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Comment BS (Score 1) 301

This is Bullshit. The problem with the iPad is that is it so well made that people who bought them are still using them. iOS 9.3 still runs on an iPad 2. For what most of us use an iPad for, web browsing, email, lite things like that, an iPad 2 still works FINE.

Heck, I still use my iPad 1, which is stuck on iOS 5. The thing works fine for Web and email, and for reading things with Good Reader and music stuff with UnReelbook.

Would I like to get an new iPad? Sure. But I don't have the $$$ to afford it at the moment. Will I when my iPad 1 dies? Yes, I will buy a new iPad. Or when my other iPad, an iPad 4, dies? Yes. But I don't see them dying for a while yet.

Comment ATP (Score 1) 327

The latest episode of ATP (, they heard from an Apple Engineer that Apple disables it because most makes of SSD are very inconsistent on how the TRIM command is executed. And Apple being Apple, they don't particularly want to try every SSD known to man to "support" them.

Best bet is to use a drive with a controller than does it for you. I'm sporting SSDs from OWC and I haven't had any issues in speed and I've had them for over two years now.

Comment I ride (Score 1) 947

I ride to work in the Bay Area, 4 days a week. Or more. Depends. I'm even doing it at night now. I have lights and stuff. I work and live in the east bay, so, there is less traffic.

I have almost been hit a couple of times. It's amazing how people don't look. Even at night with my lights on, I've had people almost turn into where I was going. It's like they are blind.

Oh the flip side, cycling to work saves me about $10 a day. Takes about an hour to get to work, and an hour back. I'm hoping to continue over the winter riding to work.

Comment Nope (Score 1) 488

I was using the Betas of iOS since b3, and have the current version on my iPhone 5. It's as fast if not faster. And the battery life has been a LOT better.

I also installed iOS on an iPhone 4 for someone, and they noticed right away that it seemed a whole lot snappier.

Comment Bullshit (Score 1) 420

Just because Apple isn't telling everyone what they are doing does not mean it isn't "innovating". Apple really hasn't ever come out with anything radically new in the first place. The iPod was just a amazingly better version of the MP3 players that had been out on the market. The iPhone was an amazingly better version of "SmartPhones" that were being made by Palm, Microsoft, maybe even Nokia. The iPad was an amazingly better version of what a tablet SHOULD be, and tablets had been around for about 10+ years.

So is Apple just going to sit on it's ass then? No. There is no indication at all they are. Even Mac OS X, which every "analyst" will say is probably Apple's least profitable item, and something they shouldn't be focused on, is getting some awesome features in 10.9. If they were truly sitting on their ass, why not take another year for 10.9? Why so soon?

I think a lot of these "arguments" boil down to that Apple makes ONE size of the iPhone. Everyone else makes 15 sizes. Yet making ONE size seems to work quite well for Apple. Samsung's strategy.....seems to be unraveling with it's current stock issues.

Will Apple make a bigger iPhone? I hope not. Will they maybe make something similar that is bigger? Who knows? But is that really a new market? Is that "innovating"?

I have no clue about what Apple is planning, but it's track record is the best in releasing new things. Except everyone wants that new thing they are working on last week and want to know about the next thing now. That isn't going to happen. Apple will release their next thing when it is done and is a shippable product. Not when it's some hacked up Eye Wear or a Watch with a 10 hour battery life.

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