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Comment I've never heard of you (Score 3, Insightful) 58

No disrespect intended, but let's say we stop some random people on the street and ask them to name a famous hardware hacker. I bet that question isn't showing up on Family Feud anytime soon!

What can we do to increase the public awareness (and create more hardware hackers)? I was thinking perhaps high schools could have shop classes for nerds -- instead of working on engines, wood working, etc, it would be hardware and software.

Comment announcing goatsecret (Score 4, Funny) 127

There have been too many problems with existing crypto code so I've developed something better: goatsecret. Instead of relying on math, it relies on a frenchman's gaping asshole. Basically, the software breaks your message/file/whatever into small chunks and superimposes the data in the goatsecret image. Sure, it's not encrypted, but who is going to stare into the void just to get your data? No hacker/cracker/big business/three-letter-agency is that desperate.

Comment Re:I think it would be funny as heck if.... (Score 2) 126

ehh, I tried using perl for a small "modern" (REST) backend, gave up and used ruby/sinatra/mod_passenger because it worked. Perl? Dancer looked nice but there are too many dependencies. CGI is hopelessly obselete (does /. still run on it?). I implemented my own microwebframework on top of CGI (a hundred lines or so to do routing) before I discovered passenger and switched to that.

I'd take perl over node anytime but I'm not impressed by CPAN (it's better than npm, if you want some faint praise) and a lot of the code and culture is stuck in the 80s/90s.

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