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Comment Re:Flip Side (Score 1) 314

The worse renters are French people. They whine about everything.

It's funny that you mention that. I just had a family from France, and they hit a deer on the way to my place. They were late, but okay. I took their car rental numbers and my wife called the company and got them set up to get a replacement car. The next morning, I gave them the information and helped them get on their way. This should be an "easy A", non? They thanked me in their review, but my score dropped anyway. I guess waiting late and dealing with rental companies on behalf of guests is expected for hosts.

Well, I am soured for guests from France, anyway. I still welcome guests from anywhere else.

Comment Re:Hmmmm (Score 4, Insightful) 531

Agreed. From the summary:

... are probing what they see as a broad covert Russian operation in the United States to sow public distrust in the upcoming presidential election...
...enhancing Russia's ability to spread disinformation.

No. Wrong. To sow distrust in the election is to spread information. The system is corrupt, and giving information showing the corruption is a social good. And anyone stupid enough to believe in the current system is still free to continue voting for corruption and evil. Those stupid people are still free to voice their stupid opinions. I wish they wouldn't, but they have that right.

Comment Here is my product prediction (Score 1) 115

New! From Apple!

You don't know what it is, but you already know you want one!

Announcing "Orb"!

Orb is more than a computer! It is an advanced system!

Orb is a perfect white sphere that floats on a cushion of air from its base. Orb does not consent to touch other technology products. Keyboard and mouse are wireless, video is projected with lasers onto a specially coated ultra thin sheet of sapphire. The same base that protects Orb from touching others provides power to Orb by induction.

Orb is a high core count wonder. It has more cores than you could possibly need, and OrbOS uses those extra cores to do your work speculatively, creating the illusion that it knows what you want to do even before you do.

Now accepting orders for delivery.
Orb is now available at the OrbStore.
We have just processed your order for Orb.
Orb2 is now for sale, upgrade now!

Orb. It's your new life.

Comment Wrong again (Score -1, Troll) 162

Did Vmware actually agree to the GPL? If not, they are not in violation. This is getting old. They did not violate the GPL if they did not agree to it.

But they did violate copywrite law, provided that this fellow can prove it. I hope he can prove it in court. But "violating the GPL" is not correct unless the company explicitly agreed to it.

Comment Re:He didn't "build" anything (Score 2, Insightful) 319

The photos show a circuit board printed with "Micronta" which is a Tandy/Radio Shack trademark.

Yes, he took apart an alarm clock, made it look like a Hollywood bomb, and claimed he "invented" it. He is a liar, a swindler, and a piece of shit human. He tried to play the media with his pity party. Then he left the country. Good riddance! But someone left the door open and the vermin got back in again.

Comment Re:Seriously, WTF? (Score 1) 41

Screw it, I'm going to start a business with an impossible plan, then, after I've gotten millions in capital, I'll announce that the company is something else, get my sock puppet and sell dog food over the internet.

Create a browser front end for online forums with AI that will identify content derogatory to the user and rewrite it as praise. That should appeal to all those narcissists.

Comment Re:time's direction (Score 3, Interesting) 268

Perhaps in fact time goes back and forward all the time. This would be a nifty way to have things like spooky action at a distance. You run time forward till a correlated event happens, then run it backward and imbue the necessary future state. Instant hidden variables that you can't detect.

Yes. I have long thought that this is a plausible explanation for the two slit photon "problem". We observe the photon moving in "our" time direction, but can not observe the same photon as it travels against our time direction. The photon itself is satisfied in its path, the past and future points agree. Thanks for putting this in easily grokable form.

Comment Re:Deep Water Horizon BP Oil Spill (Score 1) 124

VW is paying for deliberately contravening the law. They wanted to make non-compliant cars look like they were compliant.

What if I consider this a matter of civil disobedience? The law is wrong, and I will defy it. Sometimes bad laws are impossible to remove through the regular system because the system is corrupt, and civil disobedience is the only way to get started on a fix. I am not proposing that VW is using this angle, but am offering it as an analogy. Bad laws should be opposed, one way or another.

They knew what they were doing was wrong, but did it anyway.

No. They knew it was probably illegal. Right and wrong do NOT follow legal and illegal. That is completely backwards. Law should follow right and wrong. But it often does not.

My opinion is that this should be settled by a number of jury trials, where the juries are advised to consider the actual damage to the environment when determining the awards. Yes, there will be damages, but they should be fair.

Comment Re:Time to fork the net (Score 1) 64

Yep, some form of distributed DNS system will be a good idea. Expect to see it start happening in the next 6mo and gaining adaption and the countries who are pro-authoritarian or demanding everyone use a government ID to go online(S.Korea, EU, etc) to try making it illegal.

I have been thinking about this for some time. My first idea was how to deal with the problem of when governments dictate to the root servers that domains should be erased or the nameservers changed, against the will of the domain owners. I was thinking of changes to nameservers so that they keep a historical database of changes in the IP addresses of a domain's nameservers and some way for end users to add some token to a domain name to indicate they want to use the older (correct) nameservers instead of the current (stolen) ones.

Now I am wondering if it would be possible to have a parallel DNS system where a blockchain broadcasts changes in the root DNS information (domain name to nameserver IP) and the domain owners sign changes so that everyone knows that the change is authentic. To willingly transfer a domain, the owner could give the signing keys to the new owner. As a parallel system, a caching resolver could first look in the blockchain, and if the domain is not participating, then go to the root servers. One obvious issue is how the real owners would prove initial ownership when registering with the new system. Maybe proving that they control the domain by creating a specific host record in that domain?

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