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Why Libertarians should be against gay marriage

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  • Same as the pseudo-progressive fight for gays in the military.

    I got SCREAMED at on the street, by a dreadlocked, nose-ringed petition canvasser a year or so back. She asked "Will you sign my petition to allow gays in the military?" To which I responded:

    "Absolutely not. I don't believe that anybody should be in the military, and that support of supplying personnel to a so-called "peace time" military is a form of soft-fascist statism. Why do gays need the same opportunity to kill foreign babies for Gener

  • It allows post-Imperial states additional pretext to launch attacks, while subverting dissent for these actions at home.

    Remember how the US Department of State covered Afghanistan with clusterbombs and drone strikes - to "protect women's rights to vote and attend school"?

    "Russia and Iran must be punished for their repression of homosexuals! It's EXACTLY like the holocaust!" Trust me - this is the shit you will be fed by every schill in the business, from David Brooks to Jonah Goldberg.

  • If gay marriage is just a symptom, and the important, terrible, horrible thing that is truly happening is yet more expansion of government power, what the fuck does gay marriage have to do with this?

    Oh wait, I finished the article and followed some of his links.

    Meh, he's no Alex Jones.
    • It's all about conformity, and even fustakrakich above missed my point that being for gay marriage, is being conformist to an irrational ideal of equality.

      • Well, like I quoted to smitty. The problem with appealing to the police is the police. So I do know that coercive authority is the true evil. But there's always the part of fighting fire with fire. I believe you call it the "just war", not that I actually agree which such, but I can only say, *splashback's a bitch, ain't it?*

        • The trouble comes in that even drug abuse is conformity. All that changes is who the coercive authority is, never the coercion itself.

      • Yeah, because when I, and millions of regular people think 'conformity', we think gay marriage.

        Now, what's the irrational part?

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