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Journal larry bagina's Journal: Your favorite keyboard? 4

Keyboards seem to be the sort of thing many slashdotters are over emotional about (and why not? You do spend a significant amount of time using one). I'm in the market for a new keyboard (for a Mac, but I can scrape off the window key). On the mac side, the best keyboard seems to be either a Apple Extended Keyboard (or II) plus an ADB/USB adapter or a Matias tactile pro.

On the other side, Unicomp makes buckling spring (IBM Model M) USB keyboards, and Das Keyboard is supposed to be fairly high quality (I like markings for rarely used keys, however). There seem to be a lot of people still using old IBM Model Ms with a PS/2-USB adapter.

Are there any other keyboards that aren't lowest common denominator material?

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Your favorite keyboard?

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  • Oh, you mean computer keyboards. Never mind.
  • Ah, I have fallen in love with German layout (actually not, since they have a typically difficult way to type brackets; but otherwise they have much better ways to type typical characters which are non-existant in US layout!).

    Plus, this original IBM keyboards, I cannot forget the good old days...

    I know that this article is about "models", but to me, the best will always represent a combination of legacy IBM "clicky-click" keyboards + a European layout.
  • not all of us are touch typists and so it has always seemed self evident to me that we might have different preferences in keyboards

    especially in respect to near misses

    anytime you get a near miss on a key you also trigger the adjacent character and get un-wanted characters into your outoput ( like that - tee hee )

    so there should be a keyboard for us 4-finger ham & eggers with a near miss lock out

    & fix the cap lock key while ya at it. ( if i hold the shift key and press a letter, turn the cap lock
  • But I'm weird like that, wanting laptop-style keys and a curved board.

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