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Comment NetBSD (Score 2) 319

When ram is less than 4gb, i use i686. Of course you could also ask: Is there anyone with less than 4gb of ram? And the answer is: yes, and they should stick to i686 simply because 32bit apps consume less ram.

To avoid throwing away old gear, even if linux drops support for the older 32bit cpus, you could always use something like Netbsd, which still officially supports i486. I particularly use OpenBSD with very old machines, simply because you can (net)install it using a single floppy.

A typical Pentium might not have usb, but usually has a floppy drive.

And if you still thinking why?, well there are enthusiasts, and there are people living in poverty or in countries with serious problems.

These computers used to run w9x which has long been abandoned, and yet they can still be useful with a modern *nix like OS. If it works, and getting Raspis is impossible; why not?

Comment Go with Ubuntu Mate, forget Mint. (Score 1) 75

I rather go with Ubuntu Mate these days, it avoids the delays (and mistakes) of the Mint cycles, among other benefits. For newcomers it eases post-install actions with the "Welcome" app (not just codecs, but proprietary drivers, etc).

And more important, the support in Mint is lacking and very unfriendly if you happen to bump into certain someone on irc, Ubuntu keeps their code of conduct to prevent those abuses.

For the other flavors, Xubuntu and Kubuntu should do just fine.

Comment Ubuntu MATE (Score 1) 69

For you there is Ubuntu MATE. I consider it the first choice for others to try linux first.

Gnome2 was abandoned by the gnome devs, but others took the code, fixed bugs and kept developing on. That is what the MATE Desktop Environment is. Anytime you miss Gnome2, think of MATE.

Plus Ubuntu MATE happens to have some of the MATE developers directly involved, they have a goal of friendly and familiar first, just like Ubuntu used to.

Comment Re:Airgap (Score 1) 139

The mac address thing is largely obsolete now, with most OSes providing mac spoofing by default, and sniffing the connected devices to copy their mac address is the first step before attempting any passwords anyway.

The thing with scada is most terminals run windows, and its those terminals who are largely targeted.

Also you don't need to have exposed USB ports anyway, something behind (physical) lock could do for occasional updates.

Comment Re:Ubuntu does not support hibernate (Score 1) 378

You should check this:
(Do note these instructions are a bit different for Xubuntu, your flavor may need specific treatment).

In short run sudo pm-hibernate in a console and see if you can go back to your desktop when turning it back on, if so enable it following instructions.

It is disabled by default due to many chipsets acting erratically so its unsupported as well, unless your's has the ubuntu hardware certificate.

The same can be done with pm-suspend. It works with some hardware, fails in others, you have to find for yourself.

If both work you can do pm-suspend-hybrid which gives the fastest return + fallback in case you run out of battery while suspended.

Is it faster to hibernate than restart? Some desktops can save their "session" on their own, but hibernate requires enough swap to dump all your ram and it takes time to load/unload this.

Since "SteamOS" is just Debian (Wheezy?) plus fancy kernel, YMMV but I'm guessing you could just do the same tests.

Comment Why minecraft and not minetest? (Score 1) 267

Why the hell people keep playing minecraft when there is the open source free alternative available?

You go all the trouble of getting a completely different OS but can't get rid of a microsoft java game?

Minetest with addons is doing everything the proprietary game does and more. Plus, it doesn't need java and performs much better.

Leaving games aside (steam), Freebsd is perfectly suited for a desktop. Yes, lets get rid of systemd once and for all.

Comment It was all about the mods (BF2142 and earlier) (Score 1) 208

I stopped caring about the Battlefield franchise after 2142, not because of the bundled content, but because of the rich community of modders around it.

I spent countless hours playing fun things like Pirates, or the "starwars" clones Galactic Conquest & First Strike, and even some mods that later spawned official content such as Eve of Destruction (Vietnam) and Desert Combat (2). When you got bored of mindlessly shooting others, you could race with cars in fantastic impossible "stunt" like racetracks with IS1982 which also had a "cars with guns" game mode.

You could also play a better WWII (go figure) theme with Forgotten Hope.

The current BF games are the same thing over and over again. I have been waiting for some killer (open?) 3d engine where a large mod community emerges again.

The source mods community had some nice titles such as the abandoned Age of Chivalry (don't mention the lame retail game).

Interestingly Star Citizen from another genre promises to allow complete and total modding for private servers, which is the exact opposite the "industry" wants to go. $50million crowdfund? Gotta be doing something right...

A good game has to be made away from the large publisher industry. It is seriously a stain to have the EA brand now.

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