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Comment Re:How many bees is your childs life worth? (Score 3, Informative) 244

That is thoroughly debunked right wing nonsense. DDT was never banned for vector control, not even in the U.S. It is still used in malaria endemic regions for indoor residual spraying, which, unlike aerial spraying with adulticides, is actually effective for mosquito control. Spraying Naled is theater.

Comment Not quite (Score 1) 122

"For Google is a bit close beaming of iOS and Android users to the latest version and Star Trek universal translator of the translation application, translate rolling, the latest version of Google is two to offer an important function over the next few days - . Conversely both features to instantly fart the ability to some extent in another language and the native language that is used in Android apps and someone who speaks to the ability to convert the road signs and other images. for example, for Google's Android conversation has been offering translation long-term real-time translation. However, as Google's goal behind the latest version of this app is to strengthen, they without deviation of all time, to work more quickly and fluidly and is to simplify the function. the latest version of Google, convert intended to change it. language to conversation and speak in someone different users to select their own language, it is another of the speaker. he then started to speak in his native or the selected language was tap the microphone icon in the app, and then, again tap the microphone icon. app to recognize whether the two are talking about language, then 2 speakers will be able to continue the conversation without having to maintain tap the microphone. in the test of instant translation app, with the New York Times, did prove that it is a step forward, but it only in it is not yet a science fiction. app, terminology is the best of the good fight and in a short statement that did not contain, when the user is a pause in between each of the translation, it worked better. Google or , we are strengthening the capacity of the application to convert the road signs. So far, you will need to take a picture of foreign language text in order to get it translated. Well, in you simply sign text that has been translated and turn your camera will be overlay displayed on the screen -. you have this feature even if you are not connected to the Internet, when you have purchased the company in may last year, Google is is a possibility courtesy of the acquired of iOS and quest of Visual Word of lens app for for Android. this feature, to English is, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, from Spanish translated support to have. Google is said to have worked in order to add more languages. "

Comment Re:Politics (Score 2) 384

The common cold isn't really airborne either, it's spread mainly by fomite transmission, direct contact and droplet transmission. I think the problem is that people confuse droplet transmission and airborne transmission.Ebola can be spread by droplet transmission but does not survive long enough outside the body to be spread by fomites or true airborne transmission.And the average ebola patient feels rather too sick to walk around spreading germs like a person with a cold might.

Comment Re:Politics (Score 1) 384

The appointment of an ebola czar was a response to critics from the crazy party that demanded the appointment of an ebola czar. Of course, that demand was only made so they could then criticize the President's choice of ebola czar. Next I expect to see them on the TV demanding to know why the President won't say we're at war with ebola.

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