Submission + - Uranium ETF Highly Vulnerable to The Ebbs and Flows in The Market

janellexuus writes: The most devastating earthquake going to the Japanese
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best gpu for mining ethereum economy triggered a loss of a quarter trillion dollars for the total economy. More so the funding in the commodity within the mining stages has lost its positive approach. The disaster in Fukushima has brought a rapid decelerate of the growth with the emerging new markets of uranium in other words has put a major question forward towards the future of this system.

  But, it's appallingly factual that there exists a demand for this product that's devoted to the essential requirements for your economies depending on it for his or her energy demand. From where can you expect the demand being satisfied? Most of the economies of the world are extremely much entwined within the question of best places to suffice their needs for your need for power and energy. So this commodity still stands strong inside energy sector and is also recently costing $50/lb, which depicts its worthiness. In fact your negative effect with the whole scenario could be the idea that uranium miners might have to close down as a result of present hunch inside the market for your commodity this also would resulted in the increase within the gap between your demand and supply of the product. From where would the demand with this product be gratified?

  Well, uranium mining marketplace is vulnerable due to the small cap personality and number of producers of the commodity, an additional drop within the price may cause a panicky situation.

  But the silver lining behind the uranium cloud is the fact that, there is a large variety of investors sitting within the energy market ready to bank on the reduced rates in the commoditiy. By banking about the rates precisely what is meant is , they believe it is all the more fruitful to invest around the product as they find it to be the right time to buy an extremely potential , diverse fund which can be grossly expected to pullup its socks inside the near future in the future.

  A collective conceptualization of the developed nations for that fruitless fulfillment from the demands for their energy requirements is a vital factor being kept in your mind while focusing about the portfolio that is to be invested on to. Daring investors can bank on these investments from the uranium industry.

  There is a rumor in town of the near set up of 130 nuclear reactors, by China, India and Russia. This will cause a swollen demand rate for that product and an enlargement in the demand to the portfolio. This inclination would help produce an intravenous injection in to the veins of the uranium industry. China is expected to have an rise in its nuclear power bid by a difference of 28.46 million kilowatts by 2015. A whopping quantity of energy demand and supply ratio, only facilitating a bonus growth within the mining industry. The UAE as well as other nations like France, Romania, South Korea, Bangladesh, and Turkey are expected to also enhance their preference of focusing around the nuclear industry. So there is a very big hype of a good growth within the nuclear industry.

  A 7grams pallet of uranium can produce exactly the same strength of one's as 341 kilograms of propane or 803 kilos of coal and approximately 500 kilos of oil, so we are able to see until this energy trapped substance holds an amazing amount of weight age and energy which is also hidden in their financial vehicles.

Submission + - Looking For a Nintendo Switch Controller (

bestrox12 writes: Nintendo switch controller: a traditional Xbox 360-style peripheral that seems ideally suited to long play sessions at home. However the switch comes with two small joy-con controllers by default and thus you need to plug both joy-con controllers into a mounted grip.Visit Here-

Submission + - Purchase best hearing bids (

Himanshu Tiwari writes: It will improve the hearing in people. Earlier ear trumpets or ear horns were used to overcome hearing problems. They are passive amplification cones designed to collect sound and use to route into the ear canal directly.

Submission + - Springwel Mattress In Delhi (

RKFoam writes: R.K. Foam House Pvt. Ltd. is the name you need to contact for buying a different range of Springwel Mattress In Delhi. These mattresses are perfect for everyone, as they have the extra firmness to ensure the quality of your sleep and much more. For any special customization, speak with our experts.

Submission + - Zuckerberg PAC: Move Now on DACA or "Massive Chaos Will Be Unleashed" on U.S.

theodp writes: A legislation solution for DREAMers seems likely, but — the PAC founded by Mark Zuckerberg and funded by the likes of Bill Gates and other tech billionaires — sent out an email blast Wednesday afternoon warning that "massive chaos will be unleashed" on the U.S. should the Uniting and Securing America (USA) Act (text not yet available) not move forward in Congress by Friday. "This bill will provide certainty and clarity to hundreds of thousands of Dreamers, and their loved ones, after months of limbo," begins the email sent out under the name of President Todd Schulte. "Now, our representatives need to bring the bill to the floor by January 19th, or massive chaos will be unleashed on Dreamers, our communities, our economy, and the United States as a whole." Reinforcing his PAC's message was Zuck himself, who CNET reports issued a call to action on Facebook Wednesday to keep the pressure up, urging his 101+ million followers in a post to call their congressional representatives immediately and to go to "to learn more and get connected today." Last week, America's most powerful CEOs — including Zuckerberg — urged Congress to pass legislation to protect Dreamers by January 19th, the government's spending deadline (the deadline for DACA legislation was originally March 5th, but may be extended). FORTUNE now reports that several legislators have threatened not to vote on spending bills that don’t include a measure that addresses the thousands of undocumented immigrants that are currently protected by DACA, which could trigger another U.S. government shutdown. In other Facebook news, BusinessInsider notes the social media giant has launched an investigation into whether Russia used its platform to influence the Brexit vote outcome.

Submission + - Worst-case global warming scenarios not credible, says study in Nature (

cold fjord writes: The Guardian reports, "Earth’s surface will almost certainly not warm up four or five degrees Celsius by 2100, according to a study which, if correct, voids worst-case UN climate change predictions. A revised calculation of how greenhouse gases drive up the planet’s temperature reduces the range of possible end-of-century outcomes by more than half, researchers said in the report, published in the journal Nature. “Our study all but rules out very low and very high climate sensitivities,” said lead author Peter Cox, a professor at the University of Exeter."

Submission + - Dropbox drops OS support with no warning ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Many of you probably just received an email that you've been signed out of your Dropbox account and will no longer be able to sign in to the desktop app, with no warning whatsoever. This affects paid and free users alike and was just switched off like a light.

Submission + - Samsung begins GDDR6 mass production (

BrianFagioli writes: Right now, graphics cards largely utilize the super-fast GDDR5 for memory, but there is something better on the horizon — GDDR6. Today, Samsung announces that it has begun mass producing the memory chips. If you are a gamer, you should be extremely excited about this!

"Built on Samsung’s advanced 10-nanomter (nm) class process technology, the new GDDR6 memory comes in a 16Gb density, which doubles that of the company’s 20-nanometer 8Gb GDDR5 memory. The new solution performs at an 18-gigabits-per-second (Gbps) pin speed with data transfers of 72 gigabytes per second (GBps), which represents a more than two-fold increase over 8Gb GDDR5 with its 8Gbps pin speed. Using an innovative, low-power circuit design, the new GDDR6 operates at 1.35V to lower energy consumption approximately 35 percent over the widely used GDDR5 at 1.55V. The 10nm-class 16Gb GDDR6 also brings about a 30 percent manufacturing productivity gain compared to the 20nm 8Gb GDDR5," says Samsung.

The company further says, "Samsung’s immediate production of GDDR6 will play a critical role in early launches of next-generation graphics cards and systems. With all of its improvements in density, performance and energy efficiency, the 16Gb GDDR6 will be widely used in rapidly growing fields such as 8K Ultra HD video processing, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence. With extensive graphics memory lineups including the new 18Gbps 16Gb GDDR6 and recently introduced 2.4Gbps 8GB HBM2, Samsung expects to dramatically accelerate growth of the premium memory market over the next several years."

Submission + - Google Has Made It Simple For Anyone To Tap Into Its Image Recognition AI (

An anonymous reader writes: Google released a new AI tool on Wednesday designed to let anyone train its machine learning systems on a photo dataset of their choosing. The software is called Cloud AutoML Vision. In an accompanying blog post, the chief scientist of Google’s Cloud AI division explains how the software can help users without machine learning backgrounds harness artificial intelligence. All hype aside, training the AI does appear to be surprisingly simple. First, you’ll need a ton of tagged images. The minimum is 20, but the software supports up to 10,000. Using a meteorologist as an example for their promotional video was an apt choice by Google—not many people have thousands of tagged HD images bundled together and ready to upload. A lot of image recognition is about identifying patterns. Once Google’s AI thinks it has a good understanding of what links together the images you’ve uploaded, it can be used to look for that pattern in new uploads, spitting out a number for how well it thinks the new images match it. So our meteorologist would eventually be able to upload images as the weather changes, identifying clouds while continuing to train and improve the software.

Submission + - Being anti-social prolongs life. For marmots (

mi writes: A scientific study lasting 13 years has revealed, that for a marmot being antisocial means living about 2 years longer. That's substantial given their average lifespan of about 15 years.

Hard to imagine a better way to spend taxpayer monies.

Submission + - Pentagon Plans Citywide Drone-Catching Dragnets (

schwit1 writes: The U.S. government is a step closer to deploying a new system for tracking small drones flying over busy cities. But there’s no guarantee it will be affordable.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s two-year-old Aerial Dragnet initiative could begin testing in 2018, an agency official told The Daily Beast.

If it works and the government funds it, Aerial Dragnet could help military commanders and law enforcement officials keep tabs on drones zipping through urban battlefields or flying over densely populated city neighborhoods in the United States.

And the new drone-tracking system might even include unmanned aerial systems, or UASs, carrying sophisticated sensors. That’s right. Drone-hunting drones.

Submission + - Amazing underwater tunnels found that could unravel Mayan civilization mysteries (

schwit1 writes: A team of divers have discovered what is believed to be the biggest flooded cave on the planet in eastern Mexico.

By connecting two underwater caverns, the Gran Acuifero Maya (GAM) project identified the 216 mile (347km) cave after months of exploring a maze of underwater channels.

The project, which is dedicated to the study and preservation of the subterranean waters of the Yucatan peninsula, said the discovery could shine new light on the ancient Mayan civilisation.

Submission + - Software 'No More Accurate Than Untrained Humans' At Predicting Recidivism (

An anonymous reader writes: The credibility of a computer program used for bail and sentencing decisions has been called into question after it was found to be no more accurate at predicting the risk of reoffending than people with no criminal justice experience provided with only the defendant’s age, sex and criminal history. The algorithm, called Compas (Correctional Offender Management Profiling for Alternative Sanctions), is used throughout the U.S. to weigh up whether defendants awaiting trial or sentencing are at too much risk of reoffending to be released on bail. Since being developed in 1998, the tool is reported to have been used to assess more than one million defendants. But a new paper has cast doubt on whether the software’s predictions are sufficiently accurate to justify its use in potentially life-changing decisions.

The academics used a database of more than 7,000 pretrial defendants from Broward County, Florida, which included individual demographic information, age, sex, criminal history and arrest record in the two year period following the Compas scoring. The online workers were given short descriptions that included a defendant’s sex, age, and previous criminal history and asked whether they thought they would reoffend. Using far less information than Compas (seven variables versus 137), when the results were pooled the humans were accurate in 67% of cases, compared to the 65% accuracy of Compas. In a second analysis, the paper found that Compas’s accuracy at predicting recidivism could also be matched using a simple calculation involving only an offender’s age and the number of prior convictions.

Submission + - Early Benchmarks With Hybrid Intel-AMD Chip Show Promising Performance (

MojoKid writes: Early benchmarks of the Intel-AMD hybrid Core series processor with Radeon RX Vega M graphics are in, and the results are promising. Using Dell's recently announced XPS 15 2-in-1, multiple Rise of the Tomb Raider benchmark runs show the Core i7-8705G processor (3.1GHz base, 4.1GHz boost), with Radeon RX Vega M GL graphics, running at 1920x1080 resolution, averaging a frame rate of nearly 35 frames per second with High image quality settings dialed in. Not bad for a roughly 4.5 pound machine at 16mm thick. Compared to a similar 8th generation Core system with Intel's own integrated UHD 620 graphics, it's no contest. Even on Medium Quality settings, the Intel UHD 620 was only able to manage about 8 frames per second. In fact, Intel's 8th Gen IGP can't even run the game on High quality settings because it runs out of frame buffer memory. As an additional reference point, a discrete NVIDIA GeForce MX 150 was only able to muster 23 FPS with similar settings. Dell's XPS 15 2-in-1 with this new hybrid chip on board will begin shipping in the Spring with a starting price of $1,299. A similar 15-inch 2-in-1 system from HP with the new hybrid CPU, the Spectre x360 15 2-In-1, was also announced last week at CES.

Submission + - Facebook Is a 'Living, Breathing Crime Scene,' Says Former Tech Insider (

An anonymous reader writes: With more than 2 billion users, Facebook's reach now rivals that of Christianity and exceeds that of Islam. However, the network's laser focus on profits and user growth has come at the expense of its users, according to one former Facebook manager who is now speaking out against the social platform. "One of the things that I saw consistently as part of my job was the company just continuously prioritized user growth and making money over protecting users," the ex-manager, Sandy Parakilas, who worked at Facebook for 16 months, starting in 2011, told NBC News. During his tenure at Facebook, Parakilas led third-party advertising, privacy and policy compliance on Facebook's app platform. "Facebook is a living, breathing crime scene for what happened in the 2016 election — and only they have full access to what happened," said Tristan Harris, a former design ethicist at Google. His work centers on how technology can ethically steer the thoughts and actions of the masses on social media and he's been called "the closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience" by The Atlantic magazine.

In response to the comments, Facebook issued a statement saying it is a "vastly different company" from when it was founded. "We are taking many steps to protect and improve people’s experience on the platform," the statement said. "In the past year, we've worked to destroy the business model for false news and reduce its spread, stop bad actors from meddling in elections, and bring a new level of transparency to advertising. Last week, we started prioritizing meaningful posts from friends and family in News Feed to help bring people closer together. We have more work to do and we're heads down on getting it done.”

Submission + - LAPD not using the electric BMWs it announced in 2016 (

mi writes: In a 2016 well-choreographed press conference, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck got out of an electric BMW driven by Mayor Garcetti to tout the city’s ambitious project.

The cost: $10.2 million, which includes charging stations. However, the cars have seen such little use, that cost translates to about $15/mile...

Some of the use they do get, is improper, alleges TFA.

Submission + - A Photo Accidentally Revealed a Password For Hawaii's Emergency Agency (

An anonymous reader writes: In the aftermath of an erroneous missile warning that terrified Hawaiians on Saturday (Jan. 13), the state’s emergency management agency has come under increased scrutiny, from the poor design of the software that enables alerts to a particularly slapdash security measure by one of its employees. Old photos from the Associated Press inside the agency’s office appear to show an unspecified password on a yellow Post-It note, stuck to a computer monitor. The image, which shows operations manger Jeffrey Wong standing in front of the computer, was taken in July and appeared in articles published at the time about the agency’s preparedness in the face of a nuclear threat. The agency verified that the password is indeed real but wouldn’t go into specifics on what program the password was supposed to be used for.

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