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Comment Ubuntu-MATE (Score 1) 510

My vote goes to Ubuntu-MATE, and its what I install to others in oem mode, so they can pick their own language/user/password on their own later.

Many people have used and loved gnome2 as a linux desktop, MATE is this, with bugs fixed and gtk3.

For newcomers the question comes: How you want your desktop to look like?: Windows like, Mac like, "linux" like? You just launch mate tweaks and have the desktop appearance rearranged with a single click (similar to Zorin).

There is also the Welcome screen; the must have things you need to do right after install. Proprietary drivers? Codecs? Language?, some extra app?, just click the green button and it takes you by the hand step by step. From it, you can single button install things like Chrome, Minecraft or Whatsapp.

Ubuntu-MATE only uses the normal Ubuntu repositories and can optionally use any PPAs you might need, so your support and access to software is the biggest. Unlike Mint, there is no extra layer on top and you don't need to deal with the dangerous Mint updater and certain "features" that make Mint too easy to break for a newbies. It also helps that you get updates immediately from Canonical and not after Mint reviews, and (hopefully) test them against their own changes from Ubuntu.

Comment Re:Please, no more "Bitcoin Rocket/Crash" headline (Score 1) 296

Thats not true either, it will go to zero once quantum computing makes current crypto algorithms obsolete. By then new quantum crypto currency will replace it.

Give it some decades and always pay attention to the development of quantum computing to take a good guess when to leave. For the short/middle term it should be fine tho.

Comment Devuan: a fork of Debian without systemd. (Score 4, Informative) 508

In the meantime you may avoid using systemd as init in Debian by installing sysvinit-core or in Ubuntu by installing upstart-sysv in your transition to a systemd-less distro such as Devuan.

If you are using Debian Jessie, you can switch to Devuan by simply changing repositories. Its still in beta so don't do it on production servers yet. But do plan your migration, before this gets out of hand.

Comment NetBSD (Score 2) 319

When ram is less than 4gb, i use i686. Of course you could also ask: Is there anyone with less than 4gb of ram? And the answer is: yes, and they should stick to i686 simply because 32bit apps consume less ram.

To avoid throwing away old gear, even if linux drops support for the older 32bit cpus, you could always use something like Netbsd, which still officially supports i486. I particularly use OpenBSD with very old machines, simply because you can (net)install it using a single floppy.

A typical Pentium might not have usb, but usually has a floppy drive.

And if you still thinking why?, well there are enthusiasts, and there are people living in poverty or in countries with serious problems.

These computers used to run w9x which has long been abandoned, and yet they can still be useful with a modern *nix like OS. If it works, and getting Raspis is impossible; why not?

Comment Go with Ubuntu Mate, forget Mint. (Score 1) 75

I rather go with Ubuntu Mate these days, it avoids the delays (and mistakes) of the Mint cycles, among other benefits. For newcomers it eases post-install actions with the "Welcome" app (not just codecs, but proprietary drivers, etc).

And more important, the support in Mint is lacking and very unfriendly if you happen to bump into certain someone on irc, Ubuntu keeps their code of conduct to prevent those abuses.

For the other flavors, Xubuntu and Kubuntu should do just fine.

Comment Ubuntu MATE (Score 1) 69

For you there is Ubuntu MATE. I consider it the first choice for others to try linux first.

Gnome2 was abandoned by the gnome devs, but others took the code, fixed bugs and kept developing on. That is what the MATE Desktop Environment is. Anytime you miss Gnome2, think of MATE.

Plus Ubuntu MATE happens to have some of the MATE developers directly involved, they have a goal of friendly and familiar first, just like Ubuntu used to.

Comment Re:Airgap (Score 1) 139

The mac address thing is largely obsolete now, with most OSes providing mac spoofing by default, and sniffing the connected devices to copy their mac address is the first step before attempting any passwords anyway.

The thing with scada is most terminals run windows, and its those terminals who are largely targeted.

Also you don't need to have exposed USB ports anyway, something behind (physical) lock could do for occasional updates.

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