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Comment: Re:FTFY (Score 4, Informative) 129 129

The Admiral of the US Navy should send a battleship up the Potomac River and fire a warning shot across the "bow of Capital Hill" ...

Fun fact: as of 2006, the US navy doesn't own any battleships anymore. It's all about the carriers, baby! I mean, I guess they could try and lug in a museum boat like the U.S.S. North Carolina, or something...

Comment: Re:it could... (Score 1) 121 121

Not really, the backlash involved in this system gives you accuracy with no repeatability. In most cases, and always in something like 3d printing, repeatability is far more important than accuracy because if you can't get the print head align repeat ably you'll have high resolution ... But not be able to make a straight line.

Comment: Re:Missing something (Score 4, Informative) 121 121

... Everything I do is more creative than this. Just because you have no clue that this isn't impressive doesn't magically make it so.

I know how it works, there is nothing new about it. The video doesn't demonstrate anything new or uncommon, the only uncommon part about it is that he used shitty ratios that would break the instant it wasn't free wheeling. You can not use 5 tooth pinions if you want to do anything more that a free wheeling toy.

Hint: LOTS OF THINGS SMALLER CAN EASILY BEAT THAT RATIO GIVEN THE SAME CONSTRAINTS. Those things are just worthless in a lot of cases.

Open up a old school watch. That's impressive. Then get back to me about how compact this thing is for its ratio. Combine any two hand wound mechanical wrist watches, just the gears between hours and seconds, your already at 1:12M, and many times more "compact"

Get a clue before you make an ass out of yourself next time.

Comment: Missing something (Score 2, Informative) 121 121

Other than being printed, what's the special part? What makes it different from every other transmission other that it has many gears and uses excessive/bad ratios between them that make the device worthless from a practical perspective.

its got 5 tooth pinions FFS, that'd be so rough and wouldn't last any length of time under load ... And then he discovered that if repeatedly chain those gears you get larger ratios still.

You can do the same thing with fewer worm gears and smoother operation.

This isn't even a little bit new, he's just chained a bunch of gears and is using the inside of the circle rather than the outside.

Someone show this guy a traditional automatic transmission or a newer CVD and watch his head explode. His gadget is pretty trivial, certainly nothing novel about it

Comment: Re:Unchanging UIs? Not just for old people (Score 1) 239 239

You know, you can still get that if you want. PINE is still a thing (and elm, and mutt) and they work just like they used to. And the command line is a little formidable but you don't see it radically changing the rules all that much.

Of course, in the years since those things were invented we've also invented amazing ways to send things like family pictures through email straight through your phone, and multigigabyte free online storage of photos that might outlast your lack-of-backups on the desktop, so... you win some, you lose some

Comment: Re:Not a failure (Score 1) 35 35

The goal was to complete the challenge. They ALL failed. It was a failure, this isn't debatable.

That doesn't mean nothing was gained, many things were learned certainly, but it was still a failure of its goal.

In my opinion it was a massive failure because pretty much none of those robots could adapt to an unexpected task (getting up) at all, and it's pretty much impossible that no one knew their bot would fall down.

Every contestant was pitifully unprepared, so EPIC FAIL if you ask me.

Comment: Re:No one RTFA anymore (Score -1, Redundant) 79 79

Know what? Fuck you.

The question is related TFA but not about TFA. I thought would be interesting to ask. I figured there might be people here would have a guess, interesting take or maybe even an answer and that I'd learn something. Instead, I get a fucker like you with your stupid, useless, snaky response.

Comment: Opportunity (Score 1) 286 286

I believe there is an opportunity for a Facebook like site that didn't operate on the principal of ever expanding features, ads, and the general megalomania of Zukerberg. Something that simple provided actual friends to connect, didn't inundate you with garbage, and actually believed in privacy.

Just need a few million $$ or some gullible "employees" to work for a promise.

Comment: Re:For desktop OS, I'd tale BeOS' responsive handl (Score 1) 435 435

Sorry, but BeOS is in an entirely different class than is TOS.

Atari's TOS was quick and responsive because it was simple, lacking many features we take for granted today like preemptive multitasking and multi processor support.

BeOS was responsive because it was a complex, full featured OS that was also well thought out and well designed.

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