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Comment Back in the days... (Score 1) 203

Remember when people use to believe in their ideas enough that they'd put their own house on the line? With some Kickstarters, you see people with "I believe this needs to be done, and I'll do it if people pay enough so that I have zero liability and all of the financial gain."

"Well, there's travel involved, and if I get an early flight, I'll need a coffee from the airport Starbucks. That's an additional $8...."

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: The Geekiest Game Ever Made? (

KentuckyFC writes: Spin glasses may be esoteric but they are also one of the more fascinating phenomena in physics. They are disordered magnets in which the atoms interact with each other to create conflicting configurations that compete for stability. That makes spin glasses metastable. They can seem firm and constant but a small change to the configuration in one part of the lattice can ripple through the magnet like wildfire. Now a German physicist has created “Spin Glasses: The Game”, a two person board game that reproduces all the complexity and excitement of...err... spin glasses. The players compete to configure their atoms in a way that dominates the lattice when the game ends. The board game is available in German or as a free downloadable cut out version in English. Is this the geekiest game ever made?

Comment Accountability? (Score 1) 57

OK, so you pay someone $30 for help and they give you a solution that kind of works, but not really. How much hassle do you have to go through to get a refund? There's that sweet price point for scammers of "Not enough to make them care about getting a refund" that's yet to be determined.

Comment Re:If only! (Score 1) 277

What was the target SDK level? Older levels were always given access to phone ID, but in newer levels, it had to be specifically requested. For backwards compatibility, older apps targeted to the older levels would request that permission. Solution would be to have a newer target level, but not necessarily change the minSDK level.

Comment Privacy? (Score 2) 301

Are you unsure if you can completely wipe the phone?

Anyways, put it on craigslist. Or ask around. I'm sure someone will be willing to take them. I use Android devices as scoring devices for quiz meets, so if someone wanted to give me a pile of Android phones, I'd be happy. Or if someone wants to get into development, having a range of phones is always helpful.

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