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Monty Python and The Matrix LEGO 125

Senor-D writes "Shigeyuki Sandou, a LEGO minifig creator from japan, has built multiple scenes from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" using LEGO minifigures. it can be found here in English or here in Japanese. He also did scenes from "The Matrix", they can be found here."
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Monty Python and The Matrix LEGO

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  • I'd really like to see Boogie Nights done up in glittering plastic. Also, perhaps Resivoir Dogs.

    I'm hungry... let's get a taco.

  • I was greatly excited when I first heard of this new and innovative way of celebrating such a truly wonderful film, however the models themselves bear very little resemblance to the Monty Python team. Quite how one is meant to recognise such charicature persons as those who comprised such a wonderful team is beyond me. My fond anticipation of seeing the Life of Brian reinacted by lego- another favourite of mine, was met with disappointment that such a feeble effort could have made slashdot news. Admittedly the combination of the two great films, and the use of lego does lend itself to this community, but such a failing attempt to combine the two together only results in it being insulting to both the Monty Python team, and lego, and ultimately to the slashdot readers who were expecting something slightly more worth while after clicking on the link.
  • As opposed to the 40-some [] in English?


  • excuse me.. but..
    don't you guys sometimes need a break from the regular
    "politics", "vote recount", "mp3-napster-hell", and "perl/linux/bsd/the same old stuff is cool".

    somebody just did a cool thing.. admire it ..

    "The world is coming to an end. Please log orff."
  • Japanese movie special effects have come so far since the Toho Films days (Godzilla, Rodan et. al), haven't they?

    Compared to them, these are absolutely stellar. Two thumbs up!
  • yes, but the lego neo is probably smarter than the real keanu....
  • And then the lego master suffered a massive heart attack and Lego King Aurthur were no longer in peril.
  • by BluedemonX ( 198949 ) on Thursday November 16, 2000 @03:38PM (#619032)
    It's karmic payback for what we did to Godzilla when we did an American remake...
  • by Fervent ( 178271 ) on Thursday November 16, 2000 @04:01PM (#619033)
    It doesn't seem to be as much effort to construct these scenes out of already available (and sometimes highly similar) minifigurines as it would be to construct them out of actual lego blocks.

    I'm thinking more along the lines of what Cartoon Network got the Lego company to do in constructing a life-size version of Scooby Doo out of Lego bricks. Plus, the jokes in the commercials didn't hurt.

    "Guys, I don't think that's the right kind of brown." Lego technicians then look up, after laying the Scooby Doo groundwork of what seems like 1,000 bricks. "Some kid is going to be lucky. Really lucky." The guy who's designing the dog looks down into his coffee cup. Obviously he doesn't want to give away a creation that's taken them weeks to build.

  • Those crazy Japanese ... When will the domino retellings be coming out?
  • by mike260 ( 224212 ) on Thursday November 16, 2000 @03:39PM (#619035)
    He is the 1x1.
  • It's there! Left column, second from bottom.
  • No way! You mean you've seen Indiana Jones, too?

  • This just goes to prove that the wrong people have way too much time on their, this isnt THAT impressive, i'd say this could be done in an afternoon with $100-$200 of legos and a QuickCam (or other image capture device)

    I'm also disipointed cause when I first saw it I thought it wouldnt just be plain figures, I was thinking more of a legoland scale

  • Build a bridge out of her!
  • *look* at the picture...there is herring! 0.jpg

    (incase your blindness keeps you from seeing the fish, it's grey :)

  • ...there are no black leggo-people! Hence no Morpheus.

    Of course, there are no white leggo-people either. They're all yellow, which we might take for Asian, except that...let's face it, Asians aren't really yellow.

    So I guess that means that leggo people are actually humanoid aliens. I guess that explains all their advanced space travel technology.
  • by British ( 51765 )
    I think with all the heads and torsos they have for Legoland figs(there's even one of a thong: black waist/crotch & skin colored legs), I could probably make Lego CounterStrike skins in a few minutes.
  • Take a look at this: aiku-f/kanedabaiku-f1.htm

    Is this the motorbike from Akira?
  • Then I submit we begin a discussion of the mating habits of the extinct Banana Slug of California. Banana slugs are hermaphrodites and usually cross fertilize. Banana slugs often eat each other's slime before mating. They begin to circle each other and may bite each other's right side. They spend hours mating and then try to separate. Since banana slugs have such large male organs, it is difficult to separate. At times, it is impossible, in which case the banana slugs take advantage of their ability to apophallate, or gnaw off the stuck organ. The banana slug's mating rituals are very unusual.

  • I'm not Japanese you pin-head! I just live here.


    Jak Din
  • As people have mentioned, you have to consider location and context. Jesus was not rich. Plus, a lot of the people back then didn't have golden cups. Maybe it was made of pottery, or maybe just wood. I don't know.

    But, going back to your catholic reference... surely you don't think that just because the Catholics think it's gold (or show it as such), it is so. They have no hold on the truth of the past, no more than you or I.
    Then again, I realize you were really just mentioning it for reference's sake, and to show the flip side of the coin, but now you know where I'm coming from.
  • Offtopic, I'll show you Offtopic! You don't know what Offtopic is Mr. Trask! I'd show you but I'm too old, I'm too tired, and I'm too fucking blind. If I were the man I was five years ago I'd take a flame-thrower to this place. Offtopic, who the hell do you think you're talking to? I've been around you know? There was a time I could see. And I have seen boys like these, younger than these, their arms torn out, their legs ripped off. But there isn't nothing like the sight of an amputated spirit, there is no prosthetic for that. You think you're merely sending this splendid foot-soldier back home to Oregon with his tail between his legs but I say that you are executing his soul. And why? Because he's not a Baird man. Baird men, you hurt this boy, you're going to be Baird Bums, the lot of ya. And Harry, Jimmy, Trent, wherever you are out there, fuck you too.! .
  • To build the holy hand grenade, you will need a piece with three pips. Two is too few, and four is too many. Five is completely out of the question.

    Now I'm forced to ask the question, what do others call the little sticky up bits that cause lego to stick together?
  • Legos will own the world! Now the matrix and monty python, tomorrow america, and then, THE WORLD!! Seriously, those things are more addictive than caffeine (i should know, my blood/caffeine levels are throught the roof)

    Version: 3.12
    GCS d- s+:- a--- C+++ UL++++ P++++ L++++ E--- W+ N o K- w---
    O- M V- PS+ PE-- Y++ PGP++ t+++ 5 X+++ R+ tv+ b++ DI+++ D++
    G++ e- h! r-- y-
    ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------
  • Where's the moose from scene 54? My sister was bitten by a moose once...
  • I do apologise- a slip of the tongue... or should it be fingers, it should have been "Holy Grail" rather than "Life of Brian" in the above comment.
    Sincerest Apologies
  • I saw this [] one last year, and it is actually animated. It is the cool and smart!!
    You must check it!!

    ^. .^
    ( @ )
    Soylent Foods, Inc.
  • There go the Japanese again. First the Star Wars now the Monty Python Holy Grail movie and the Matrix. This is a strange trend, but not suprising for the Japenese!
  • by laborit ( 90558 ) on Thursday November 16, 2000 @03:14PM (#619055) Homepage
    This is quite unlike the Star Wars Lego [] project that was posted last week. Rather than building scenes out of legos, this artist mostly uses pre-built pieces to lay out suggestive tableus. Which is not to say it isn't a creative or amusing re-interpretation, but it's not such a show of mad devotion and arete. I am, however, reminded of the Screenshots [] project that depicted historical scenes in a Sims-like CG style...

    Go ahead, blame me... I voted for Nader!
  • It's Lego not Legos, get a life will ya?

    The irony of the above statement needs no further punchline.


    -The Reverend (I am not a Nazi nor a Troll)
  • by drivers ( 45076 ) on Thursday November 16, 2000 @03:16PM (#619057)
    I thought the Japanese would say, "Tlinity"

    No. The r sound in Japanese is somewhere between an L and an R. Words taken from English that have an L or R sound get translated into the same "letter" in Japanese, one of the following syllables: ra, ri, ru, re, ro, rya, ryu, ryo.
    (pronounce the consonants like they are in spanish, "a" is English short A, "i" is long E, "u" is long U, "e" is long A, "o" is long O. ah, ee, oo (as in "too"), eh, oh. A consonant can be one of the vowels by itself, or it can have a consonant in from of it: ka-ki-ku-ke-ko. ta-chi-tsu-te-to (as you can see, some consonants have irregular pronunciations). Some consonants can have a "y"-consonant blended into it, rya, ryu, ryo, kya, kyu, kyo, etc. "n" can be a consonant by itself after a regular syllable. Also, some consonants are doubled. And vowels can be made twice as long. to-o-kyo-o (in hiragana, a long o is indicated with a U, other vowels by adding that vowel. in katakana, you can indicate a long vowel with a straight line.) So what can we conclude from this?

    Trinity in japanese is probably something like "TO RI N I TI" but the RI could sound somelike like "LI", it is 4 syllables long, and is written with 5 characters. The usual romanization of "ri" is with an R instead of an L.

    Thank you.
    Ribaasu Donarudo.

  • by BluedemonX ( 198949 ) on Thursday November 16, 2000 @03:41PM (#619058)
    The Matrix title lego...

    The one with the four guys in it...

    That would explain how the guy on got the way he did, wouldn't it?
  • Sure. What part of "foolish" doesn't describe most of the scenes from that particular movie? Besides, common usage of the word includes meanings which are entirely appropriate when describing silly things.

  • to-ri-na-ti or to-ri-ni-ti

    the r in ri is voiced kinda halfway between r and l in english
  • No mod points here, but that was fucking funny.

  • Feh, this guy's in larval stage. The really l33t Japanese model otakus mold their creations in metal or plastic, and then paint them. For real.
  • I fail to see the coolness in this...except maybe the machine thing in the matrix. This doesn't seem like a slashdot-worthy feat.
  • Speaking of said Star Wars Lego, is there a new site for it? The poor basta got slashdotted, and it looks like the account was pulled. It'd be a shame if his work wasn't viewable any more -- did he find a new location? Where?


  • Ok....all of you people who are 'trying' to guess at how the hell to pronounce "TRINITY" in Japanese; quite guessing at it, unless you know how to speak Japanese, read it, or write will never be able to 'guess' it?

    It goes a little somthin' like this: TO RI NI TI@(when spelled in KATAKANA, it has 5 characters and 4 syllables) ........For those of you advanced enough; with browsers capable of reading Japanese, I have written it here for your viewing pleasure: fgfSfjfefB

    It would do you all a lot of good in the future if you would actually LEARN something about another culture instead of posting your own thoughts about it, and making yourselves look like stupid apes......

    thanks for listening,
    Jak Din
  • There is no.... SHRUBBERY!

    Bloody stupid lameness filter!
  • by Anonymous Coward
    How do the Japanese pronounce "pedantic bastard"?
  • I don't think anyone cares about Star Wars since The Jar Jar Menace appeared =[

  • Well, yeah, you're right! But which country's people will willingly acknowledge their own crap.

    Jak Din

  • If you went to the site, clicked the "DOVERMANN" link, you'd have noticed that the text above the images read:


    This is very cool French "BAKA" movie.

    If you go to the IMBD (internet movie database) [], you can find out more about it.

    The IMDB is a great place to find out info on moives you know and don't know!

    Jak Din
  • Do you know what GODZILLA symbolizes?

    It's a symbol for the United States of America (i.e. - Destroyer/Destruction/Chaos/Evil/Unwanted/Outsider /Barbarian).....there are many hidden meanings in things Japanese.

    Jak Din
  • "Where did you get those coconuts?"
    "We found them!"
    "You can't find them! They don't come with the lego set!"

    This could go on forever.


  • The Grail is made of wood, not Plastic. They didn't have plastic in Ancient times.


    KTB:Lover, Poet, Artiste, Aesthete, Programmer.

  • baka in japanese i mean.
  • I thought the Japanese would say, "Tlinity"
  • Hey, whats the plural form of Lego? Oh wait, only a thousand other shithead know nothings have already chimed in. Save it fucknut.
  • It's that wacky language the brits came up with, you know, the one with colours, and going 'on holiday' and my friend who says "I hope you got your mathS right"

    Help me O-Block-Wan Kenobi, you're my only Hope
  • by twjordan ( 88132 ) on Thursday November 16, 2000 @02:53PM (#619079)
    You should check out Smurf Slaughtertown []. It's an epic poem about good smurfs going on an insane killing rampage after finding an ancient artifact!


  • I can't believe how many brain cells I've dedicated to this movie...

  • by gimbo ( 91234 ) on Thursday November 16, 2000 @02:53PM (#619081) Homepage
    Lego Monty Python & The Holy Grail???

    You know what I say to that...

    It's only a model!

  • Hell, I just figured out that Torinity is a chick!
  • by Anonymous Coward
    You know , I mayh like those two movies , but this isnt GEEK NEWS, its geekofolia .

    Perhaps slash needs two areas, geek news, and geek tabloid crap, kinda like magazines which have
    multi areas...

  • by Kiss the Blade ( 238661 ) on Thursday November 16, 2000 @02:55PM (#619084) Journal
    I used to build intelligent cyborgs made entirely from Lego, but they got ambitious and developed a strange philosophy that involved Materialism and the Atomic nature of Matter, and when they had sex it was messy. Plus, they got jealous of my mechano set. So, after a struggle, I disassembled them.

    KTB:Lover, Poet, Artiste, Aesthete, Programmer.

  • Here's some links for you interested:
    Assembly demoparty []
    tAAt demogroup (the authors of LeGorso) []
    General demoscene news and stuff []
    Site dedicated to scenenews and game/demo development []

    Those should keep you guys busy for a while ;)
    - Mik\tAAt
  • Here is another guy with a Lego movie making project Click []
  • most cool.
  • by Sawbones ( 176430 ) on Thursday November 16, 2000 @02:55PM (#619088)
    If only Keanu "whoa" Reaves had massive indentations on the bottom of his feet that handily latched onto the floor, bullet time special effects would have been a dime a dozen :)
  • And the dioramas are "the cool and smart". Japanese-translated-to-English seems to be an excellent summarizing method! Where did he get the White Rabbit LEGO?

  • Actually, according to the moderators, he is funny.
  • lego chad, obviously.
  • But you can sell used underwear that has been worn by young women in vending machines.
  • He was talking about all combinations of a consonant with a vowel (syllables in japanese are generally consonant-vowel except for "N" and standalone vowels), in which case the number is MUCH lower.

  • "baka" translates to "idiot" or "idiotic", you find it a lot in anime.
  • Take a look at the movie page. Follow the link that says "cinema page" you'll find Desperado and Doverman, as well as a link to the star wars there as well.

    I'd say the similarities are there... the big differences is simply due to the different types of movies.

  • by tylerh ( 137246 ) on Thursday November 16, 2000 @03:49PM (#619096)

    How will Sir Lancelot figure this one out?

  • What's that Doverman Movie he's got lego figure scenes from?
  • Oh, please forgive me, yer highness, for not pronouncing the Sacred Plural of Lego correctly.

    Now let me go on a tangent here and offer you a tip -- not everyone who reads and posts on Slashdot is an American. I, for one, am not. As shocking as it may seem, I'm Canadian.

    Now, I'm sure you'll reply with something as remarkably witty as your last anonymous post, undoubtedly with something like, "I hope you die sooner, then, Mr. Canadian" or whatever. Or maybe point out that instead of "your" I used "yer" in the first sentence of this post.

    Please don't disappoint. I've come to expect so much out of Anonymous Cowards.

  • No tenticle rape? Come on, what comes out of Japan these days that doesn't involve tenticle rape?
  • There is no Duplo Neo, only the truth... She's got 'uge buckets of bricks... E.
  • So what's the "hidden meanings" behind the tired and oft-repeated "alien with phallic tentacles raping a 12 year old schoolgirl" image?

    Not flamebait, just wondering... if you could explain ONE obvious and un-subtle image, maybe you could explain this one too.
  • If it didn't explicity say that it was "The Holy Grail", I would never have guessed. And what's with the Shell logos all over the place?
    ------------------------------------------ ---------------
    I bent my wookie
  • How do the Japanese pronounce "pedantic bastard"?

    Anonymous Coward

    Jak Din
  • There are a lot of problems with those pictures though. For instance, in the picture of Quang Duc [], they show the half-full can of gasoline right next to the lit fire! Stupid things like that could get him killed!
  • Wouldn't it be pronounced to-ri-ni-chi, then, because the t in ti is changed to a 'ch' sound?

    Pardon my ignorance, I'm just beginning to learn Japanese.
  • IIRC...

    As fucked up as it is, it is taboo (if not outright illegal) in Japanese society to represent male genitals in art/photography/whatever, so porn "artists" get around this restriction by penetrating the little schoolgirls with tentacles, etc. Disgusting, eh?

    I could be wrong, of course, since IANJ.
  • Yes it is. Kaneda's Bike.


  • "Monty Python's Holy Grail"
    This is english crazy movie.
    That about sums it up :-)

    Although I don't remember the three-headed knight being sponsored by a certain major oil company.

    I see the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch made it in; even if it does look like a Lego man's head with the eyes rubbed off.
  • Thanks for the well-written reply. Learn something new every day :)

  • You are right! It is illegal to show ANY human genitalia in movies, anime, tv, in Japan.

    Jak Din
  • by Christ-0-Geek ( 246330 ) on Thursday November 16, 2000 @02:57PM (#619111)
    The wooden grail image was conjured by protestants - namely Lutherans - since it fits their belief that humility, regardless of position, is virtuous.
    The catholic image of the grail is generally more lavish, being made of gold and encrusted with gems and all.

    So, yeah, it's kind of offtopic, but the grail's material isn't actually known :)


    "And with HIS stripes we are healed"
  • If you're into legos, I might want to check this movie [] out. The movie itself is somewhat odd (a good thing really), but the animation is.. well, it's no Toy Story, but I liked it.

    WARNING: Jar Jar Binks makes an appearance.


  • by MathJMendl ( 144298 ) on Thursday November 16, 2000 @02:58PM (#619113) Homepage
    There is no lego! You take the blue lego and the story ends. You wake in your lego castle and you believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill and you stay in Legoland and I show you how deep the legos connect.
  • What is that Asm2K wild-demo thingie ?

    Do you know where to find others movies like this one ?
  • toe-rin-ee-tee is how you'd have to sound it out if all you spoke was Japanese.

    Their phonetics are quite limited when compared to English . . . only 50 or so different sounds.

  • The Melinium Falcon ....
  • Quick guide to LEGO heads-

    Yellow : Alive
    Grey : Kinda dead
    White : More dead
    Black : Real dead
    Brown : Smells real bad
    Red,Blue,Green,Trans : Robots
    Tan : Avoid contact

    But make up your own if you dont like my view.
  • Toronity is toricky, toraining The One so that he may know the toruth while keeping her torue torystful, torite feelings hidden.

    (Part Two Torailers now showing in Tronto.)
  • by Captain Tenille ( 250795 ) <jeremy@sata[ ] ['nos' in gap]> on Thursday November 16, 2000 @03:26PM (#619120) Homepage
    On second thought, let's not go to Slashdot. It is a silly place.

    Some call me... timothy.

    OK, I'll stop now.

  • Speaking of which... I didn't check out the Star Wars Lego project the first time around, and it appears that the URL has changed (poor guy probably got kicked off his previous hosting after the beating /. gave their servers...). I tracked it down by backing up a directory.. the english version appears to be now available at rde .htm [].
  • by Dannon ( 142147 ) on Thursday November 16, 2000 @03:36PM (#619125) Journal
    What is your favorite color... Lego?

    Green... no, wait, Blue! AHHHH!
  • ######### Using Windows is like, buying a car with the hood welded shut #########

    One little comma, and a simile becomes a metaphor (as spoken by a valley girl).

  • Using my nephew's Playmobil characters.

    Although what can be done with a dozen or so pirates, a female diver, a Napoleonic soldier, a polieman, two coyboys, a red-indian with head-dress and a ghost?

    Except reform the Village People, of course!

  • There is also a dobermann pardoy. I had no idea that this movie was know to anyone outside of France.

    A nice piece of parody, mixed with delightfull stupididities and cliches. A Comics on screen. Loved it.



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