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Comment Re:Interesting timing re Trump's claims (Score 1) 447

To be fair: If James Clapper says they didn't, then they did. Not with the white house's knowledge, mind, but that guy's credibility is right down there with POTUS45 himself.

This leaves us with a time-destroying paradox: Clapper says they didn't, but Trump says that they did. Therefore they absolutely did so, and absolutely cannot have done so. Both possibilities both did and could not have occurred, and our primitive technology does not yet allow us to see the havoc we have wreaked upon our poor continuum.

I think it would be best to open the box and put this cat out of its missery.

Comment Re:Tit for tat (Score 4, Interesting) 574

While the phishing attack may have originated in Russia, I find it disingenious to portray everything as state sponsored when the evidence is weak at best. To me its something akin to suggesting we need to retaliate against Australia every time Julian Assange takes a leak.

Comment Re: Thanks to (Score 1) 637

I agree that the poster seems pretty angry, but the right doesn't have a monopoly on fear and hate and both extremes seem to thrive on division.
Two brands selling the same product: Hope, Dispair, and Vilification. What color do you want yours in?

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