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Can we just follow the GreenBay packers model of business? I would honestly chip in money if I could own a part of /. or what ever it became. /. has been a part of my life for longer than it hasn't been. I read it through highschool. I read it between classes. I read it at work. It will forever be one of the few places that could stay up for 9/11.

I've been reading here long enough to know that there are some movers and shakers in the industry. Heck even 'nobodies' like me could probably pull some strings or help contribute to Slashdot 2.0. I would buy a share of Slashdot if it became a 'contributer owned community' rather than some big conglomerate. It started out as a few guys wanting to chat online. It's a bit bigger than that so just add more owners, don't sell it to someone big.

Reddit is going to shit. I'm not a fan of Voat. I just want my old slashdot back. It's the only place I can type more than a paragraph and people will possibly actually read it. No 'tl;dr'. I actually treated mod points

And if not, anyone here want to make a distributed slashdot style platform? NNTP for messages, IRC for chat, *Coin (for distributed voting/Karma). The world has moved on since Perl 20 years ago. Lets take what we've learned and make something new.

Something something my lawn.

Comment Re:Everybody List What You Think Went Wrong (Score 1) 550 550

The thing is GG is spilling out elsewhere. Randi Harper infiltrated the FreeBSD community and is using them as leverage to push her hate and dog piling. It's going to spill out onto the rest of the world sometime soon and it's going to be a train wreck.

DHI probably thought the anti-GG crowd was profitable and found out they weren't.

Comment Re:Our value is community. Not the broken site. (Score 1) 550 550

The only thing I would change about the editing is make it markdown.

Markdown is so much easier and faster to type. HTML made sense when it was the best we had and Everyone on slashdot could type HTML. There are a load of 'nerds' out there that have no need for HTML.

Comment Code of Conducts. (Score 1) 315 315

Now do you see why Randi Harper and her "Code of Conducts" aren't conducive to actually helping anyone? I'm in my 30s, contributing member of society. I have a job, a kid, a wife. But god save me if shit I said when I was 14 on IRC was published. I was 14. I couldn't imagine where I'd be if my life was ruined by dogpiling for some stupid tweet I made.

Thankfully I found Slashdot instead of 4Chan (or what ever the equivalent was back then). I learned to type such that I got +5 "Informative" from adults. Rather than running around calling each other faggots. When I posted on Usenet I used my real name and knew that people could find me with that. I created a new account on most sites that couldn't be linked to anything else (0100010001010011 for Slashdot).

I've noticed that the 20 year olds talk different depending on where they 'grew up' on the internet. If you think that adults run around calling each other Faggot and think that's "just boy talk" there's a good chance you were on 4Chan. I'm sure there are 20 year olds that have been on Slashdot since they could and I wouldn't know them any different than my peers in my 30s or the guys I looked up to that are now in their 40s. Because they learned to talk like adults.

It's why losing Slashdot is really a shame. I don't even know where 16 year old me would go these days. FreeBSD used to be one of the last 'pure' places I could go where I was judged by 1 thing, my code. I couldn't imagine the shitstorm if someone (Randi Harper) took some inside joke of a tweet to friends, twisted it and dog piled her followers on me to kick me out.

Comment Salted your passwords (Score 2) 365 365

I gave up on trying to remember increasingly complex passwords and just remembered how to make them. Computers are great at doing complex math humans aren't. Humans can remember some things very easily (Correct Horse Battery Staple).

Then I only have to remember or write down 3 things: The 'password', the length and the mapping.

echo -n $password+$user+$website | sha256 | cut -c1-$length | [mapping]

Where mapping maps the hex codes to a-z, a-Z, a-Z0-9, a-Z0-9!-). (You can make up your own charset and just use mod(charset length)).

For example if my password was 'qwerty' I'd salt it such that my actual slashdot password would be:
echo -n | sha256 | cut -c1-20

It's not that much harder to implement in Python for use on Windows. (I just have a simple GUI).

If you want to take it a step further just remember a pattern and then a start letter. qwerty, asdfgh and zxcvbn are the same 'password' in my brain. It's "Password 1, start q, a, or z'.

I have everything written down on how to generate the passwords in a lock box and my wife knows my 'password'. So if I die and everything is locked she could get into any website she wanted just by following the instructions.

All of our joint accounts do actually use our anniversary. Jan 1, 1980. 01Jan1980, etc are all going to generate different end passwords. You have to know both the date and the formatting, which she does.

Stop remembering passwords and start remembering how to get to your password.

Comment Re:So the good questions were ignored. (Score 4, Informative) 557 557

I wonder how many new Slashdot accounts were created from her Twitter whining and suddenly got mod points.

That or Dice decided to pull a Reddit and just hide them so they didn't appear "unfriendly to women in industry".

And right now I'd like to point out that Randi Lee Harper is speaking at OSCON this weekend.

TL;DR: A large and prominent tech conference (3.5K attendees) run by O'Reilly Media and sponsored by major tech companies is presenting Randi as an "anti-harassment" activist. When evidence of her track record of abuse and harassment was brought to the attention of the conference organizers last month, they publicly dismissed those contacting them about her as "trolls".

WHY THIS MATTERS: This is by far the biggest venue Randi has ever appeared in and the deception that she and the conference organizers are engaged in is shameful. If enough of us post evidence of who Randi really is to the #OSCON tag, there's a very good chance that future conference organizers (and their sponsors) will think twice before embarrassing themselves by giving Randi a platform.


Although #OSCON was notified of Randi's antics when news of her speaking engagement became public last month, they chose to ignore the evidence, instead of taking seriously their obligation to their attendee's well-being. Adding insult to injury, a statement by @joshsimmons dismissed those who had raised concerns as "trolls":

They followed this statement up with a fawning "interview" in their online magazine in which they didn't ask Randi a single question about her atrocious behavior:

The conference starts today (Wednesday) and runs until Friday. Detailed information including the list of sponsors, can be found at

Details about Randi's talk can be found here:

Here are some links to some resources about Randi's misbehavior, such as Milo's just concluded series of articles, Ralph's followup, and Stephanie Greene's series from a few months ago. Please post links to other resources, such as blogs, articles, images, etc., which you think are worth posting to the #OSCON hashtag, in the comments.

Most recent #OSCON tweets:

Comment It needs to be a trade (Score 2, Insightful) 305 305

What used to happen is that something was academic, then it became a trade, then it became ubiquitous.

With computers being relatively new everyone still thinks you need a 4+ year education to do some of the stuff when it would be better of as a skilled trade. Not everyone is built for college/university. There are a lot of qualified intelligent individuals that, at the age of 13-14 should have gone into an apprenticeship program for the local IT workers 1010010101.

As technology progresses people dive deeper and deeper into various fields stuff shifts down the educational chain. First it's highly academic R&D and only a few PhDs know about it. Then it moves into the area where a masters degree is sufficient, then BS, then Trade, then it becomes unskilled labor.

The problem with STEM the last ~40 years is people are still convinced that you HAVE to go to college for some of these things and it's no true, we need to have people start specializing around 13-14 like we have always done. It's how Germany operates its educational model. There needs to be a good apprenticeship programs setup.

60 years ago no one had a camera, now kids are walking around taking photos. Everything bumps but CS and IT, for some reason, have refused to do that. You see it all the time on Slashdot "Well back in my day you had to take 4 classes on structures before you were allowed near..." and that's not the case any more. There are children building mobile apps. Sure they aren't always great but the point is that the younger you expose kids to this stuff the more ubiquitous it becomes for humanity. Pushing students that are 'interested in computers' towards an IT trade path at 14 would allow them to then learn enough by time they graduated highschool to then specialize in some realm of IT.

It's already going that way in Engineering. Mechanical Engineering is going to undergo a Mitosis in the next decade because there just isn't enough room for everything in the curriculum. Freshmen level Engineering courses need to be moved down to 16 year olds and then let them decide if they'd rather study fluid dynamics engineering or thermodynamics engineering. There is enough material in both realms to warrant a full degree in both. And if there is cross over there is always double/twin majors like Mechatronics is now (Between ME/EE).

Split CS and IT into 10 different majors each. Teach basic CS stuff to 15-16 year olds and those that are more hands on will just go into it as a trade, those that want to learn more can go to college.

Comment Re:Can someone answer me this? (Score 1) 164 164

> The reason it exploded wasn't because it was a superior discussion system- nerds made better ones at the dawn of the net, and they are still here.

They did make some incremental improvements. I love Markdown now. I stopped writing HTML ages ago for my own blog. Reddit is much easier to use in terms of adding formatting to text.

Coming back to Slashdot I realized how tedious doing full mark up was just to add some emphasis or a URL. I also like that with RES you can view images inline. I wish that there was a script to automatically show the first paragraph of a wiki article if you hovered over a complex term.

And where Reddit does work is in smaller groups. There's a threshold for a subreddit where everything just goes to shit. My wife loves hanging out on /r/babybumps, /r/parenting & /r/clothdiapering because it's a place where she can sit and chat with other women about parenting. There's no reason for full slashdot moderation there. Reddit's 'everyone votes' system works just fine. But that's because there isn't a "/r/disposablediapers" subreddit that comes in to brigade what they say, argue endlessly, etc.

I'll restate the same thing I've been stating for a few months: I want a new *protocol*, not a new site. A RFC that outlines comment moderation, story submission, etc. I want a C/C++ stack that I can deploy on my own server to roll my own Slashdot or Reddit. NNTP was good for its time but had its flaws (moderation). I want a stand alone app (then again I still use Thunderbird over a webmail) for discussion. I want it to be decentralized

Reddit's system is awful by design, because their goal isn't to make for conversation, it's to make for clicks and fights and play off that end of the emotional spectrum.

Reddit figured out fanning flame wars was more profitable. Twitter too.

When Brianna Wu tried to get her echo chamber to ask her the questions she wanted to answer in her Interview it didn't work.

Most people here have been isolated from "GamerGate" attributing it to "Reddit/Twitter Drama" but it's now been spilling over to Slashdot (because it's profitable for Dice) and even to the FreeBSD project (Because of Randi Harper). However people have found out that it's also profitable to be a professional victim which is why you're seeing it everywhere now, they need a bigger audience to fund their patreons


I wish Grace Hopper was still alive to tell this new group to STFU and GBTW.

Comment Re:Subject (Score 1) 212 212

What is stupid is deducing that the solution involves creating new incentives for young women to go into computer science.

All you need to do is ask a 8-12 year old girl what she wants to do and figure out how to get software to help her do that. "Programming" is just a means to an end to let lazy us lazy people take over the world. Find something, anything, repetitive and boring and figure out how to automate it. That's what software does for me. Software, for me and thousands of others, isn't the end game it's a tool to allow me to be lazy. If a 10 year old girl is tired of having to do _________ on the computer teach her how Python (or Perl) can do that for her. That's how you get girls into programming.

I personally use Python to mail out daily photos of my son. I've automated my Facebook picture posting. I really want to get a Ramp/Soak arduino built so that I can use it to bake the perfect cake. If that is what girls are interested in, then help them get there. If they have other interests foster their interests with STEM / code.

All of these "STEM STEM STEM" "CS CS CS" initiatives fail to do the most basic question of "What would you like to do". Why has no one just asked 8-12 year old girls what they want and then trying to figure out where programming fits into it. Not the other way around.

If girls aren't interested in gaming, why pink wash a Barbie game? Why throw money at getting them into programming for Windows Core if that's what they're not interested in at 12, 15, 18 or 20?

"I'm not afraid of dying, I just don't want to be there when it happens." -- Woody Allen