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Comment Not surprising. (Score 1) 307

Part of the document that every iPhone developer agrees to before their app ever gets on an iPhone basically states that Apple can use screenshots and videos of your apps, without your permission, and without ever notifying you.

The apps you see on billboards and in TV ads? Developers are rarely told about that before they air. Apps installed on the demo iPhones in Apple & ATT stores? Developers find out about those when someone sends them a picture of it. The dozens of of apps featured every week in the nearly 100 different country specific AppStores? The only way you find out about that is after a spike in your daily sales numbers.

That said, I'd be pretty pissed (and looking for a cheap patent lawyer) if one of my apps showed up in a patent filing, but I wouldn't be that surprised.

Comment A few things to consider... (Score 1) 476

First off, I'm pretty sure TFA is talking about the ideal case of human vision. So, for those of us with merely average eyesight, the DPI required to exceed the angular resolution of your retina is a bit lower than quoted in the article. Secondly, who holds their phone 8 inches from their face? I just tried it, and it's uncomfortably close. I tend to hold mine about 12-18 inches away in common usage.

Finally, this is one of (if not the) highest DPI full color displays ever brought to market. Apple is counting pixels based on RGB triplets, not RG/BG pairs like many OLED displays such as the one found in the Nexus One (see this article for more info on the strange way OLED displays count pixels, and the problems this causes)

They also claim a few other enhancements in the display, such as reducing the space between the display and the front glass, and reducing the distance between individual subpixels, but I'll reserve judgement on those until I get a chance to see the display on an iPhone 4 in person.

Comment Re:Depends on what you mean by immortality or FTL (Score 1) 903

It all depends on where the transporter is located. If it's located on the Enterprise from The Next Generation, The copy of you at point A will grow a goatee, assume a name similar to your own and launch several comical plots to kill you over the next few seasons. You'll be two separate people with no hope of rejoining, but ultimately it won't bother either of you that much.

If it's located on the original series Enterprise, your personality will likely be split in two, creating an "Evil" you at point B, and a "Good" you at point A. Both versions of you will successfully pass as you for a time, before it becomes obvious to the crew that there are now two of you, and they're both insane. Luckily, if you both hop in the transporter at the same time you'll come out whole again on the other side.

Comment Re:How soon we forget (Score 1) 493

I'll consider through the eye of a SF reader : before the 80s computers worked. "Every computer glitch as a human origin" HAL taught us. (spoiler) it took a politician to make its perfect logic go amok. To say it in a nutshell, computers were deterministic. Now fast-forward a few years. Cyberpunk. Computers fail, a skillful hacker can enter any system. Bugs cause catastrophes, virus take epic proportions.â¦

I see no contradiction. Windows doesn't crash because your processor executed instructions out of order, or a bit flipped in ram. No, It's because a bunch of ugly bags of mostly water wrote bad code that makes the computer crash. Then, the politicians, marketers and lawyers stepped in...

Comment Re:Then it should go through. (Score 4, Insightful) 406

It's impossible to say what percentage of files on The Pirate Bay is illegal for two reasons: 1) It's subjective. What's illegal in one country might be legal in another, and what's legal before one judge might be illegal before another. 2) files are constantly being added. For example, try and determine what percentage of videos on YouTube contain cats doing something hilarious.

However, there's a surprising amount of content on TPB that is definitely legal, Linux ISOs of various vintages, books and video in the public domain, as well as content uploaded by it's author.

There's also a lot of content of questionable legality - is a No CD patch/crack legal? After all, it's just a series of instructions to change certain bits in a file matching a specific hash. How about a keygen? That's essentially a random number generator, unless you have the program it makes keys for. Probably depends on the laws in your country.

'Fake' files are likely also legal to download, as they tend to be random data and/or uploaded by (agents of) the copyright holders.

You would be right in saying that little of that has to do with the name Pirate Bay, though.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 296

No they're not. They're a computer solutions company. Apple has said this before "We make the whole widget".

Nobody would buy an iPhone if it ran Android or Windows Mobile (never mind that android would hardly exist today if it weren't for the jolt the iPhone has provided to the 'smartphone' market)
Nobody would buy their wireless hardware (AppleTV, Airport Express/Extreme) if it didn't integrate seamlessly and effortlessly with their OS and applications
Their laptop line could probably stand on it's own (the unibody MacBooks have the best build quality of any laptop I've used) But even here I suspect Apple makes most of the profit from software integration (Selling MobileMe accounts, itunes music and apps, 'premium' software like iWork, Final Cut, Logic Studio, Aperture, etc)

Apple's business model (and the value consumers get from buying an Apple product) comes from the hardware AND the software, as one inseparable product.

Comment Re:How does this compare? (Score 3, Informative) 130

Hmm, what's the difference between a single-shot radiation hardened FILM camera built in the 1940s designed to take pictures of ENORMOUS & insanely bright things (Nuclear explosions) and a 'camera' that records interference patterns in light to film CELLS at 6 million frames per second?

Gee, I dunno, they sound pretty similar to me.

This new one only has an imaging area of 50x50 pixels - the film in the Rapatronic can surely beat that!

Comment Re:5ft x 5ft x 5ft mouse pad? (Score 1) 123

A webcam can't track with that kind of 3d accuracy. Especially not without sticking some kind of marker(s) on your hand. Also, it looks like this method for tracking could easily be expanded to a whole desk, wall or floor just by adding more sensors (they seem to be spaced about 1 foot apart in each direction)

Seamless multi-camera tracking is definitely not trivial.

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