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Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 319


I'm not calling for a future where no one does anything because it's all automated away. It just means people are going to spend more time doing what they want.

I would sign up for a subscription food service in a second if it came to my area. I want to 'automate' away having to waste time in a grocery store. It means I spend more time doing what I want. I'm not going to lament over the loss of stock boys and cashiers. They're going to have other jobs.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 319

People don't account for what is being automated changing.

I try to replace myself daily. I write software specifically to try and replace me so that I can work on other stuff. The job that I did when I came out of college doesn't exist anymore. It's a collection of scripts and programs. Society has always progressed like this. Pretty soon drones are going to be picking my crops.

Comment Re:Uh, what's the problem? (Score 1, Insightful) 242

SJW, Randi Harper in particular. My opinions on my social media accounts are my own and have nothing to do with my code or how I code. I don't need doxxed and fake rape reports being called in (as happened to a FreeBSD Developer) for making an off handed comment on Twitter or have something buried in my comment history.

Comment Kyocera Duraplus (Score 1) 208

I think I charge mine once a month or so.

I'm a field engineer and nothing else has survived. If I absolutely need to get to the internet it does have OperaMini and I have been able to Facebook and other websites working on. Otherwise I have a laptop. It has actual buttons that you can use to T9 text without looking. It has a cradle, swappable batteries, and has a lot of good headsets.

All of the 'apps' load instantly, no bloatware. It has an alarm, countdown timer, calendar, bluetooth.

It texts, it makes calls and in a pinch it can be used to open walnuts.

Comment Re:+5, Flamebait (Score 1) 515

I can jump over to DigiKey [] and buy an ARM chip that is capable of running Linux and has more computing power than some of my first desktop computers for $20. The chip designs themselves tend not to be open, but they do tend to be quite well documented - the high end is almost always closed and subject to NDA, but there is little pressure to move that line backwards, and as the high end moves forward, the devices available to the OSHW developer get better and better.

China's different IP laws have lead to a lot of innovation because people don't get to rest:

My most striking impression was that Chinese entrepreneurs had relatively unfettered access to cutting-edge technology, enabling start-ups to innovate while bootstrapping. Meanwhile, Western entrepreneurs often find themselves trapped in a spiderweb of IP frameworks, spending more money on lawyers than on tooling. Further investigation taught me that the Chinese have a parallel system of traditions and ethics around sharing IP, which lead me to coin the term “gongkai”


The esp8266 is a cheap Wifi module that was sold as a cheap UART but has been hacked now to do basic GPIO straight from the chip itself. (All the original documentation was in Chinese). It even runs MicroPython and has an SDK.

Comment Re:I wonder how long (Score 1) 53

I think it's a race between computers and mechanical turk. Something along the lines of a 'chicken sexer' looking at X-rays on their phone. Swipe left for broken, swipe right for not broken.

Give the user feedback and promote the best ones to the next level. Even if you paid 1000 $.10 to review an X-ray you'd still come out cheaper than a radiologist. You could have tens of thousands of people reviewing

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