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Digital Frying Pan? 41

Anonymous writes "ZZZ online is updated again, this time the issue number 66 is uploaded. Among other interesting info, it contains the description of several weird and useless products like digital frying pan, electronic fork, universal LCD remote control and so on. Actually, this is just another attempt to convince the consumers that they really need useless stuff. Nevertheless these devices are worth your attention, at least you'll have fun ;-)" Iron Chef Silicon Valley!
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Digital Frying Pan?

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  • Every seen the Philips Printo remote control? It is very useful and very very powerful. You can download free software from their site and truly customize all the screen to your heart's content.

    Check out a review [] from one of the better remote control websites.

  • This isnt off topic, the post was about a digital frying pan (whooohooo) and several other things, one of which was a drirectional antenna for mobile phones.

    "Almost isn't good enough - but it's almost good enough."
  • its expensive, big, and heavy

    then again is has also replaced every single remote control i have. ive tried lots of universal remotes and none of them were even close to how great this thing is. almost as important as its ability to let you hide all your other remotes is the somewhat powerful macro functions in it. ever always turn to audio track 2 and turn subtitles on when putting in a dvd? well make that a button. need to switch three components to the same set of inputs, one macro. need to dim your x10 lights, send a signal to play your jazz mp3 list, turn the stereo on to a preset volume, turn the tv off, all one button.

    doesnt seem silly to me, seems usefull as hell
  • The SKI FINDER eliminates the need for cumbersome powder cords.

    WTF? Since when can you ever attach power cords to your skis? That's gotta be the dumbest statement I've heard all day.

  • Combine the temperature-reading end of the digital frying pan with a rectal thermometer and then you'd have an interesting product.

    Mom: OK, little guy. Time for mommy to take your temper- holy shit! Who left fried eggs in this thing? Dear!?!

    -Be a man. Insult me without using an AC.

  • will the frying pan have Bluetooth?

    e. [] -- All that is NOT fit to link to
  • I got the Sony commander. The pronto is cool but they dont have software that i can use and I just felt that I'd wait until they supported me better.

    But without the cooler screen, they do somewhat the same thing. I love the macros, turn all components on and off, set center surrnound modes for certain inputs, definitely helps when switching video modes where you also have to change inputs (svideo to composite or component).

    personally this was one of teh best purchases i made, i got rid of 8 remote controls... so i actually got some coffee table real-estate back... quite nice...

    each to their own...

  • Exactly.
    In fact, I burned my eggs today because the burner was too hot. A "digital frying pan" (I relly detest the name..) would have saved a whole chicken embryo from decomposition in the bin! If my Magic Frying Pan (tm) told me that they were burning or if it automatically adjusted the temperature of the stove to suit cooking an egg, (the next step, i hope) it would've decomposed in my stomach instead!
    i'm not being sarcastic here, I think that these would be some real neat things. hell... why don't I invent it myself??? Maybe I can convince a company like Whirlpool to set an industry standard and add a Frying Pan Port to all stoves to allow for that degree of control! Hmm... the future is but an extension of the present...

  • ...Or better yet, how about a matrix of heating elements that could adjust the redistribution of heat, frying the bacon more levelly, or brown those pancakes to an even perfection! (And we hackers know the importance of flat food!)

    An Anti-Burn Element (like Anti-Lock Brakes on a car) would not only leave less scoring on the food, but would it not also leave less charred mess on the pan, making cleaning much easier?

    Mmmmm, pancakes...

  • by Alien54 ( 180860 ) on Sunday January 14, 2001 @07:23PM (#507770) Journal
    Just a nit pic, I guess:

    According to the Guiness Book of World Records, the world's largest truck is in Sparwood British Columbia. Based on info below, this may well be an old copy of the book

    Specs can be found here: []

    The six wheeler shown there is obviously larger than the 4 wheeler above, and fully loaded is 610 tons. this is 260 tons vehicle and 350 payload

    This is vs the 500 tons specified for the vehicle shown at ZZZ online

    This is not all. There is an interesting news release here [] about a company placing an order with Caterpillar for a truck that would be 380 tons vehicle, and the development of several 400 ton vehicles. This was in 1999.

    So a truck that would spec out to 500 tonnes fully loaded is rather small

  • I bought one of those digital grill forks for my GF's dad, and he LOVES it... I've had so much PERFECTLY cooked meat there since then. Definately worth the investment if you cook meat (grill or otherwise). Far from useless, it could save your life. Remove slashdot to email
  • The way he ridiculed the Japanese washlet toilets is an example. There is nothing silly about them. I have been using one in Japan for the last year, and the prospect of going back to a cold non-washing American style toilet is about as attractive as going to use an unheated outhouse in the back yard and wiping my butt with a handful of leaves.

    I don't think the author can discriminate between good ideas and bad ideas. He just fears anything new or different.
  • good point
    The main problem with people cooking food is that they don't cook at the right temp. Digital thermometer would solve this problem. After all, cooking food is just a complicated chemical equation
  • etail_overview.cgi?type=overview&id=797&family=Off +Highway+Trucks&subfamily=Off+Highway&model=&subfa milyid=307&rgnid=NACD&headerimageid=C015478

  • Ack, you're right. I didn't even see that "d".

  • useless products like digital frying pan,

    Oh, has Intel brought out another new processor?

  • Was that supposed to be funny?

    It wasn't.

    (btw, I'm not that AC)
  • yeah, I'm going to buy a palm pilot that needs to be left in the living room all the time. Twice as much money to use half the functionality available. Good plan.
  • "Right now Roger Green has only one working prototype and he is seeking companies willing to implement his invention. Some of the telecommunication giants (like Nokia) are interested, so I'm sure we have to wait at most couple of years."
    Im not so sure that we'll see this very soon, Its like the tobacco industry and 'safe' cigarettes, they didnt bring them out because it would be admitting that regular ones are not safe, and open them selves up to litagation (obviously, these days its a given)

    "Almost isn't good enough - but it's almost good enough."
  • While the price isn't mentioned on the website, I'm sure it's a LOT. For a 10". What are you going to cook in it? A single pancake or strip of bacon?
  • As a community, slashdot demands that everyone use different operating systems for different situations, depending on your needs.

    Surely you jest. A story on handheld, "When are we going to have Linux PDA's?". A story on Dreamcast, "BSD is ported to the dreamcast, when will we have Linux for the dreamcast?" Everything should run Linux, with just different kernel options.

  • Speaking of remote controls, I saw a very interesting product at the Consumer Electronic show. It's intended to let a remote control work anywhere in the house via RF. The clever thing about it is that the transmitter is contained in a special AA- or AAA-sized battery that fits into an existing remote. It's also supposed to work up to 50 meters (I love those 'up-to' words. Usually means "if you stand on the roof and have a 10-foot yagi antenna attached"). Supposedly available in March. Man, do I want one of these things bad.
  • by Fervent ( 178271 ) on Sunday January 14, 2001 @03:37PM (#507783)
    Why don't you say it to my face instead of hiding behind an AC?

    -Be a man. Insult me without using an AC.

  • I have always insisted on describing circles, spheres, etc. by their radius. Perhaps then, they described it the correct way and it has a 10" radius. That would be quite a large skillet.

    "Homo sum: humani nil a me alienum puto"
    (I am a man: nothing human is alien to me)

  • The electronic frying pan could tell you when youre teflon coated pan is about to become too hot for the survival of the teflon coating itself.

    I'm not sure of the exact temperature at which the coating "burns" but you can test it on youre own pan, just turn the heat up slowly and note at what setting the teflon starts changing color.

    (Warning: a toxic gaz will be produced in sufficient quantities to kill a bird)
  • If the frying pan had run linux, then I bet the headline would've been much different.

    I personally won't install anything but OpenBSD on my frying pan. I don't want script kiddies to steal my dinner.

  • by Quarters ( 18322 ) on Sunday January 14, 2001 @05:16PM (#507787)
    It's from Sony. The price was about the same as quoted in the article, so I'm assuming the article is refering to the model I have.

    This remote is anything but useless or kitch. It's quite useful. Not only does it understand my TV, Receiver, DVD player, Laser Disc player, TiVO, VCR, and DirecTV units, but it also allows for macroing.

    I've gone from eight remotes to one and also gained the ability to configure my system for any sort of playback at the push of a button.

    Want to play a DVD? Click and the TV is in DVD mode, the receiver switches to the DVD input and sets itself up for 5.1 speakers and the remote's LCD screen switches to DVD playback mode. The same functionality is available for all my units.

    It's also a learning remote, so I'm not constrained by the scant few items most pre-programmed remotes understand. This remote will be usefull for years.

  • "Useless" is in the eye of the beholder

    I couldn't agree more. Perhaps the digital skillet or the electronic fork are questionable, but I myself seriously considered one of these LCD Universal remotes. I actually ended up with one not QUITE so spendy, but I still spent a fair chunk of change for "just a remote". Except that now I have *one* remote that does *everything* and I don't have to force myself to change my usage--I can program every damn button any way I want. Well worth the money to no longer have to play find the right remote for this task.

  • I already have an electric wok with (home built) temperature control. I wish I'd been able to buy it conveniently off the shelf.

    How else do you accurately control the melt temperature for oxidiser/binder mixtures ? 8-)

  • Apparently the reason that Apple has provided 2 mouse buttons (previously only one button) is loosly tied to the fact that they have in the past, catered to the brain child.
    Acording to inside sources they have been performing routine genetic experimentation. Not really the test tube stuff but rather just selective breeding (which we should all practice).
    The results have been mixed. Though they have managed to gain lower level management with superior intelect it has also produced a great number of ergonimists with only an index finger and thumb.
    Lukily the programmers have all three digits like the rest of us.
    (sorry, drunk as usual)

    given to you from the other side...
  • Not that much more expensive, and you can download a universal remote utility [] for it. At the same time it also doubles as a game boy [], a handheld terminal [], and *gasp* an electronic agenda...
  • please refer to the above (two places) above. Sorry for the confusion.
  • An enormous truck is for lifting enormous loads.

    They're also useful for tourist attractions. Looks like something you'd want to have next to Big Brutus. [] ("11,000,000 pounds of fun!")

    (I drive by it every time I visit my mother out of state. I've never stopped. Someday I'll have to, just because.)

  • I think you're getting confused over the letter "d". Powder cords are quite a common thing to have on your skis if you are going out on deep powder, so you don't have to spend all week looking for them int the powder after you have fallen over.
  • ...what about these wireless ski finders []?

  • And at the same time it [] also doubles as a gameboy [], a handheld telnet client [] and an electronic agenda. And was not that much more expensive than the one listed.

    In addition to be able to program macros, it can also act as a timer, sending the remote control commands at a preset time (handy for regestering shows off your satellite receiver at preset times, even if your receiver has no builtin timer).

  • shame on you for not reading the article!!!
    If you did, you will see he is making fun of the camera for it's flash, a flash that you cannot turn off, no spy photos for you, so your argument is invalid. If you look at article #60, you will see him giving credit to another small camera for spy photos. Please read before you post, speed reading/glancing is not enough to post a comment.

  • by Chuck Flynn ( 265247 ) on Sunday January 14, 2001 @02:13PM (#507798)
    "Useless" is in the eye of the beholder: every tool has its use, though you might not recognize it. The creditcard-sized camera is perfect for taking pictures in situations where cameras are ordinarily confiscated (like museums and concerts). The directional cellphone antenna sounds like the perfect solution to the problem posed in the last article here a few hours ago. An enormous truck is for lifting enormous loads. What's the problem?

    As a community, slashdot demands that everyone use different operating systems for different situations, depending on your needs. It's the proper and most intellectually honest thing to do. So then why ridicule the same people who are on the cutting edge of tool-making? If the frying pan had run linux, then I bet the headline would've been much different. It's hypocritical, I think.
  • Person man, person man
    hit on the head with a frying pan ...
    Imagine getting hit on the head with a digital frying pan! I'd imagine it would hurt a bit more.
  • and a way to put the FAT on the fire.

The last thing one knows in constructing a work is what to put first. -- Blaise Pascal