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Comment: Re:Normally it is drugs or mental issues (Score 1) 403

by vm146j2 (#44904201) Attached to: Homeless, Unemployed, and Surviving On Bitcoins

Actually, most mentally ill folks know very well that something is not right with their thinking; the sad part of mental illnesses is to make you not trust people who see you as mentally ill, and only some of that is irrational. Drug and alcohol abuse are almost always inseparable from mental illness as well; there is no such thing as a mentally "well" addict.

Comment: Re:Good News Bad News (Score 2) 154

by vm146j2 (#43153361) Attached to: Japan Extracts Natural Gas From Frozen Methane Hydrate

As the price goes up, all of your more exotic extraction methods, which desperately depend on oil, also get more expensive. "Financially viable" requires profit, but more expensive energy just sucks up more resources. You just start shedding infrastructure, and going from cars to horses (or feet) will be a lot faster than the other way around. Things can fall a long time, but the stop is still sudden.

Comment: Re:Good News Bad News (Score 3, Insightful) 154

by vm146j2 (#43153191) Attached to: Japan Extracts Natural Gas From Frozen Methane Hydrate

The reason prices are so high is because the "massive" new sources come with massive new costs to extract. Oil Shale (kerogen) is a great case in point; it is essentially rock with heavy, like waxy heavy, hydrocarbons embedded in it. In theory there is a lot of it, in practice almost no one uses it, because the amount of energy and water needed to dig the rock, cook out the kerogen, crack it into a form usable by the current infrastructure, and transport it to a useful place are extremely high. Every other grand announcement you've been reading follows suit, as does the idea of mining methane hydrates. It is pretty basic math to calculate the amount of recoverable, usable energy from these sources, and you won't be running anything like a developed nation off of it. We will be continuing to move toward less energy use, and there will be nothing slow about it. Less a march than a free-fall.