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Zimmerman? Nothing. Battered Wife? 20 Years.

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  • She wasn't merely a battered wife. A battered wife takes the kids, gets in the car, and disappears into the nearest police station.

    She was a pissed off battered wife. Instead, she went out to the car, got the gun, came *back in* and started firing shots into the wall at random, barely missing both husband and kids sleeping in a different room.

    • she went out to the car

      Which she did not have the keys to

      got the gun

      Because she was afraid for her life - which her husband threatened.

      came *back in*

      She needed the keys to the car. You won't run far if you are on foot and the person you are running from is in a car.

      Her life was at risk. Her husband threatened to kill her and already tried to strangle her. She wanted to get the hell away but didn't have the car keys. She didn't go in to hurt him but went in and found herself under more danger.

      On top of that, her life was being threatened in he

    • Yeah well we shouldn't convict people on what could have happened. If it was farmer Joe's wife, there would have been a citation, and pick up your gun when you pay the fine.

    • Yeah. Bitches. It's always the women.

      • by kesuki ( 321456 )

        the real difference? a battered wife doesn't bring in the ratings the way the zimmerman trial did. and fwiw all 6 jurors were women and they felt like the law required them to vote not guilty.

        my life wasn't perfect but i pretty much got by with excuses and moving a lot. at least some of my darker moods are almost completely gone. i have a pretty easy life now. only complicated when i make it that way. i have actually had time to do a lot of things that i used to be too busy gaming etc to do. because i am a

        • Kesuki,

          You are an insightful dude. Considering the trip you've been through, I wouldn't blame you for a little "shutting down," but I think you are handling all the input better than most.

          I hope that I am able to manage myself as well as you. Way cool.

      • by gmhowell ( 26755 )

        Yeah. Bitches. It's always the women.

        Never been falsely accused of marital rape, I see... (But from everything I've read, the target in this case was likely an actual abusive spouse. OTOOH, it makes it kind of weird that the convicted woman was at the house to begin with.)

        • OK George. You get special consideration.

          But vastly more women are raped by acquaintances then are those using rape charges as a weapon.

          • by gmhowell ( 26755 )

            But vastly more women are raped by acquaintances then are those using rape charges as a weapon.

            Unlike some MHRAs, I don't totally discount that. Too many women in my life who have been raped. (And they are some of the people I know most offended at my ex wife's behaviour.) Anyway, what were we talking about: Oh, yeah, this woman in FL. IMNSHO, rather than focusing on the rather narrow issues of SD and SYG, how about we point out that her shitty sentence was/is due to mandatory minimums. (Although some reading on the subject indicated that this as well as SYG were a result of judicial abuse in not pun

  • She's totally going to be then next Attorney General after Eric Holder.
    I'm not saying AC is engaging in wildly politicized practices as a Prosector; it just kinda looks that way.
  • It's been thirty years since I lived there, but strangely I saw little racism among its residents but a whole lot in the cops. I got pulled over once for having a black passenger. If you there is more than one race in the car they automatically suspect drugs.

    From the article it looks like the proper charge would have been child endangerment; firing a gun in the direction of a child is pretty damned serious if you ask me. She should have put the slug either in the ceiling or his leg.

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