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Comment: Re:DVR boxes are evil (Score 1) 324

by SheeEttin (#36588292) Attached to: DVRs, Cable Boxes Top List of Home Energy Hogs
I have a Motorola box from Comcast, and yeah, it does the same thing sometimes.

There IS a light on the LCD panel that lights up when you push a button. It stays lit until whatever that press did is processed. (Of course, if it does buffer the presses, the light doesn't light up.)

I've found that rebooting the box (i.e. unplugging, plugging back in) fixes it immediately. But you have to wait for it, and you lose the guide information.

Comment: Re:Decora's editing on wikipedia (Score 1) 243

by SheeEttin (#36396782) Attached to: Thomas Drake Innocent of All Ten Original Charges
US reaches plea deal in classified leaks case, Associated Press (as carried by Yahoo! News). From that story:

Thomas Drake will plead guilty to exceeding authorized use of a computer, a misdemeanor, and the government will drop 10 felony counts that could have sent him to prison for the rest of his life, according to court documents. In return, prosecutors say they won't oppose a sentence that spares the 54-year-old Maryland man a prison term.

In summation:

  • Exceeding authorized use of a computer: guilty.
  • All other charges: dropped.
  • Jail time: unlikely.

I'd find a .gov source for you, but I don't know where to look.

Comment: Re:Stupid Decision. (Score 1) 393

by SheeEttin (#36389712) Attached to: Want iCloud With Windows? Ditch the XP
You have to consider your demographic, though. The former you might see from your average Slashdot user, but for most people, the response might be "I need a new computer", because I doubt most people have the operating system and the physical machine separate in their minds.

Of course, I note you said "euros", so I assume you're in Europe. The general attitude may be different from here in the US.

Comment: Re:If you want Bill Gates to be Steve Jobs (Score 1) 337

by SheeEttin (#36299374) Attached to: Is Bill Gates the Cure For What Ails Microsoft?

Have they found some type of middle ground of the IT landscape that makes them immune to bubbles and fluctuations in the market?

Well, they're certainly immune to bubbles and fluctuations in the consumer market--IBM mostly sells to corporations now. Microsoft is doing its darndest to target the "hip" consumer crowd (think Zune, Kin).

Comment: Obligatory QDB (Score 1) 176

by SheeEttin (#36299302) Attached to: Human Brain Places Limit On Twitter Friends
Obligatory QDB quote.

<Arang> fax, have you heard about the whole brain size-herd size primate theory?
<Arang> basically, the size of primates' brains corresponds directly to the size of their social group
<Fax> yea
<Fax> don't humans come out to be 50ish?
<Gral_Work> Oh, the monkeysphere?
<Arang> the tiny little gibbons and whatever have like two friends
<Arang> I thought it was 150
<Fax> it's been a while since I saw that article
<Fax> so i dunno
<Arang> wiki says 150
<Gral_Work> 150!??! Well, you people are almost taking up a 3rd of it. I'll have to make some reductions.
<Gral_Work> Arang! You are no longer people.

Comment: So with 3.0, is he allowing breakage? (Score 1) 378

So Linux 3.0 is on its way... Which makes me wonder--given that it's a major increment for something that has traditionally been very stable (in terms of API/ABI, etc.), is Linus going to allow breakage or incompatability with 3.0? Or is it just a "yeah, it's been too long, let's just bump it for numbers' sake"?

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