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Comment Re:Not this shit again (Score 1) 144

I learned in school

I've never used any of the Shakespeare I was made to memorize.

The point is that you learned it. Just like everyone will learn programming.

My doctor usually has his Medical Assistant type his notes

And how old is he? Has his hospital switched over to EMR? My wife is a recently graduated doctor, they're trying to replace those guys as fast as they can. They don't even do dictation anymore.

. If you really think that every Tom, Dick, and Harry will be programming in 10 or 20 years

On a basic level, yes. They're not going to be writing full programs they're going to scripting to make their lives easier. Even if they don't use it at work.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 49

Because coding isn't a job. It's a skill. You sound like the last of the keyboardists throwing up their hands going "But everyone will know how to type. Our jobs are doooooooomed.".

What was once hard is now easy and is now curriculum for kids. Just like Algebra and Calculus before it.

Comment Re:Guaranteed to put stress on any car? As if. (Score 1) 112

Having driven on the autobahn it's probably the easiest place to try something like this. Everyone there already moves like robots. It's like some lawmakers figured out an "API" for how to communicate between vehicles.

I want to see it done around Chicago where it's "surprise, I'm coming into your lane".

Comment Re:Not this shit again (Score 1) 144

They work on cars, and like doctors, if they need some code written 99.99999% of them will simply hire someone who will do it right, and in 1/100th the time it would take them.

Just like they hire typists to type up their notes these days?

That's why this "everybody needs to learn to code" crap is such utter nonsense. You work with computers, good for you, but not everyone does and of the people that do, most of them are not ever going to need or want to code anything, ever.

Just like not everyone needs to do algebra ever, just like not everyone needs to know Shakespeare ever. It's going to be a part of an education going forward. It's going to be the bare minimum required to function in the 21st century. Just like MS Office and knowing how to type is now.

Comment Re:Not this shit again (Score 1) 144

It may shock you to learn that not everyone has a job that requires a keyboard. It sounds bizarre, but it's true. (I've actually worked at some of those jobs.)

So are you saying those people don't know how to type? Being able to type has been accepted as the 'minimum' level of knowledge to function on the internet in modern society. Going forward Programming will be.

This goes beyond work and what 'field' people are in. It's akin to hiring your own butler to do often repeated tasks. (The boring stuff).

but that's a far cry from "coding" or programming.

No it's not. Are you coding something? Then it's coding. Just because someone can't type 100 WPM doesn't mean they can't type.

She has no need to learn any programming, and there isn't any kind of task that could be automated in her field where she would need to learn programming

You can't see a world where people just insert their hand into a machine and a gcode nail printer paints on designs? And if she doesn't learn to program then someone else that does will replace her. If I could hire someone that could paint nails or someone that could paint nails AND write some code to automate any portion of the task then I'm going to hire the latter.

"Python" is going to be the next "MS Office" on a resume.

It may shock you to learn that not everyone has a job that requires a keyboard

she'd hire someone to do it right

Just like the doctors my wife works with were told when they were growing up. "You don't need to learn to type. You'll have someone do it for you".

Comment Re:Not this shit again (Score 1) 144

Just like the vast majority of people now neither need to plumb their home or know how.

Do the vast majority of people know how to type? Programming is closer to typing than it is to plumbing.

What will they be coding? PBX interfaces? Missile guidance software? Process control analytics? What will they be writing database queries for?

Automating the boring stuff. Why would someone that doesn't do anything with PBX phones need to code for them? Why would a doctor need to program missile guidance software?

I seriously doubt that unless you're referring to spreadsheet "programming" or the like.

Is using VBA to automate parts of a spread sheet or using Python to do something similar not programming?

What, pray tell, will all these people be coding in, and what will they be coding for? What will they need to write code for?

It's looking like python. And doing what ever "they" do normally but want to automate. It's easier to teach a mechanical engineer to code than it is to teach a programmer mechanical engineering. My group won't hire new engineers that don't know how to program at least slightly. Doing stuff 'by hand' the old way is gone. Everyone I know in my group programs in some form or another.

Comment Re:Not this shit again (Score 1) 144

Because it's not a job. It's a skill. My wife works with doctors that were told "You don't need to learn how to type, you'll have a secretary to do that". Years ago that's how it worked. Now everyone is their own 'keyboardist'.

When I graduated highschool it was important to put that we were proficient in "Microsoft Word and Excel". I dropped that from my resume years ago because it's just assumed now.

Computer Scientists / Software Engineers designing good code and architectures will still exist. But your average lay person should be able to whip up a dumb script in Python to do something. I'm just a dumb mechanical engineer. I'm sure most of my code is terrible, violates some cardinal rules. But it works. When I need to find all of the data files where X event occurred I just kick the script off at the end of the day and come back to the results.

Accounting and some other industries are 20-30 years behind where Engineering is. After listening to what my Sister-in-law does at work I could replace 2-3 of her co-workers with a half assed python script.

In 20 years "Programming" will be up there with where "keyboarding" is now.

Comment Re:Flipped Classrooms (Score 1) 307

The best 'group project' I did was in 7th grade. This includes years of engineering group projects in college.

The 3 group members were the top 3 in the whole school. Each of us took one task and did it. I hated dissecting things so I wrote the report. The kid that liked art drew and the 3rd guy did another part of the report and the dissecting.

We were all introverted and did much better doing our parts on our own, even if it was a 'group' project. At the end of the day it means we all did 1/3 the work since I actually trusted them to do their parts.

Comment Fahrvergnügen (Score 1) 247

There are philosophical differences in how people are developing self driving cars because there are philosophical differences in how & why people drive.

Some people want to 'skip the boring parts'. Uber & Google are trying to replace cars for people that really don't want a car. They don't want maintenance, a car payment, to drive. They just want a magic transporter to get from A to B scheduled from their phone. When I'm stuck in traffic or need to get home from the bar, I want to press auto and fall asleep in the back seat. When I want to go out on the autobahn I want full control.

If I spend the money on a new BMW or Audi I want the ability to turn off self driving when I want to drive.

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