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It's funny.  Laugh.

Geeks in Suits 251

This weekend Hemos & I went to California for Chris and Christine's wedding. Congratulations to both of them. It was a great ceremony and we're both super happy for ya... buuuut that's not the point of this story. What follows may frighten you, but it must be exposed. Geeks in Suits. Yes it's Rasterman, Mandrake (with Tammy) NeTTwerk, Horms, Kevin, Hemos and yes it's true, me: CmdrTaco (note: this is the first time I have ever worn a suit). Thanks to OctobrX for the pics, you can see more on his site. Update: 01/25 01:49 by CT : And sorry about those broken links. Email x@themes.org and tell him he's dumb ;)
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Geeks in Suits

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Someone goofed on the URL. The correct one is here [octobrx.com].
  • by Anonymous Coward
    did she put out?
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Chris DiBona works at VA and was one of the editors of the 'Open Sources' book. Nettwerk is San Mehat, architect of the Corel Netwinder and now working at VA also. Kevin is Kevin Lenzo, organizer of the YAPC (Yet Another Perl Conference) and a member of the Perl Mongers. Horms is Simon Horman of VA, who works on Fault Tolerance/High Availability and is speaking at the Linux Expo in Paris I think...
  • I donno, maybe Hemos's butt pimples *should* go under the science category...


  • Correction, it started ON Rob's personal homepage -- it since moved to its own site which is theoretically its own business interest, and Rob maintains a separate personal homepage still (linked from the front of Slashdot, no less) where this kind of thing would seem more appropriate.

    To me, at least, but who am I? I mean after all, it's not like this is supposed to be a _Community_ or anything. I keep forgetting that blind-faith hero worship of the infallible editors is not only de riguer here, it's actually heresy to suggest any other way of thinking.

  • Heh. I wasn't talking about Microsoft. Not even close. But you can make believe I was if you like. When what you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. (*grin)

  • by drwiii ( 434 )
    Rob, you look like someone out of The Matrix with those shades on.

    That having been said, you should caption this picture [octobrx.com] with "Andover.Net Hitmen" and hang it up somewhere.

  • "Nay".

    From what I heard, Andover has pulled someone from their regular line of duty to work on nothing but getting the Slash code ready for public release, so don't think it's not important to them.

  • > It's just the editors using Slashdot as a personal homepage

    Um, dude...

    You seem to be under the impression that slashdot *is* something other than a personal homepage grown past all reasonable size.

    It isn't. Chill out.

  • Hi "Who Cares?" guy. I'm Crulx! *grin* I wasn't trying to directly stab at you in particular, I just wanted to show what I thought /. was about. I'm sure it is the same with you.

    About that "human experience" thing, I just wrote a few paragraphs and it is way off topic. We'll save it for another time. Sufficed to say, that while relevant is relevant, I'm feel that everything is equally relevant. (which of course destroys the concept, I realize)

    As for a general editorial decline in /. , that may or may not be. But Rob posted this thread. As he has posted personal events in his and Jeff and the rest of the gang's life time and time again. And while there is nothing wrong with putting it on his homepage, there is nothing wrong with putting it up here either. You feel differently, which is fine. I can see your point. But my point is it is exactly having the /. crew posting what interests them on home site, including personal stories, that caused the success of /.

    As for the nation turning to Walter C for news, it was exactly this sort of television reporting style that persuaded the entire world that you could learn everything about a particular event in under 10 min. The fact is, you learn less about something because you saw it on TV news.(I.e. you think you understand it so you rarely go learn more about it. I could spend hours discussing why.)

    Maybe the /. gang needs to create a "personal story" icon and allow people not to read it. But I'm positive those who do not will loose something very wonderful about /.

    Crulx crulx@iaxs.net

  • I was going to reply with a little story about my geeky marriage, but apparently that would be self-congratulatory, offtopic grandstanding, judging by the posts in these threads.

    If anyone really would liketo see it, just say so and i'll post the whole thing (although i think most of the old SlashNET crew, many of whom I recognized in the article (been a while, how ya'll are?) have already heard it.).
  • Taco can post whatever he wants, but if we're all to be subjected to it, could we at least get a clue as to who these people are?

    "Hakeem and I took a sloppy dump today in Govind's outhouse. Click here for pictures." That's fine, but give us some background on Hakeem and Govind.

  • After all these years, I should be practically numb to this all, however. . .

    It's not enough that I feel rather under-appreciated at work (amongst other things), now I get the impression that I'm doing nothing with my life... hrrm... Congratulations are in order for everyone who's gotten the courage to marry. I know I'll *never* marry. I used to want to make something work, but I no longer think it's worth it to pursue even a relationship, much less marriage. I'd rather acknowledge that something is impossible rather than make an idiot out of myself trying to convince myself otherwise.

    Hats off to those who at least try to make things work... I know I'd have no clue or patience for it.

    (Oops... this was in reference to those who actually make this community thrive. My existence in that respect is debatable.)


  • First suite eh? Looks good. Lets here the /. suit story. Where, what, how, etc. ? :)
  • I dunno about a Hall of Fame, but for future reference, I've mirrored it. I wish there was some way to find the original author, but sadly, it was an AC. Oh well.

    http://cdslash.tdhosting.com/misc/too sexy.txt [tdhosting.com]

  • by Zen ( 8377 )
    I'm just curious what kind of a person's life revolves around getting the ever important next release of /. source. The only reason I can think of that it is imperative that this person gets the code immediately is if s/he operates a mirror /. site, which if anybody ever visited it & made it known to the real /., would get it ko'd pretty quick. I'm also sure that CmdrTaco is plenty smart enough to write ALL his own code & not borrow from anyone not employed on the team. Which would mean that they're not violating anything. Besides, he didn't make millions from us. THEY made millions WITH us. We didn't give them anything personally, besides a dozen or so clicks per person per day. I could keep going for a while, but I think staring at my monitor and waiting for my eyes to start noticing the refresh rate is more interesting than replying to your post.
  • Well, let's see. I know a Sylvan & Sylvia (not married, but together ~4 yrs), a Phil & Phyllis (my gf's parents, happily married 25+ years), and an Alan and Keiko (which I guess don't sound that similar when you say them out loud, but they're married too).
  • Mmmmm.. Fuzzy, but cute. [octobrx.com] What's her name?

    I demand satisfaction! Or at least a better picture.

    -S. Louie

  • Tammy's the coolest!!! I went to high school with her. She was always quiet, but cool... nuff said!

    Tammy Rocks!!!


  • I heard it was three people. :)

  • Hehehe. Looks like he had a great time. :) Good for him.
  • Perhaps we can arrange to have a blood sample taken. Then we can clone her. Would that be a news story worthy of SlashDot? ;)

    Bad Mojo
  • The average Slashdotter seems genuinely to think that the entire 'Net could be run on beige x86 boxes running Linux.

    That's nothing. The average Microsoft fanatic not only thinks that the entire 'Net could be run on beige x86 boxes, but that Windows NT 4.0 could be used 'for extra reliability'.

  • I wasn't talking about Microsoft. Not even close. But you can make believe I was if you like.

    Nope, I took you to be brighter then that. I just thought that that was a natural extension to your statement.

    Of course, any reasonable person would use no less then Solaris to run the 'Net, myself included.

  • Give the guys some time. Do you do any programming, or have any vague idea what it is like? I'm not a great coder, but I've had a taste of the work.

    What seems to have happened is that Rob has put together slashdot in a rather hackish manner, and as such, the code is relatively undocumented, and with little directory structure. Commenting and cleaning code can take a long time, and with the relative complexity of /., it's taking a little while.

    Oh yeah, he still has a life (see this story), and you expect him to post stories all day. There are only 24 hours in a day, and believe it or not, we need sleep and some time to do other things.

    Get over it.

    slash v.4 will come. Have a little patience.


  • Which one of you had the better hoops skills?
  • There are at least two reasons why this is beneficial.

    This posting of pictures is akin to making a personal appearance-- we are told when Linus does so, even if it is (or was, in this case) to simply delay the announcement of Transmeta's chips. It adds a personal flavor to that which we want to know.

    And closer to home; being hackers, we are interested in how stuff works. This gives us a much better insight into how slashdot works-- the people responsible for it.
  • I think it's kind of a silly question to ask. Are geeks so far removed from ordinary human life that their marriages are something special? I'd certainly think not- I write perl for a living, I've got a dsl connection and run a server off it, I know my named config files, but I'm also engaged to a beautiful and intelligent woman.

    Maybe a better question would be, "Do anti-social people with highly focused lives have successful marriages?" And that's a question I think you could guess the answer to yourself.

    By the definition I just mentioned, though, I'm not a geek and my anecdotal evidence has no relevance to this thread.

  • For exceedingly large values of soon I guess....
  • I know it's been said before, but here is wishing you two a happy life filled with love and joy!

    -Master Switch
  • Durst has a lil' more meat on his bones... Rob's too skinny.
  • I just had to begin singing out loud and all of a sudden I get these dirty looks. Why?
  • Well the closest I could think of would be "Slashdot"...
    Hay maybe we should e-mail CmdrTaco and tell him he is OFF TOPIC :)
    Ohhhh he's gona hate me... :)
    But this isn't news.... not to me...
    Accually I think this kind of artical is neat but it SHOULD be in a topic fitting to it...
    It should be "SlashCrew" for personal stuff reguarding the slashdot crew...
    Some of us LIKE the personal touch.. some of us don't... Slashdots design alows us to filter a tad so maybe that should be something we should be allowed to filter... hmm?

    Just a thought
  • First, congrats!

    Guys, why don't you upload the files to Philip Greenspun's server [photo.net]? See if his HP/AOLserver/tcl setup can be slashdotted! :)
  • http:// octobrx.com/photos/Chris_and_Christines-Wedding/64 0/p1010091.640.jpg [octobrx.com]
    Who is she?

    GroundAndPound.com [groundandpound.com] News and info for martial artists of all styles.
  • to the world of adults where sometimes you have to dress appropriately.
  • hahaha. I had a rough day and that made me laugh out loud.

  • I mean, really: who cares? I'm just reading this page in the seemingly useless hope that something relative to anything tech might come across and I have to see this? I have to spend more time reading user comments to find out stuff like "Sun is giving away Solaris 8" because the "powers that be" are stoned on the smell of the new leather interior of their lear jet.

    Is anyone listening?
  • --
    The average Slashdotter seems genuinely to think that the entire 'Net could be run on beige x86 boxes running Linux.

    Nonsense! Haven't you read all the stories about cool cases?
  • How would you have taken it if good old Walter had taken a quick minute to tell the country about the wedding of a friend that he attended over the weekend, complete with pictures? Would it have felt out of place? Would you have thought to yourself "What is he doing? He's flipped his lid!"

    When you watch, you are pretty much forced to see it. In this case, however, you could have just read the summary and skipped it. It takes no more than 3 seconds just to read and pass over it. He's definitely not forcing you to see it.

    Nevertheless, I see what you're getting at.
  • Stuff that matters...
  • I would have to agree. I don't know if any of you still watch the local news station that is in your area. But when I watch mine I get a dose of "un-news". Every so often the anchors interject that a member of the News 9 (the channel I watch) team has just got married or just had a baby. Now this isn't news and they could have filled those couple of seconds (which usually are complimented with footage of the event) with "real" news, but they don't. It just brings some humanity into the community these types of media try to foster between their viewers/readers/listeners. The run the show and call the shots. If you don't like it ... skip it. Who cares, move on. No one forces you to read any of the articles on /., choose the ones you like and quit complainign about the ones you don't.
  • half of the content of American Psycho.... fashio tips from the 80s... (not that Zegna is, but you get the point) :)
  • Did it ever occur to you that Slashdot started out as Rob's personal homepage? Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Rob would continue to post anything and everything that interests him (not necessarily you)? *smack*

    (see my other comment [slashdot.org])
  • Rob looks more like my neighbor.
  • Must... resist... Must... resist... Aaaargh! I can't. Ok, here [helllabs.org] it is.

    No offense intended, of course :)

  • here [octobrx.com]
  • Go to linux.org [linux.org] for a mirror of the pictures.


    "You can't shake the Devil's hand and say you're only kidding."

  • Now, being a guy, I'm no expert on how attractive other males are, but I'd have to say that these are some pretty styling geeks.

    Ladies out there, tell us, is the long haired look of Mr. Mittnik sexy, or does the close cropped hemos look do it for you?

    Do the suits *really* do as much for you as you say they do?

    I'm asking for... uh... academic purposes, of course.

    No personal interest in picking up the H0tt-Chicks(tm) at all.

  • is not a hot topic of today's journalists... but it should be. All of us who've ever been in a UNIX lab know that there are times when violence is necessary.. say, in the case of errant MCSE's who decide to "reboot" machines when their monitors go awry. Or, when print jobs pile up because no one decided to check for error messages. Or, when people touch the monitors and get grease spots all over them. Or...
  • Bang. (or for you perl fans "!")

    It's funny, laugh.
  • The subject of this message is the rising frequency of posts decrying the criticism that message posters level at every kind of topic posted.

    "If you are posting a message on here complaining about the signal/noise ratio on Slashdot, think it over first." they say.
    "If you don't like slashdot, be our guest and leave. nobody is forcing you to come here." others intone.

    well, remember:
    you are about to become an emu, or maybe a wombat. Think it over. Check http://www.bekkoame.or.jp/~makino/ for more information on wombats and why they are dangerous, or why it is dangerous to become one.

    Um, as far as the signal noise ratio, seriously, it is too bad the petrified natalie portman grit pants person/people came over here once segfault stopped accepting comments.

  • Hey, I'm interested. Huzzahs for Chris and Christine. Good luck. 'Sides, it's probably the only time we'll ever have *proof* of Malda and Hemos in suits. Notice though, the suits looked good.

    Maybe that's why I'm resistent to wearing anything snazzier than flat-front khakis and solid color t-shirts to the office. Wearing a suit to an in-house meeting makes the times I intentionally dress up for special social occasions less special. So, thanks to my employer for tolerating jeans and black t-shirts on those really off days.

  • Do people regularly go around introducing themselves as "CmdrTaco" and "Mandrake"?

    I'd die before I posted something about myself, calling myself "Elbereth" or something stupid like that.

    "Here are pics of Elbereth, naked and wet! Gross!" Nonono. I'm "Matt", not "Elbereth". Call me Elbereth in real life and you die.

    Why do geeks have this obsession with "cool" handles? How come nobody is ever "Mr. Pink"? Oh well.

    Why did I pick Elbereth? Because I was too bored to be creative and Melkor was already taken.

  • you know, your e-mail address would run faster if you used tail recursion.
  • Aye,

    I think you should boycott slashdot. Please take your post with you.

  • HERE [octobrx.com] is a URL that actually works for the pictures :>

  • I echo those congratulations - Rasterman's needed that haircut for a real long time now... good going boy!
  • by Anonymous Coward

    It is already the 24th of January, and the Slashdot source code is still nowhere in sight. For too long now, we have borne the unbearable. We have endured enough.

    I propose a Slashdot boycott, starting 12.01am lasting till 11.59pm, this Friday the 28th of January, Pacific Standard time. For the chance to change history, we shall for a day forsake our geek news.

    This being a revolution led by an AC, shall truly be an uprising of the masses. Come on all ye faceless ones, this is your chance to change history.

    All in favor say "Aye"

  • Can we get a new topic, "self-aggrandizing non-news for rabid Andover-worshipping fanboyz?"

    Just so I could filter it out.

    . o O ( Wow, this'll probably get my first flamebait points, fun! Still, this is SUCH non-news or things-that-matter. It's just the editors using Slashdot as a personal homepage. What's next, "Rob's Aibo matures to 'Adult' Level -- click here for cute pix!!!?" )

  • Nothing reinforces one's point better than a quote from a fantasy vampire novel, no, really....

    In response to your points:

    --I get what I pay for.

    This typifies the what-can-I-get attitude that's taken over Slashdot and the Open Source universe since it started making news.

    I don't just GET from Slashdot. I post here. I am a content generator for the site. I am part of what people come here for. I'm not a mindless content consumer. I help shape this site in my own tiny way, and as such feel entitled to criticize when the site is being misadministered in my opinion.

    -- Grab the tarball and start one of my own.

    Well, first, the tarball isn't available in any real sense. Second, I don't want to make a fork, I want to contribute positively to the primary tree.

    -- Whining doesn't become me.

    "Whining" is a lazy man's name for "Bug Reports."

    -- Who was the jerk that gave me a +3?

    Gasp, shock, horror, someone that thinks that criticism of Slashdot isn't innately bad?

  • In the URL, replace the string "Christinas" with "Christines" ('a' to 'e'). This will get you started [octobrx.com].

  • Was I the only one thinking a visit by photo.net [photo.net] would have helped a couple of those photos?
  • The joys of marriage. I have never seen a married couple which was happy. They work their asses off to appear happy but never are. For 4 years of engagement the wife has the whole patriarchy system structured like a swiss watch and the husband has spent 4 years of engagement trying to synthesize the financial resources of two. Then the certificate is signed, the husband continues to work like mad to impress the wife and provide, and the economy changes. One day the husband comes home with some bad news. The wife has to get a BSEE at the age of 40. The relationship goes down hill and it's another engineering student ranting about how life sucks da daaa.
  • Here it is [octobrx.com] in a point and click link.
  • Actually, I agree with the first post...I couldn't figure out why this was on here, except as another ego spasm from Taco.

    Yeah I remember when /. was chips and dips, but those days are long gone, especially since they buyout by andover.

    What do you think tacohell and cmdrtaco.net are for?

    (This is not a flame against Rob or /., I still love the site...it just seems like this is out of place that's all).

  • I imaging there's already a Natalie Portman theme for Enlightenment, oui?


  • Rob, are you sure you didn't mean to post this to Taco Hell [slashdot.org] instead?
  • by tilly ( 7530 )
    I have been married for just shy of a decade and I have to tell you that you are wrong. Sure, if you buy into a set of social roles and just live that - well people aren't cardboard cut-outs. But if you realize that and work to keep a relationship alive - well I know people who are going strong for a lot longer than I have been married!

    Of coure you only get out what you put in...

  • You know, it's comments such as yours that bother me.

    Ok, you don't care about the subject being discussed. Fine. BUT you couldn't leave it there. You took the time to hit Reply, Write out a post to complain, and submit.

    If you don't care, SHOW YOU DON'T CARE. Don't clog up the discussion with complaints! That annoys the people who ARE interested.

    -- Give him Head? Be a Beacon?

  • For you Slashdotters out there, here are some pics of my wedding [vermontel.net] originally for Lewie, my best man (because we live so far apart)

    I'm sorry. What I meant to say was 'please excuse me.'
    what came out of my mouth was 'Move or I'll kill you!'
  • Was he too busy [driving his yellow (red) cars, posting inappropriate articles on slashdot, and crying about being flamed to make it?

    Of course not, silly AC! Someone had to chauffuer the newly married couple around, didn't they?

    I'm sorry. What I meant to say was 'please excuse me.'
    what came out of my mouth was 'Move or I'll kill you!'
  • In the immortal words of Lestat the Vampire,

    "Louis, Louis, Louis, stop whining!"

    After all, you get exactly what you pay for.

    If you don't like it, grab the tarball and go start one of your own. Whining doesn't become you. (btw, who WAS the jerk that gave him a +3??)

  • I predict that Geeks are more successful, based on the fact that Geeks don't have as much opportunity and interest in extra-marital affairs(among other things). They stay home a lot, are responsible, smart, logical, loyal. Girls might (apparently) not notice it, but those are perfect husband characteristics. Probably good wife characteristics too, I bet.

    Contrast this with a party-mad jock type of personality and you'll see my point.

    Also Geeks tend to improve with age, as they pick up more "normal" people skills and become generally less awkward to the point where you can't even tell they are Geeks. So basically if you marry a Geek he/she will only improve with age unlike some OTHER demographics out there. (Where are all those 'cool guys' fron high school now?)

    Thats my basic thesis, although I have no data.
    Obviously there are a lot of other factors involved, I just think that Geeks posses a lot of the qualities that could help in marriage.
    PS: I am thinking of someone like WOZ here not Kevin Mitnick.

  • Hi, I'm the "Who Cares?" guy. You make some very good points, and none that I can really argue with, except to say that I disagree with your statement that Slashdot is about the "human experience." You're getting a little close to demonstrating Heisenberg's Uncertainity Principle there. Show me an active web site that isn't an example of the human experience. But that's irrelevant here.

    My beef is with the editorial style used to decide what gets posted and what doesn't. I read this site daily for news. Just like we, as a country (US), used to watch Walter Cronkite for the nightly news. How would you have taken it if good old Walter had taken a quick minute to tell the country about the wedding of a friend that he attended over the weekend, complete with pictures? Would it have felt out of place? Would you have thought to yourself "What is he doing? He's flipped his lid!"

    Now, I agree that this whole internet deal is a "brave new frontier" and that all of the old rules don't apply, but please, God, tell me that relevance is still relevant! There are days that I have to check that I'm reading Slashdot and not Segfault.org!

    I don't know what the CNN tech editor's favorite technology is, but I know Hemos is all over nanotech - and I'm with him all the way. That's the kind of thing I love this place for - very real world stuff, like breakthroughs and news, not just stuff. Rob's got a home page, what's wrong with putting this story there? I'm sure he gets lots of hits every day since he's linked to right from the front page.

    If this story had been posted as something other as news I probably wouldn't have flown off the handle, but it was and I did. Maybe if Rob and Hemos spent more time actually running the site and not delegating the editorial duties to so many others, thereby diluting the quality, I'd just shut up.

    Anyway, I hope that the cloning technology hurries up and gets here so that we can have Rob and Hemos doing both the editorial work, site development and source release.

    Mike "insert smilies where appropriate" Loseke
  • Thanks Jeff! Glad to know you guys DO care enough to read the comments and occasionally post (but not often enough!)

    Congrats to the Happy Couple.

    As for the earlier poster above...

    Why don't all you whiners go somewhere else and start your own "News for Nerds/Stuff That Matters" site? I happen to like Slashdot just fine the way it is, and I think that Rob/Jeff/et al are doing a pretty damn good job keeping it up with the tremendous growth in popularity of Slashdot over the past year.
    Unfortunately, with that growth comes an influx of children, Microsoft Apologists, Linux-Haters, and other net-dreck. I guess that's the breaks though.
  • THE DORKS IN BLACK [bellfield.net] !!!

    A wealthy eccentric who marches to the beat of a different drum. But you may call me "Noodle Noggin."
  • Chris DiBona?

    Are NeTTwerk, Hormes and Kevin geek celebrities that I should know?
  • GOD, that's funny! I met CmdrTaco at LWE this last summer, and imagining him singing "I'm Too Sexy For This Site" gave me the best laughs I've gotten today. Thank you, AC. You are proof that ACs ar valuable, too.

    God, that was funny.

  • Wow. This seems like a good idea, if you're the type of person who is very much adamant about the open-source credentials of Slashdot.

    There's a few ways to get a person or entity to do something. First is rational persuasion. I think we've tried that. Second is nonviolent direct action. Boycotting would be one of those; posting in protest on /. is sort of a combo between the 1st and the 2nd, to me. Then there are the violent/coercive/unethical ways that do not respect the other entity's dignity/rights. I'm not for that.

    Thanks for the info on the Slashdot boycott. It's a good idea, if you feel that strongly. I'm not sure I do, but I'll think about it before Friday.

    Be warned: the publicity from the boycott might bring /. MORE traffic, thus cutting down on or eliminating the less-traffic aim of the boycott.

  • Man, that's hilarious! Is there any way we can enshrine this? It would be a shame to forget about it just a few days later.

  • Four photo sizes just in case you want some of those beautiful pictures on the background of your computer!!
  • Wow. You're depressing. All the married people I know are happy.
  • Boy, Nitrozac really prettyed you boys upo for your appearances [geekculture.com] in After Y2K [geekculture.com], didn't she?
  • The practice of geeks 'mating' for life may not be dangerous in itself, but it is often a 'gateway' to more harmful activities. "Geek Breeding" has been a hot topic recently, and is often a consequence of geek mating. While some people allege that it will throw our society into social chaos, others insist that as long as the child can be provided with loving parents and high-bandwidth connection and its own static IP, it is a fundamental right of all bipeds (including geeks) to breed. A story off of the AP wire reports that Rep. Jean McGrath (R-Glendale, AZ) will introduce a bill tomorrow morning which will outlaw geek-mating in order to pre-empt the battle of geek-breeding and the "moral downfall which it represents."

    "The very fact that that a 'geeks' social nature precludes them from mating makes these very unnatural and unholy acts," she said.

    The NORN Organization for Recursive Names has called the proposed bill "outrageous". "If AOL/Time Warner/EMI users are protected by the law, we feel geeks should have the same right to repackage their DNA and release it under any license and name that they see fit." In this spirit, NORN is holding a 'Pro-Geeks 2.0' rally on the steps of the state capitol tomorrow.

    (Although this reporter, as all media analysts today, has no idea what any of this story is about, I will use my Word spellchecker, "save as HTML", and then ask our technology expert to place it on our website, despite his warning that by doing so I will only deepen the resentment and disdain that the online community has for me and the paper by displaying the lack of knowledge I have on the subject.
  • Oh yay... more masturbation material!! heh
  • by Hemos ( 2 ) on Monday January 24, 2000 @02:49PM (#1341333) Homepage Journal
    Tranquilo vato - The Solaris story will be coming soon.
  • by emerson ( 419 ) on Monday January 24, 2000 @03:35PM (#1341334)
    Well, Slashdot has "topics," that we're allowed (nay, encouraged) to filter with user preferences, and when something's posted in a horribly incorrect topic ("news," in this case), the value of the site lessens, because the functionality doesn't work as advertised.

    I don't care if Hemos posts pictures of the new pimples on his butt every day, as long as they're not stuck into some topic I'd otherwise be interested in, like 'news' or 'science' or the like. Isn't there a 'geeks in space' topic that this would have been better suited for?

    And yes, it's not just "News for Nerds." It's also "Stuff that Matters." Which this story isn't.

  • by dattaway ( 3088 ) on Monday January 24, 2000 @02:58PM (#1341335) Homepage Journal
    I mean, really: who cares?

    Its people who make technology happen and its good news to see the faces of people who make this community thrive get married and start a family. If you have wedding pictures and other good news, I'd sure like to see it. It just brightens my day a little to see those in this community doing good things with their lives.
  • instead of a long winded counter-counter-counter-argument, i'll just refer you back to the last counter-argument...if you just want straight news, why not read the other weblogs that do basically the same stuff?

    there are those of us in the community who love seeing this stuff (btw, congrats chris :) even if it isn't strictly technological news, it's definitely _community news_ and for some of us here, it's most definitely stuff that matters.

    afaik, /. has never had the motto "news for nerds: purely technological stuff that bugzilla wants to see"

  • by Plasmic ( 26063 ) on Monday January 24, 2000 @03:14PM (#1341337)
    Do you have a clue what Slashdot is about? It isn't _just_ News for Nerds. It's about a site that has all of the stuff that Rob is interested in on it (and then some). This particular event interests Rob. He probably doesn't care whether or not you care. It's interesting to some of us, just like every other story (some I ignore, some are neat, some are stupid, etc.).

    I'm not ignorant enough to think that every story on Slashdot is going to be so grand that I can sit around whimpering "who cares? so what?" to anything that's less than amazing. So why are you?
  • by coaxial ( 28297 ) on Monday January 24, 2000 @02:57PM (#1341338) Homepage
    Gee I wish I had a site that hundred of thousands of people watched for news so that I could grandstand any ol' time I wanted. Perhaps I should create a geek gossip site for just this kind of stuff. ("Did you hear? Cowboy Neal went on a date! With a REAL WOMAN! Rumor has it was with the X10 QuickCam ``Babe''!")
  • by Matt2000 ( 29624 ) on Monday January 24, 2000 @05:17PM (#1341339) Homepage
    The subject of this message refers not to the news item, but to the non-stop and ever inceasing volume of ctiticism from message posters leveled at every kind of topic posted.

    "Less personal info. Less legal stuff. Less stuff about commercial software. Less opinion pieces from [whoever]."

    What are we left with? A bunch of dry news items about kernel releases and KDE upgrades. I much prefer the occasional personal piece from our online friends, or the occasional humourous new topic.

    If you are posting a message on here complaining about the signal/noise ratio on Slashdot, think it over first. You are about to become the noise, not the signal.

    Hotnutz.com [hotnutz.com]
  • by TheBeginner ( 30987 ) on Monday January 24, 2000 @02:44PM (#1341340)
    This is kind of a question, kind of a statement, kind of a proposition. Like everything in my life, it can not be clearly quantified. Basically, it is this: are geeks suited for marraige? I am not asking if geeks get married for that is an obvious fact, but in fact, whether or not those marraiges are successful.

    Now please realize that I am not commenting one way or the other. For all I know, geek marraiges could be twice as successful as "normal folks" weddings (hey cleetus, where's that woman?). What I am wondering is if geeks do better, if so, why? If not why? And if you have no clue, what do you predict?

    To start things off, my theory. I predict that geeks do just as well as anyone else - no better no worse. There are those that succeed because two highly reclusive people fit well togethor and an equal amount that fail based on the same reasoning. I have absolutely NO hard data to back this up, but that's the point.

  • by CaptainCarrot ( 84625 ) on Monday January 24, 2000 @02:34PM (#1341341)
    Replace "Chris_and_Christinas-Wedding" with "Chris_and_Christines-Wedding" in all cases.
  • by Surak ( 18578 ) <surak@@@mailblocks...com> on Monday January 24, 2000 @04:55PM (#1341342) Homepage Journal
    Hey, y'all're missin' the point!

    That [octobrx.com] guy ended up with this [octobrx.com] girl. This proves that even total geeks like this guy [octobrx.com] can end up with a hot girl like this [octobrx.com]! :) This is "News for Nerds" right?


  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday January 24, 2000 @02:48PM (#1341343)

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  • by crulx ( 3223 ) on Monday January 24, 2000 @04:17PM (#1341344)
    Let me preface this by saying that I understand that slashdot has a target audience. But seriously, do comments like "Who Cares? Why should I care about your personal life." really need to be tossed around? Which one of you has not told someone else about your personal life? Even if the setting didn't quite match, like Monday morning at work. Every single one of you does this in some way or another. You tell your Coworkers you went sledding for the weekend. Just because this site has many visitors, does that change things? Would anybody complain if this were on a web site that got only 20 people a day?

    Let me make a few points.

    1. The web is about communication. Pure and simple. It really doesn't do anything else except transmit knowledge from one place to another. CmdrTaco wished to communicate something about his life. This is no less, and no more, relevant than the DeCSS injunction posts because they both deal with the human experience.
    2. No one will argue that Hemos and CmdrTaco and the rest of the /. gang have given vast chunks of their life up to this website. In their little remaining time they do non /. things. They have in the past, and will continue to in the future hopefully, posted several of the (remaining after /. work ) personal events in their lives. This fosters a sense of community and gives greater value to all the posts because it gives you a connection to the crew that makes this possible. Again, they are communicating the human experience through mostly news, but other tidbits as well.
    3. If you come to /. for a good spot to stay current in technology, great. But ask yourself, why not the hundreds of other weblogs that do the same thing? Why not the major news outlets? It is probably the /. community itself. The monster of this site's editors sick and twisted minds. *grin* This community was created because we knew we could get the technical information we want and need, but without the dissatisfying taste that we get when we go to other, blander, less human web sites.
    So /. really is about the human experience. It really is about the lives of its creators and editors as much as the news it brings to us. While it is true that if it were all about what the gang did over their weekend, we would leave. If it were all tech, I guarantee we probably wouldn't stay forever. You cannot befriend Tech news. You don't feel like you "kinda know it". That is not true of /.

    I'll conclude with this exercise
    What is the CNN tech new editor's favorite technology?
    What is Hemos' favorite technology?
    The proof is in the pudding.


  • by Greg Merchan ( 64308 ) on Monday January 24, 2000 @05:57PM (#1341345)
    Why do so many geeks/nerds/hackers/etc. dislike wearing suits? Or is there just a conspiracy among the media to make that seem so? ;-) (And yes, I've read the jargon files, among others.)

    It seems like suits would be much sought after for a few reasons:
    1) Quality: Your OS is custom tailored, why aren't your clothes?
    2) Slickness: Your GUI is fashionable, why aren't you?
    3) Reuse: Your processes rarely raise a stink after running for days/weeks/months/years on end, but after 24hrs. those jeans and t-shirts are another story.
    4) Modularity: 2+ piece suits can load or unload modules as needed. Processor too hot? rmmod coat. Packets lost in the stream? rmmod necktie. Change in environment? insmod coat. Expecting PHB attack on port *:brainbox insmod necktie.
    5) Efficiency: Since suits/shirts/accessories are interchangeable, there's no need to make your apparel statically linked. (Leave that space on /dev/closet for important things like hardwear^H^H^Hare)
    6) Emulation: Fool your boss, get a raise.

    Well, enough of that list. Now I'll try to predict some replies (R) and answer (A) them:
    1) Quality:
    (R) Sure, you jerk! Not everyone can afford that!
    (A) You're in the computer industry and can't afford two good suits, shirts, and dry-cleaning? Either think of them as supplements instead of complements, or get a job that pays you what it should.
    2) Slickness:
    (R) According to the numbers, MS's GUI is fashionable. I like to express my individuality.
    (A) Fashion isn't about popularity/market-appeal. If you're thinking this way, you're probably missing the point of being an individual.
    3) Reuse:
    (R) I can wear my clothes for days and noone complains.
    (A) They are being polite, but probably stop that when you're not around. Beside badly affecting you in ways you may not know, it's unhealthy.
    4) Modularity:
    (R) Yeah, and I can do the same thing with a regular jacket and so forth.
    (A) Sure, but a suit opens more doors.
    5) Efficiency:
    (R) What could be easier than jeans and a t-shirt? How often do you mix-and-match coats and trousers? That sounds like a static link to me.
    (A) OK, you got me here. But you still can save closet space (and I can pretend I have a /dev/closet :-)
    6) Emulation:
    (R) As if that ever really happens.
    (A) Try it.

    OK, I'm done. Now I'm going to put on my flame-retardant SUIT and wait for replies. In the mean time perhaps someone will come up with open source clothing designs and a sewing machine device driver. Either that or I'll wait for jokes about keyRINGs, softWEAR, jeans, genomes, gnomes; or at least for the server load to drop so I can see the photos.

Due to lack of disk space, this fortune database has been discontinued.