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Comment Re:Sigh... (Score 1) 211

A private entitey gaining ownership over what is currently public could be looked on as theft from the public.

There are surprisingly few things owned in space by the public or anyone else. If some crazy dude with a bunch of robots can keep the rest of humanity from doing anything with the Moon other than look at it, then he effectively owns it even if no one else agrees.

Note really a nuclear warhead is surprisingly easy and relatively cheap to build and deploy than it would cost a crazy dude with a bunch of robots trying to prevent a determined government from taking dibs on our Moon.

Comment Re:Restaining growth (Score 2) 211

While I don't have any issue with "Whoever discovers and get their first gets to claim it as their own". The problem you are going to have is do you mine and keep the resultant products in space for future use or send them back to our planet? Sending the results of mining back to our plant is very problematic, send too little and the cost is prohibitive, send too much and you may have a huge glowing hole with quite a few ICBMS being sent back at as payment. :-)

Comment Re:Build one (Score 1) 319

That web was quite useful since I do live in Australia. I did take a look at a few builds however I can build an i7-6700 with Z170M-D3H motherboard, 16GB DDR4 (2800), 120GB SSD, WD 3TB BLACK HDD, 500W Case, Wireless with a reasonable 1080p 27" monitor as well as a reasonable keyboard and mouse for under the AU1500.00. Of course I did not include a graphics card or more expensive monitor since that could easily add over a $1000 or more to the mix.

Still that site is a good starting point and would be excellent for for people living in Australia that just want a reasonable PC without going to the trouble of building one. It is also better then going to a department store. For those that want to build you can always try which is great for parts.

Comment Re:Build one (Score 1) 319

The only good way to get what you want is to build one.

It's also a good exercise.

Fully agree, however building your own PC requires you to have some technical skill.

If you want something that is fairly future proof decide on your motherboard and it's features first - don't do this on the cheap although there is probably little need to to spend too much either. Obviously some home work is essential here and that means using the web to browse forums and get technical specifications.

Once you decide on your motherboard decide on your processor that is compatible with that motherboard. Next you need to decide on your RAM size and if you are going to go for DDR3 or DDR4. Again check your motherboard support and this is the reason why I said don't scrimp on this.

Now you are ready to decide on your disks and I do suggest a 60GB or 120GB (preferred) or 240GB SSD for your system disk and a 3.5" 7200rpm or better HDD in a size that you require and is within your budget for your main storage. Getting two or more HHD's is fine but this begs the question do you really need it? The same goes for large capacity SSD's and of course these are not cheap.

At this stage we can decide on a few extra things although you should have decided earlier such as a monitor, wireless card/dongle, keyboard and mouse as well as a case with a power supply that has at the very least 20% or more power to support all your parts. Bright lights and discotheque for your case is optional and surprisingly inexpensive although IMHO very distracting.

Anyone that has read this far will notice that I have not mentioned a graphics card. Some mother boards do have a graphics card which will support 1080p and even some 4k monitors so you may not need a separate graphics card for general computer use. Buying a graphics card depends on what monitor you want and your motherboard (yep I'm back there again) support and this can really blow out your budget so be aware. If you are into serious gaming then a good keyboard and mouse are essential so it is not a good idea to cheap out on these.

Now for the operating system. That is entirely up to you, Linux distributions are free and can pretty much do most things people want although that is subjective. Microsoft OS's are not free although some people are fine with a green parrot and peg leg with rum optional, although in this case it does help ease your conscience.

Comment Re:never forget... (Score 1) 375

Well said I could not have said it any better. I don't have any Microsoft products preferring Linux instead and for some they may be quite surprised to find that there are thousands of games that will run under Linux, some free some you pay for.

I have an original PS3 which still works and on occasion I do play PS2 games. I will be getting a PS4 within the next two months (looking for the right bundle) and hopefully the PS2 emulation on the PS4 will let me load and play my PS2 games however to me that is a nice and desirable feature but not an overriding factor in my decision to get a PS4.

As for choosing a PS4 or an XBox1 or even both that is a personal choice it really boils down to the type of first party games that you like and if one console plays third party games better then the other, although that is subjective.

Comment Re:And yet every idiot claiming it causes violence (Score 1) 321

Will still get parroted by the press - whether it's D&D or GTA or Halo.

Actually bring back real life gladiatorial death matches and you will most likely find the press gets front row seats. Of course they will cry crocodile tears lamenting the deaths of the losers most likely in gory detail while quietly booking seats for the next match.

At least with D&D, RPG's and Shooters etc you are pitting your virtual self against other virtual characters and monsters and at the end of the day everyone had a good time and no one got physically hurt except for the rare nutcase who can't seem to tell the difference between virtual life and reality.

It is going to be even more interesting when virtual reality head-sets finally get sold. You are always going to get a nutcase who will commit some violent crime and when that happens and it was known that he/she used a VR headset watch the media, the bleeding hearts and the holier than thou's have a field day.

Comment Re:Rocking With My Sony (Score 2) 188

Likewise. I once had a Sony rep try to get me to buy something at an office store. He couldn't fathom why I would boycott them and I couldn't fathom how to explain why. I think I shrugged and said something about bad behavior by the Sony corporation. He asked if there was anything he could do to make me reconsider. I simply said, "No".

With that attitude it's would be rather hypocritical to purchase products from any manufacturer. I guess you wont's be purchasing any Microsoft, Nintendo or Volkswagen products any time soon.

Submission + - SPAM: the artega car specification

An anonymous reader writes: Artega Automobile was based on Germany and founded in 2006 by Klaus Dieter Frers. This German sports car manufacture was closed in 2012 because of bankruptcy. Frers was helped by Henrik Fisker, the designer of Aston Martin DB9, to produce Artega GT to compete two electric luxury vehicles from Fisker Karma and Tesla Roadster. There are at least two series of car which were produced by Artega car, the Artega GT and the Artega SE or sports electric.
Link to Original Source

Submission + - Prototyping system desgined to help kids learn about Electronics and Programming

An anonymous reader writes: What started as a Kickstarter project is growing into a success story helping kids (and adults) learn about electronics and programming. The DuinoKit ( ) was developed as an answer to help kids easily learn in a fun, hands on environment. DuinoKit is now seeking and has some retailers taking a close look at this project to ongoing retail sales.

Kits have been sold to many individuals, and schools of all ranges for learning. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for the "geek" kid or simply adding a new product to your storefront, DuinoKit may be a good option.

Submission + - US Government makes a huge commitment to open map data

capedgirardeau writes: The U.S. federal government just made a huge commitment to Open Mapping, taking the lead in creative government partnerships with the OpenStreetMap community.

Collaborate with Citizen and Global Cartographers in Open Mapping

Engaging communities to use open mapping platforms ensures the widest possible benefit of geographic data and improved public services for individuals and communities using that data. The Administration will expand interagency collaboration and coordination with the open mapping community to promote the use of open mapping data in both domestic and international applications

In May the US State Department had this to say about open map data:
Governments can engage smart, innovative, and resourceful citizens to support urgent efforts — nothing demonstrates this better than the recent OpenStreetMap response to the Nepal earthquake. Through remote mapping and shared satellite imagery, citizens, government, the private sector, and academics are demonstrating the power of collaborative, open innovation, helping to solve challenges, create opportunities, or respond in the face of tragedy such as the Nepal Earthquake.

Submission + - Next Gen Bomber (

retroworks writes: The B-52s currently in use have been flown by 3 generations of American Air Force pilots. B1s and B-2 Bombers are also long in the tooth. Northrup Grumman wins for the NEXT half century, with a major new order for state of the art bomber aircraft. The Atlantic reports "While the current fleet remains useful, the Air Force wants a bomber that can evade the advancing air defenses of Russia and China—if ever the need arises. The long-range bomber would act as a deterrent against actions designed to keep U.S. forces out of a designated area—what the military calls “anti-access aerial denial."”

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