC were in the 50-60,000 dead at the world trade center alone. Pentagon they wer saying like 5,000? its all guesses right now.
    • Re:latest (Score:5, Informative)

      by M. Piedlourd ( 68092 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @11:58AM (#2278021)
      Just a correction, 50.000 to 60.000 at the late WTC are worst-case casualties, not fatalities. No one knows, of course, how many have been killed, certainly many thousands, but most news sources say no more than 5.000 are dead and no more than 25.000 wounded. These numbers are sure to increase; may God, Allahw akg all the rest help us all.
    • Re:latest (Score:2, Insightful)

      by pclinger ( 114364 )
      There are 50,000 workers at the WTO. I don't see how 60,000 can die from this unfortunate disaster (include the plaines you add another 150 or so).

      This is a national tragedy, I think I speak for all of us when we say that our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.
      • Ever seen the plaza right outside the WTO? Not to mention a lot of people go to some of the cafes for breakfast and such. I'm not saying 10,000, but it could have happened.

        Fortunately, I don't think it will be quite that many.
      • There are 50,000 workers at the WTO. I don't see how 60,000 can die from this unfortunate disaster

        Perhaps from a surrounding building when the towers collapsed?

  • The Pittsburgh Crash (Score:4, Informative)

    by ackthpt ( 218170 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @11:52AM (#2277933) Homepage Journal
    Was a 747 jet bound for San Fran. Prayers for those lives lost, and families with loss on this day of infamy.
  • by rnd() ( 118781 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @11:53AM (#2277947) Homepage
    about the ability of our internet infrastructure to handle the demand in cases of crisis?
  • AOL working great! (Score:2, Insightful)

    by jkasyan ( 24836 ) ldtrade
  • by Targetman ( 308365 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @11:54AM (#2277954),11641, -1_,00.html

    Unite's link. flight 93 is the Pa plane, flight 175 is missing.
  • Pentagon news (good) (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward
    According to NPR, the Pentagon has *not* collapsed, and although there have been significant casualties, the section that was hit was a new section that had many vacant offices.
    • I have a direct line to certain officials involved in this... for those interested in details:

      The outer facing of corridor 5 has fallen. It was a mostly empty section and the fire is mostly under control. Many casualties, but no deaths confirmed yet.
  • i am in times square now i work at 5 world trade i was late for work today and obviously never made it i can not locate all of my coworkers i am emailing and phoning all cell networks seem to be flooded or down please everyone, pass this to EVERYONE: PRAY AND DONATE BLOOD PRAY AND DONATE BLOOD

    • The net seems to be holding up pretty well, considering there's a major IX on 55 Broadway (I believe?) - traceroutes are going round the houses a little, but apart from the major news sites being knocked down for an hour or so, it seems to be coping pretty well.

      At the risk of stating the obvious, if you're in the area, stay off the phone unless it's a vital call.

  • Donate Blood Now! (Score:5, Insightful)

    by MousePotato ( 124958 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @11:55AM (#2277974) Homepage Journal
    We are turning our business into an emergency blood donation center for the red cross. I ask that anyone who has a business that has a large amount of free space to donate it as an emergency center for the ARC to setup at.

    If you cannot do that please just go and donate blood. It is desperately needed for the hundreds if not thousands injured today.
  • by merlin_jim ( 302773 ) <James.McCracken@ ... .com minus punct> on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @11:55AM (#2277977)
    The US military is on alert. For security reasons I can't post more details, but the 82nd airborne division has been told to suit up and according to one report one unit is already in the air, though they're not sure where they'll be landing yet. Speculation is that they'll land at a known friendly base in the middle east and then decide where to go from there.

    Obviously, I can't reveal my source for this, but its a close relative who is 'in the know'.
  • Military Alert (Score:2, Interesting)

    by batboy78 ( 255178 )
    All bases in the Colorado Springs area including NORAD, and US Space Command are on Threatcon Charlie, not the highest state of alert, but close, all bases have been closed to the public, this is going to get ugly. Where the hell is President Bush? Is there going to be a war?
    • Please note that Threatcon Charlie is an indicator of expected terrorist activity, not military alert. Just working from memory here, but it indicates a significant threat of terrorist attack. Threatcon Delta is higher and suggests that an attack is imminent.


    • Historically there's a trend towards life-taking attacks on the US leading to war, yes.

      However, one death lead to 'the great war' (WW1 - 'great'??? sheesh).

      Promise me one thing, in the USA, please:
      For the whole world's sake don't counter-strike until you know exactly who's responsible, and only counter-strike exactly those people.

      i.e. Don't blame all Arabs for the craziness of one radical faction.

      (Brit who's related to Arabs - Palestinians, in fact)
  • Unconfirmed (Score:4, Informative)

    by finkployd ( 12902 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @11:56AM (#2277991) Homepage
    A pilot of another hijaacked plane crashed in a PA field rather then hitting another target in Pitt.

    I reported that in #slashdot. It is what I hard from my roommate who heard it from her ex-bf who is a coast guard pilot. I cannot vouch for it being true, it comes from no official news source (as of this writing). I've also heard that it may have been shot down.

    my prayers are with the victims and their families.

  • "London Evacuating" (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Tim C ( 15259 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @11:56AM (#2277994)
    That's not quite true; I am currently sat in an office pretty much in the centre of London (spitting distance from Trafalgar Square).

    Canary Wharf and the London Stock Exchange have been evacuated, there are rumours of Heathrow (the nearest large airport) being shut down, and I'd be surprised if most of the City (the financial district, and original City of London) hasn't been evacuated, but the rest of us are still here.

    (Of course, there's nothing nearby worth targetting, unless you really hate the theatre, or shops - Oxford Street is very close by, though...)

    Coincidently, it's my birthday today; guess I won't be forgetting this one in a hurry.


    • A friend tells me Lloyds of London has been evacuated (world insurance centre, along with Frankfurt and... the World Trade Centre.)

      I can't post any more. Words fail me.

  • Newswires also reporting that pretty much every tall building in the Western world is being evacuated, including Canary Wharf, London and the London Stock Exchange.

    Spurious reports of a crash into Chicago are at this time believed to be false.

    (Disclaimer: IANANS - I Am Not A News Service)

  • blood drive (Score:5, Informative)

    by Mattygfunk ( 517948 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @11:57AM (#2278004) Homepage
    Hospitals are reportedly desperate for blood donations. If in the affected states please consider donating if it is practical where you are.

  • People are evacuating large buildings in droves in Los Angeles - Century City towers, downtown towers, all government buildings are closed to non-essential employees, and the Reagan Library is closed because no tourists were there and the two retired librarians wanted to go home.

    People around here are all just evacuating to make themselves look important.

  • Opinions on response (Score:4, Interesting)

    by SpookyFish ( 195418 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @11:57AM (#2278009)
    For Americans (and truly all free nations), this has shaken our country to the very core and IMHO brings into question the ability to live our lives with the freedom we've always enjoyed.

    I believe retailation in the highest order is needed, but with religious zealots willing to carry out kamakazi attacks, I fear there will be two more for every one we kill.

    How do we preserve / return to our way of life?
    • I believe retailation in the highest order is needed, but with religious zealots willing to carry out kamakazi attacks, I fear there will be two more for every one we kill.

      It's tempting to believe that, but remember a couple of things. First, the amount of terrorism reduced dramatically after the US bombed Khadafi in the 80s. These people are fundamentally cowards. and 2) there aren't that many terrorists that can carry out missions like this. It was incredibly well coordinated. You don't have to cut off many heads to keep things like this from happening.

      This requires a HUGE payback.

  • CNN reports second boston to LA flight, this one united 175 (as opposed to american 11 that hit the WTC) is down. Did *not* give any further details.

  • Portal Of Evil News []
  • Racism (Score:5, Insightful)

    by danjerdanjel ( 519284 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @11:58AM (#2278025)

    Hmmm... Think about the racial paranoia that is going to stem from this tragic event.

    People, unfortunately, look for excuses to target any group, and blame their woes on them. Whether they be economic (as is typical), or, in this case, terrorist. The Jewish people have long been scapegoats for Europe's woes. Even recently, with the Pauline Hanson issue, here in au, in years past, where migrants were blamed for the countries environmental and economic problems.

    Now. A group has already been selected, pretty much by default and with no actual basis in fact (yet). People of Middle Eastern background.

    Unfortunately, there will be ramifications.

    • Re:Racism (Score:3, Funny)

      by fnorgby ( 460248 )
      YES YES YES.
      People, remember that middle easterners were automatically blamed for the OK City federal building. This turned out to be one of our own.

      RESERVE JUDGEMENT until the facts are in.
    • Re:Racism (Score:2, Insightful)

      by reimero ( 194707 )
      As ABC News reminded us, we had the same reaction to the Oklahoma City bombing, immediately blaming militant Arabs. Turned out to be one of our own. On the other hand, who has the resources to pull off an attack like this one? Osama bin Laden is one of the few who does, but he's not the only one. I'm just at a loss to think of who else it might have been. But yes, before we blame people from the Middle East, we should examine all the facts.
    • Re:Racism (Score:5, Interesting)

      by sv0f ( 197289 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @12:39PM (#2278582)
      Hmmm... Think about the racial paranoia that is going to stem from this tragic event.

      A group has already been selected, pretty much by default and with no actual basis in fact (yet). People of Middle Eastern background.

      I was born in Chicago but am of Asian Indian descent.

      I remember how Arabic people were hassled during the Iran hostage crisis. I was in 4th grade then. My dad explained how the US supported the Shah, and how when he was deposed, his Iranian supporters were also forced to leave. We were pretty poor and lived in a crappy apartment complex in south Chicago. Two such Iranian families moved in during the crisis, each with little girls a few years younger than I was. They were harassed mercilessly at school -- the students did not understand that they were "on our side", so to speak.

      I was a college student travelling Europe with a white friend when the World Trade Center was bombed a decade or so ago. We were pretty grubby as we went through customs at JFK airport in New York City upon our return. I was "randomly" picked out of line and directed to a secure area for detailed searching of my luggage. I noticed the other folks in the area were all of Middle Eastern or Indian descent. They had been "randomly" selected as well. I explained to the customs official that there was no need to search me, that I was natural-born US citizen, and flashed my passport. To no avail. By the time they finished with me, I had missed my connecting flight.

      I remember the hysteria in the first two days following the Oklahoma City bombing, the automatic susipicion that the terrorists were Arabs. But this died down quickly.

      I too worry that Arabs, even US citizens of Arab descent, will suffer in the aftermath of this tragedy. I'm not a member of that group, and have only experienced what I've detailed above, which is no big deal. I think it's important that we treat these people in the US fairly. This seems obvious as I write it, but maybe it's not.

      On the other hand, the scale of this tragedy might change things altogether. The number of people that died at Oklahoma City is comparable to the number that die when a large commerical airliner go down. We can comprehend such numbers. But 10,000 people or more may have died today. That's 20% of the number of soldiers we lost in the Vietnam War, if my memory is correct. The average US citizen may not respond to this terrorist action as they have to those in times past.
  • Perspective (Score:3, Offtopic)

    by underwhelm ( 53409 ) <underwhelm@gmail.cCOLAom minus caffeine> on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @11:59AM (#2278026) Homepage Journal
    Let's keep the truly remarkable thing in mind abou this: we heard about it on Slashdot first. Great job, guys.
  • He got out. Maybe many other have. there are almost 40-500 thousand people in those buildings.

    If you are in NYC, get off the phone lines NOW, and give blood.

  • Canada Status (Score:2, Informative)

    by gbr ( 31010 )
    All Canadian Airports are shutdown, except for flights that are already in the air. They are providing landing for those planes.

    The Canadian/US border is closed.

    Canadian Military is on alert, and miltary police are in key locations.

    Toronto Stock Exchange is closed.
  • by TDScott ( 260197 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @12:00PM (#2278047)
    At time of writing, the White House is still intact, despite a misleading header on []. It's been evacuated (and thus 'hit' as in 'hindered'), but has NOT been destroyed.

    (Disclaimer: IANANS - I Am Not A News Service)

  • Rights (Score:5, Insightful)

    by ( 142825 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @12:01PM (#2278058) Homepage
    We go through airport security to protect us. Well, I guess our rights being trounced on did nothing to protect us. The metal detectors in government buildings did nothing to keep those planes out.

    Maybe the next time, people will question, "are having our rights trampled on really giving us security?"

    • Re:Rights (Score:2, Insightful)

      by Jeremi ( 14640 )
      Well, I guess our rights being trounced on did nothing to protect us.

      Well, to be fair, we can't say how many potential terrorist hijaakings were never carried out because the potential perpetrators figured they wouldn't get away with it.

      Having said that, a more effective way of avoiding terrorism would be foreign policies that don't treat other countries as if they exist merely to serve our commercial needs.

  • This page has a good summary list of news snippets from various sources, and it's updated fairly regularly: []
  • News from Maryland (Score:4, Informative)

    by strredwolf ( 532 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @12:04PM (#2278103) Homepage Journal
    Here's the latest from Maryland, which is "right next door" to DC:

    * Maryland is tightening security all throught the state.
    * AMTRAK Baltimore Penn Station is shut down.
    * BWI Airport is accepting landings only, no flights out.
    * All schools are closing, and Annapolis's (state capital) MD State Circle (state capital) is closed to all but emergency traffic.
    * State Police are asking folks to limit phone use, both landline and cell.
  • Hysteria (Score:5, Informative)

    by FFFish ( 7567 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @12:05PM (#2278125) Homepage
    PLEASE Please please try to avoid getting hysterical about this. I'm finding message boards filled with frothing hatred, wanting bloody revenge against entire countries.

    Don't escalate this into war. There are no winners if it goes to war. We'll all just end up discovering that the terrosits do nukes. Some major American city will be vapourized in re-retaliation.

    And get in touch with your State and Federal representatives. Protest any movement toward restricting your personal freedoms -- because they are going to lock you down. Protest any over-aggression -- because you will pay when the terrorists re-retaliate.

    Time is NOT of the essence! Insist that things move carefully and cautiously. The world is in a delicate situation for the next few months. Treat it like a fragile, crystal bowl... and don't drop it.
    • PLEASE, mod up parent; this is spot on.
    • Of *course* they're going to lock us down. Airports are halted across the country, transportation at the attack sites is paralyzed, and communication there is impossible. Right now, don't expect to fly anywhere anytime soon. This isn't an attack on personal freedom; it's practical safety measures. The first plane that hit the WTC was going from Boston to Los Angeles; another plane could come from *anywhere*.

      The terrorists won't "re-retaliate" for a long, long time -- they know we're on alert now, any more "sneak attacks" would be futile. The thing to do now is make sure no more planes can be used as bombs, then find out who's responsible, and then DEMAND that he be dealt with. Right now, I don't give a crap if his host country wants to extradite him or not. If a government is going to protect whoever's responsible for this, then they're complicit, and they're inviting war. Not hysteria; a practial and well-earned response.

      No one's talking about locking the entire country down with martial law yet, if that's what you're worried about. But some restrictions are very necessary, and anyone with a sense of the big picture should be all for it.
      • I'm talking about personal freedoms lockdown -- goodbye encryption, goodbye privacy. This is the administration's opportunity to make some giant strides in the anti-freedom direction they've taken over the past decade.

        Re: terrorist retaliation -- point is, they will retaliate, and will up the ante each time. Last time, it was a car bomb under the WTC. This time, the destruction of the WTC. Next, a nuke in the heart of NYC.

        It's necessary to think long-term. The terrorist organizations will wait a decade if they need to. Time is immaterial.
    • I'm finding message boards filled with frothing hatred, wanting bloody revenge against entire countries.

      Not just countries. There was a caller on one of the stations I flipped past (DirecTV swore it was the Senate channel, but nobody was doing their regular programming, excepting the Weather Channel, whose weatherfolks are probably saying "And the weather on the East Coast looks like... oh, who cares, nobody there is watching *me* anyway") explaining that we should get all the Muslims out of the US. Now, maybe she was completely clueless and didn't realize that not all of them are here on visas, y'know? Heck, all the Muslims I know were born here.
    • GO TO WORK!!! (Score:5, Insightful)

      by jafac ( 1449 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @12:27PM (#2278446) Homepage
      This is a terrorist attack.

      Its main purpose was to strike fear into the hearts of Americans, and to cause our economy to collapse. If everyone is afraid, then the economy WILL collapse.

      The emergency workers are busy. The military is obviously busy. Go to work and conduct your business as well as possible. Unless you are working in one of the obviously dangerous areas.
      They only beat us if we let our fear win.

      I'm not a soldier. I'm not a fireman or paramedic. I'm not a police man. But I'm going to work today, and I'm testing software, and I'm making sure that my little cog in the big machine keeps turning.

      Now, we're going to see what kind of a leader dubbya is. I have very grave doubts about his ability to deal with this situation rationally - think martial law - think more raids in Iraq - think more raids in Afghanistan. Think Arab Americans being rounded up (I'm sorry, but you know this will happen). There isn't much we can do about those things other than keep a cool head, and do your job as best as you can.
    • And you think what, that terrorists could have nuked this time, and were just going easy wiping out the WTC?

      First of all, there's no one to go to war with. You can expect, however, that if it turns out a nation is harboring terrorists against justice, action will be taken.

      Second of all, unless we are isolationists again, we're going to piss someone off somewhere. It is the unenviable consequence of world leadership. Not retaliating is not protection against further attacks. If we identify a perpetrator, there will be awful consequences.

      Certainly, we must be cautious. We should take things slowly. Any response should be well-considered and deliberate...but not pacifistic.

      Also, for those of you who live with an arabian population, or any other population likely to be targetted by irrational retaliation, don't let others take their anger out on other Americans, regardless of their ethnic origins. Arabian-Americans are Americans, too.
  • I don't remember which book of his it was, but it started with a plane hitting the capitol building, and ended with biological attacks against the US.

    Thank goodness i'm canadian.

  • by CritterNYC ( 190163 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @12:06PM (#2278132) Homepage
    I can see where the towers of the trade center used to be from my bedroom on 14th St. I saw just after the second plane hit and just after the 1st tower fell. I watched the 2nd tower fall. One of my friends is still missing. I'm trying to keep myself busy. You can see pictures on my site [].

    I'd estimate the death toll at betwen 20 and 50 thousand here. I believe approximately 40 thousand people work in the entire world trade complex and the attacks seem to be timed for just when everyone got work. I used to work in Tower 2, 15th Floor.

    I'll try and get a webcam up, too.
  • It's clear, by now, that we're in a state of war. But unlike Perl Harbor, where the enemy was easily identifiable, we now must figure out who's responsible.

    I've always felt terrorists were chicken-shits. I've got friends and relatives who work both in the Trade Center, and the Pentagon. Regular family people. Moms with kids in school. Dads who surf about /. Little kids on field trips.

    Terrorist == Cowards
  • by strredwolf ( 532 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @12:07PM (#2278161) Homepage Journal
    State police have asked folks to limit phone usage in the state of Maryland. Please limit your useage, and tune into local TV stations (2, 11, 13) for more information.
  • by riggwelter ( 84180 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @12:08PM (#2278166) Homepage Journal
    Reported on CBS MarketWatch: the Taleban ambassador to Pakistan has condemned this.

    I'm watching BBC News 24, and Arafat has also condemned this, saying he was deeply shocked.
  • San Francisco news. (Score:3, Informative)

    by juuri ( 7678 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @12:08PM (#2278169) Homepage
    * One plane on the way to SF is down near Pittsburg (Flight 193)

    * TransAmerica building closed.

    * Public buildings closed.

    * Schools closed.

    * Police in a high state of alert.

    * Bridges ARE open.

    * Public Transit IS open.

    * All airports are of course closed.
  • I'd donate blood of course, but unfortunatly, at my high school, they have just put in a lock-down for the day, and have cancelled the blood drive that was happening from the beginning of this morning.

    Just consider the irony.
  • United Airlines 757 has crashed. This is the one that was "missing," not the Pennsylvania plane. Looks to be in Colorado. :-(
  • Border with Mexico was just shut down.
  • []

    here is a mirror with pics that seem to have been taken from a digital camera.

    As well as video of a plane hitting a tower and one of the towers collapsing.

    I wish my server luck...

  • The Taleban have said that Osama Bin-Laden could not have been involved in this (BBC News 24)

    Remember that groups with an interest here are at some point going to be queuing up to claim responsibility (the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine already have - CBS MarketWatch) so use a small pinch of salt for that one...
  • There will be a lot of pressure for punitive revenge attacks against suspected parties.

    Doubtless this will happen, it is inconceivable that the US will allow this to go unpunished. For instance, after the attacks on several US embassies in Africa, the US bombed one of the only two pharmaceutical factories in Sudan on faulty intelligence info. Unfortunately it turned out that this factory was legitimate and this just led to the death of many innocent workers, plus many further deaths as a result of a lack of medicine.

    When these revenge attacks occur, more innocent civilians will die. I just hope that Americans remember that the bombing of innocent civilians is wrong even when they are foreigners. I don't hold out much hope of this - when the revenge bombing occurs, I expect it will be greeted with jubliation, even though there will be a tenuous connection at best between those who die and those responsible for the atrocities in New York and Washington. It is appropriate to feel anger towards those responsible for the murder of innocents, but don't let that anger reduce you to "their" level.
  • Hmmm (Score:2, Funny)

    by zpengo ( 99887 )
    It's times like this that make me glad we have a Republican and a Texan in the White House. If there's ass to be kicked, he'll see to it.

    I would hate to see Al Gore's response to this.

  • by wbeckler ( 87039 ) on Tuesday September 11, 2001 @01:48PM (#2279470)
    I've been getting emails from a friend at Globix, the giant internet exchange in southern Manhattan. Here is the latest news:

    Globix is located on Centre Street south of Canal Street. Businesses south of Canal have been asked to evacuate. The dust from the WTC collapse has forced buildings to shut down their air conditioning. Only a few large computer operations can operate without normal air conditioning, but major exchanges, like the AT&T telephone building and Globix, have backup cooling systems that should hopefully operate in these conditions.

    Globix engineers are taking care of major service problems and trying to prevent potential major problems so they can leave as soon as possible.

    Globix is hooked into the 3 largest backbones that pass through the region, and at least one must still be operating. Email messages originating from Globix are making their way out, but messages sent to Globix are not coming in.

    A telephone call to (212-334-xxxx) from NJ (856-672-xxxx) got through, but no calls to the 718 area code are working. I just received a call from a 212 phone as well.

    My friend at Globix was walking to a class at Sun Microsystems at the World Trade Center when the first plane hit. His view of the collision was obscured, and he was not injured. He commented:

    > I ran down to the woolworth building and stood
    > looking in shock at the North tower, the smoke
    > billowing out of it and the thousands of papers
    > fluttering down against the blue sky. Suddenly
    > I saw something hurtling down the side of the
    > building. It was a man, limbs, tie and suitcoat
    > flailing. several more followed. I turned and
    > slowly walked back towars the sunny, newly
    > renovated park in front of city hall.
    > I heard the second explosion hit, and people
    > began screaming and running past me.
    > As I sit here at my comfortable nest of a
    > workspace, my skin crawls, and I feel sick to
    > my stomach. I have read about events this bad
    > or worse a hundred times in the novels my
    > father derisively terms storybooks, but the
    > reality is completely incomparable. Perhaps he
    > had a point.

    Another friend of mine was in the 70th floor of the second building to get hit, and he made it out alive. I don't yet have the details on that.

    Transportation update (from a Brooklyn friend):
    Subway lines are running off and on, and bridges and tunnels are closed to cars. The W line was still bringing people into Manhattan at 9:30, but that has ceased. The N/R is now running above 14th Street. Pedestrian traffic is allowed on the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. People in suits have been streaming over these bridges into Brooklyn all morning.

    Historical Note:
    Today, September 11, is the 28th anniversary of the CIA-led coup that overthrew the democratically elected government headed by Allende in Chile. Why is this relevant? I feel an immense amount of anger towards the people who caused this, and I think the people who caused this are the murderers sitting in Washington D.C. who direct U.S. foreign policy. They recklessly inspire anti-U.S. sentiment in every other country in this world. We ruthlessly bombed civilian targets in Yugoslavia (including water purification sites); we starve the children of Iraq; we blockade Cuba for no good reason; we topple democratically elected socialist governments in order to install pro-U.S. dictatorships. My anger does not direct itself solely towards the government officials who have perpetrated these crimes. I am furious at the millions of Americans who voted for George W. Bush. They are responsible for putting into power a person who is walking all over international agreements about global warming and arms control. And anybody who sits by and pays taxes and watches our imperialistic military and State Department do its dirty work has to take some responsibility for these murders. WAKE UP AMERICA: THIS IS YOUR FAULT. No missile defense shield will protect us from the hate that is justifiably spawned worldwide by our pro-corporate foreign policy.

    Experience of an anarchist:
    When the mail carrier knocked on my door this morning, I was worried that I was about to be taken in by the FBI. If you know what I've been through, you would not think this was a paranoid reaction. There will be a witchhunt following these events, and the U.S. government will probably use it as an excuse to harass activists. Right now the joint anti-terrorism task forces around the country spend most of their money tracking and harassing the anti-corporate activists who have been targeting world financial summits. A good chunk is also spent on the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front, neither of which actually have any members; they are just slogans that autonomous cells apply to their acts of vandalism. Today's events show yet again that money spent on national security does not in fact serve national security, but rather serves the insidious ends of the people controlling this country. Expect there to be calls for more money to fund politically motivated witchhunts against the Left. Expect calls for outlawing consumer use of encryption.

    Eben Moglen, Columbia University Law Professor and general counsel of the FSF once said about the inevitable rise of encrypted communications:

    I don't doubt that there will be downsides. You should accept the truth that harms will be caused, as harms are caused by free speech all the time. But don't let yourself be panicked about this. The world of the twenty-first century will be more free, and will continue to be, as the spooks often say, "a tough neighborhood." Indeed, some bombs will go off; there will be, in Stewart Baker's signature phrase, "some mangled, burnt bodies." You will notice that there are already. But fewer of them will be in Iraqi prisons; none of them will ever again be in a gulag or Lager maintained by a KGB or SS state with a tap on every telephone. And of that you should be very proud, because it is we who will have made it possible.

APL hackers do it in the quad.