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Journal CleverNickName's Journal: Oil Industry-sponsored FUD at Slashdot? 12

I am absolutely stunned that Slashdot's editors would give credibility to a completely false story, pushed by a paid industry PR professional. As Rugrat said,

The "article" is not an article, but a press release written by an employee of a public affairs company.

"Tom Harris is mechanical engineer and Ottawa Director of High Park Group, a public affairs and public policy company."

For a website that spends so much time and energy combating FUD from Microsoft, and the MPAA and RIAA, it is baffling that FUD that was paid for and is pushed by the oil industry would make the front page here.

Come on, Slashdot. You can do better.

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Oil Industry-sponsored FUD at Slashdot?

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  • I'm not... (Score:3, Insightful)

    by FortKnox ( 169099 ) * on Wednesday June 14, 2006 @08:01PM (#15536419) Homepage Journal
    This is the site the regularly puts up stories about how Windows is better than linux studies paid for by microsoft (or how linux is better than microsoft paid for by redhat).
    They troll their stories from time to time to get a giant response.
  • ... that you used to be cool. Well, you still are cool, I'm sure, but c'mon - you know these guys do this all the time to get a reaction out of people - and you just bit hard.

    Remember Wil, don't feed the trolls. They can multiply exponentionally, and eat your warp core. :-)
  • The submitter link is an email address. Flame away. :)
  • Technocrat [] bit as well, but the difference is that Bruce pulled the story, and instead has put up a story about having been taken.

    Perhaps, if you are not reading Technocrat, you may wish to do so.

    Of course, I am a bit biased - Bruce made me an editor (although you can't really tell as I rarely use it.)
  • The first sign of the decline of Slashdot is the amount of Duplicate stories. Second is the number of comments. The number of comments per story is definately lower year to year.

    Basically, they are going down.

    Solution? Go and create some stories. Do interviews like they used to do. More Q&A sessions with people that matter. Somehow a site that links to other sites seems to be a little old school nowadays...
    • The first sign of the decline of Slashdot is the amount of Duplicate stories.

      The second sign of decline is the renewed slashdot layout that attracts a former slashdot reader again?

    • The number is of duplicate stories seems to me to be less than it used to be.

      As for the number of comments per article, that seems pretty steady. It plateaued a while ago, but I don't think it has gone down.

      Of course maybe my baseline is too long. I remember when 50 comments was a lot.

  • IOK, this guy is a shill. Are his points valid or not though? Just because someone works in an industry, doesn't automatically make their point of view irrelevant or wrong.

    Say I work in the medical device industry, in engineering on very expensive MRI scanners. OK, not much of a stretch but work with me here. I see someone badmouthing MRI as expensive and unnecessary testing, and I disagree. I point out the differences to other technologies, uses the person making the claim didn't know, and so on. A

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