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Comment: Re: DirectX is obsolete (Score 1) 129

by donaldm (#48902929) Attached to: DirectX 12 Lies Dormant Within Microsoft's Recent Windows 10 Update

They use neither. Directx is on the Xbox so the pc gets a lousy Xbox port. Opengl has not been used in games for a long time now.

Exception is Wow for the mac

The PS3 and PS4 both use OpenGL as does the Wii and the WiiU and yet we continue to see new games. Of course so does IOX and Android and we all know how small those markets are :-)

Comment: Re:I think Nintendo Wii was powerglove 2.0 (Score 1) 40

by 0100010001010011 (#48849547) Attached to: Nintendo Power Glove Used To Create 'Robot Chicken'

I don't think the true "PowerGlove" successor has come yet.

A smart glove like this could turn any ordinary squeeze ball into a chording keyboard. With Google Glass and other similar technologies chording keyboards and wearable tech would work for rapid next input without voice. Anyone that has played GuitarHero knows how a chording keyboard can work.

Comment: Re:Spoofing! (Score 1) 199

It would actually be a perfect device for simulating the EPA test cycle. It would be a perfect way to sell it legally. The EPA cycle is "the" test for cars in the US so there are plenty of professionals that would love a tool. Some simulation software starts at $5k/license. (CANalyzer). No one says you have to sell your device with 'encryption' so that the EPA cycle would be replaced with whatever cycle you wanted.

Or you could just do it with a cheap uC board these days. These guys are building a engine EFI controller with a $14 circuit board as the base. Even having to spoof their own messages With an ODB/CAN simulator you could easily

And maybe someone would then finally make a legitimate cheap CAN/ODBBluetooth reader instead of clones of clones or a chip that is ages old to read data as well. USBCAN cables from good vendors start at $500 even though the functionality is built into a lot of new chips.

Comment: Re: No. (Score 1) 562

by donaldm (#48842399) Attached to: Obama: Gov't Shouldn't Be Hampered By Encrypted Communications

if the hardware is compromised, the software doesn't matter so much.

That is true, however if it became know that Brand X computer was hardware compromised (and it eventually will) then said company is going to loose credibility and sales to Brand Y computer hardware that has not been compromised. Now we have to ask the question has Brand Y been compromised and we don't know yet?

Sounds silly doesn't but when you consider computers are manufactured by different companies around the world and it is in the best interest of each country to make sure computers that are sold there are not compromised because of potential customer and even government backlash. This same scenario can be played out with operating system software since no major software company would want to take the chance of being found out. Of course "click bait", viruses and worms are a different story since a spying agency be it governmental or criminal has plausible deniability.

Comment: A 2x4 sized chip on the shoulder (Score 1) 311

by Latent Heat (#48838353) Attached to: Eric Holder Severely Limits Civil Forfeiture
So Attorney General Holder on behalf of President Obama takes one action, one single action upon which the Administration and some Administration critics can find common ground, and the call, no, the demand goes out that the critics bow in supplication.

Practical, pragmatic politics is about factions and coalitions and deal making, and offering people who, yes, hate you something they want in exchange for them backing you on something important to you.

For example, Lyndon Johnson as a white person from a poor background was for Civil Rights as a deep, heartfelt, personal value that he was willing to fight for, and fight for it he did in his unique style of political coalition building and persuasion. His party was deeply split between North and South whereas the Republicans were for Civil Rights because Lincoln, but many could just as well break out the popcorn to watch the Democrats fight each other.

So President Johnson threw money around. You voted for Civil Rights, and your state got a bridge or a road. Republicans were going to vote for Civil Rights anyway because Lincoln, but why not get a bridge or a road for something you knew in your heart was right instead of sitting back to watch the Democrats fight?

President Obama campaigned on some vague kind of New Politics where he was not going to revert to Washington-as-usual deal making. In retrospect, President Johnson's style of politics was corrupt, even if it got us the Voting Rights Act?

I guess President Obama's New Politics turned out to be scolding people -- a lot. The Republicans scold right back, Putin comes right out and instructs him to put it someplace, and the leaders of China let it go in one ear and out the other. And I guess the people who support Mr. Obama are into scolding Republicans -- before the Republicans are given half a chance to agree with him.

Yes, there are some people on Right-wing Web sites finding a cloud enclosing this silver lining. They are saying that A.G. Holder is doing this to lock the heels down of local police over Ferguson and Staten Island.

Maybe Mr. Holder is "going after" local police, and maybe this is long overdue, and maybe it took tragedy in the minority community to make this happen. A lot of the Libertarians in the Libertarian-Conservative-Republican-Right coalition have been talking about the police being out-of-control -- in the war-on-drugs, the seizure thing. A lot of people on the Right have been torn about Ferguson. Maybe in their hearts are not in the correct place with black people, but Randy Balko at Reason has long championed the case of black persons getting on the wrong side of heavy-handed police tactics.

But the protest response to Ferguson was scold-scold-scold-scold. You are Conservative, you are white, and you are racist for thinking that a black man should not reach for a police officer's gun when that officer had gotten all fascist on him.

People on the Right have been saying for years that Mr. Obama ought to "triangulate", offer them something they could agree on. This order by A.G. Holder is the first major instance I can think of the President triangulating with the Right, maybe splitting off the Libertarian Right from the Law-and-Order Right.

Yeah, moderate me Troll, I've got Karma to spare, but the folks coming out swinging against people who want to agree with them on something have a lot to learn about politics. You do one thing that your political oppositions favors and you "deserve accolades"? There is a lot in politics and life to be learned.

Comment: Re:Prepare for more (Score 1) 257

by donaldm (#48825909) Attached to: Belgian Raid Kills 2, Said To Avert "Major Terrorist Attacks"

It took hundreds of years for Christians to let go of blasphemophobia. It may take as long for Muslims to let go of theirs. We should be in this for the long haul, and while we should be willing to kill and die now and then, if anyone suggests those should be the primary activities involved, they are simply expressing a profound ignorance of humans, and history, and warfare (both its costs and its effectiveness, which bellicose emotionalists often get wrong.)

A few years ago I saw an interview with an Imam were he actually said something like the first two sentances.

In most western societies there is separation between Church and State, hence the reason why Christians had to let go of blasphemophobia however quite a few nasty wars happened before the division was ratified. Even today it is still possible for a Christian to be excommunicated from their church for "blasphemy" although imprisonment, torture and/or capital punishment for this, is not acceptable from a State perspective.

In most Islamic countries there basically is no separation between Church and State, hence blasphemy and anything counter to what is interpreted in the Quran is predominately dealt with imprisonment or some sort of violence against the perpetrator. Will it take another 500 years before Islam has this separation? If the answer is "yes" then that is an excuse because for better or worse we are all living in the same time frame on this planet.

Comment: Re:Libreoffice (Score 1) 324

by donaldm (#48804159) Attached to: How To Hijack Your Own Windows System With Bundled Downloads

I can witness on open source not being immune. I recommended Libreoffice to a novice PC user recently. I don't know from where he downloaded the installer, but when he finished he had some redundant anti-virus programs, and another program that reset the home page of his web browser and wouldn't let him change it back.

Was this for MS Windows or for a Linux distribution? I have installed Libreoffice from "www.libreoffice.org/" for MS Windows (8.1) and have never had any issues. As for an installer for Linux I just use the "yum install" command ("apt-get install" for Debian based distributions) or if I feel like it from the GUI Software Manager since Libreoffice is in the repository.

Comment: Re:Before reading TFA ... (Score 1) 245

by 0100010001010011 (#48804151) Attached to: PHP vs. Node.js: the Battle For Developer Mind Share

save time writing 3 versions,

Did I say write 3 versions? Just do all of the JIT compiling NOT on my computer.

JIT to pre-compiled

That's the point. Why are we using the battery power of thousands of tiny little ARM devices to compile something that could have been compiled once?

When you boot your Laptop do you recompile everything just so you can grab the source daily?

Comment: Re:Application installers suck. (Score 1) 324

by donaldm (#48803995) Attached to: How To Hijack Your Own Windows System With Bundled Downloads

You are aware that the average user will not be able to perform the Linux part. So you must use the GUI. Enter the root password (The what now?) and then click on OK and so on.Installing something like Google Earth gives me errors when I try to do it.(Yes, I know how to solve it) No such issue on Windows.

Back in the early 1980's I use to teach clerical staff how to use Unix workstations. Not one person I taught had any issue with using the command line or the GUI for that matter. Fast forward to 2015 and people seem to have developed a mind block to using the command line, I wonder why? Have people really got dumber with regard to using computers?

Ok I will give you a Fedora 21 with a KDE GUI example.

1. Select your application launcher (for people with MS Windows that is equivalent to start and FYI Unix/Linux had it first)
2. Select "Applications".
3. Select "Administration" then "Software Management".


2. Select "Computer"
3. Select "System Settings" then "Software Management"

In the "Software Management" GUI search for the software you want or just browse the repository. When you find what you want just install it and all dependences are found and installed for you. Of course you do need system admin privilege to do this.

The main difference is that for most of the software finding it is easier on Linux. Still there are applications that are not in the repo and at that moment Windows is easier.

I do agree with what you said here but isn't this article about trusting the site were you want to get the application from. It's not that difficult getting an rpm or deb package if one exists however you really need to know how to install it and in the majority of cases you can use "yum" if using Fedora/Redhat distributions and "apt-get" is using Debian type distributions. Of course the best and safest way is to use the command line for the install in this case however IMHO if people feel that their brains will explode I strongly suggest MS Windows and slowly back away. :)

Comment: Re:Before reading TFA ... (Score 1) 245

by 0100010001010011 (#48802901) Attached to: PHP vs. Node.js: the Battle For Developer Mind Share

So use it like html5 video and have javascript backup.

script x64="uselessWidgetJavascript.x64" x32="uselessWidgetJavascript.x86" javascript="uselessWidgetJavascript.js"

If you lumped 90% of all internet devices on the web they'd probably fall under x86, x64, & ARM.

Additionally Apple has figured out how to do fat binaries.

Comment: Re:Before reading TFA ... (Score 2) 245

by 0100010001010011 (#48802291) Attached to: PHP vs. Node.js: the Battle For Developer Mind Share

script type="x64"

I don't want something else that my computer has to interpret. Do all the compiling before it shows up on my computer so that I don't have to deal with this: http://i.imgur.com/b2uUrIL.png

Even "JIT" compilers start to suck when you have a few dozen of them running at the same time.

Fundamentally, there may be no basis for anything.