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Comment Re:Wheb you can't beat 'em (Score 1, Insightful) 202

No. The legislature so often passes questionable bills, saying that the courts will judge their intent. The courts often say that the bills should have been more specific. I say that a court should look for JUSTICE and not the letter of the law. If a law is just 90% of the time, then a case should be dismissed 10% of the time. Because it is not just in that case. Strict interpretation is wrong.

Comment Three hours?! (Score 1) 347

Three hours won't do much for coding skills. Reading style(9) is a good idea. And so would be a few minutes on naming.

With the extreme constraints of the topic, I think a good topic would be proving code is correct. Talk about logical proof, and how it can often be very hard, and how to write software to verify that the code does not fail with normal input. And then, how to verify correct behavior against abnormal input. If coders would write software to attack their own code, I think they will benefit greatly.

Comment ATM? (Score 1) 101

They are still supporting ATM? I am really curious because I actually wrote ATM code. Fifteen years ago. Both device drivers and stack code. Great stuff, but that is ancient history. Can anyone tell what ATM has done in the last decade? Thanks!

Comment Intelligent design (Score 5, Funny) 169

I know I'll catch hell for my religious beliefs, but...

I think that the 6502 was not the result of evolution, but rather it had a Creator and was the product of Intelligent Design. There are just so many subtle clues that suggest features that were deliberately put in there. Could natural selection really explain how it had two different indirect access modes, one that selects a direct index from an offset, and the other adds the offset to the index?

These researchers may be trying to apply the wrong methods to a device that is almost certainly the product of a higher power.

Comment Some places are impossible. (Score 1) 53

I have seen places where it is impossible to park. Notably in San Francisco and New York City. It is NOT possible to park anywhere close to where you want to unload your cargo. That's the way it is. Deal with it.

In SF for 1997 ISPCON, I paid to park in a garage and carried heavy boxes a long way to get to the hotel and convention center. There was NO POSSIBLE way I could have parked in front and just carried my gear in. Without losing my car... Or worse.

Comment Re:Dig down first (Score 2) 303

I like where you are going with this. I was thinking of concrete walls: ICF (insulated concrete forms). No windows. And if you have a tunnel, do you need a door? Maybe have a roof exit and ladder for a real emergency. Meth heads would have a hard time figuring out how to get in. And I guarantee you will not hear any road noise.

Going back to the windows, how about installing real windows inside (behind the concrete) with variable lighting and images that can be replaced? I have often thought about having a man cave that looked like something from the USS Enterprise, with windows that showed a star field or some interesting space feature.

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