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Comment: Re:This is supposed to be the *WAY* they do their (Score 2) 368

by sycodon (#47956991) Attached to: Emails Cast Unflattering Light On Internal Politics of Rollout

They have repaved the road in front of my subdivision 3 fucking times in the last ten years.

The water Department has torn up the street in front of my house twice trying to fix a water leak.

Every time there is a thunderstorm the power goes out.

Where is Augustus when you need him?

Comment: Re:This is supposed to be the *WAY* they do their (Score 1) 368

by sycodon (#47956975) Attached to: Emails Cast Unflattering Light On Internal Politics of Rollout

Government makes a mess of a program
Government make s a website that touts the success of that program.

Do you see where I'm going here?

After all the lies (go ahead...deny they told us lies) do you really have faith that the stuff they are telling you now is true?

Comment: Re:If this works, then Microsoft is doomed. (Score 2, Insightful) 101

by BitZtream (#47953263) Attached to: Android Apps Now Unofficially Able To Run On Any Major Desktop OS


If this technology matures to the point that it's stable on every desktop OS, then the OS is reduced is reduced to simply being a platform for the chrome browser to run on to run Android Apps. That means

That means instead of the apps being written for the Win32/MFC/.NET runtime, they are written for the Android runtime ... how is that any different? Please explain how its different other than you're a fanboy for Chrome/Android rather than Microsoft.

1. Developers gear their software to run on Android since that's where all the software and market is.

Right, except no its not. If you want ad-ladened crap, Android is where its at. The 'market' is everywhere else. There may be a lot of apps there, but that doesn't mean anyone cares, which the stats have shown by the number of apps with exactly no downloads.

2. Microsoft becomes irrelevant as the things consumers want are the Android Apps, not the OS.

So basically, just like Windows now. People don't want 'windows' they want an environment they are used to and works well, and more importantly the apps they've been using for years. You've given no actual reason why people would want new android apps that work entirely differently over what they already have and are used to. On top of that, the end result for those people would be exactly the same as they already have, except now Google would be in Microsofts place.

Thats just stupid. With Microsoft, at least you are the customer and your data is yours. With Google, you're the product and your data is their data. The whole point is to push more advertising on you and manipulate you into spending more money. Awesome.

I don't think that means Microsoft will die completely, but I do think it means they become just another small player as there is no longer any vendor lock-in to their platform.

Awesome, so instead of being locked into desktop apps with 30 years of evolution and growing, we're locked into phone and tablet apps ... on the desktop ... which are still infants made mostly by random people who think installing Eclipse makes them a developer, awesome. Thats my favorite lock-in right there. Lock in and shitty apps made for tiny screens ... on my 27" inch displays.

There is nothing that magically makes this better than just using an OS and skipping the extra layer of crap added by running your tablet app on your desktop. Have you really thought about how silly this actually is? Turn off your fanboy for 15 minutes and think about it. Its a stupid idea that no one is actually going to use for anything other than some very rare instances.

Never before has someones OS runtime layer been a real product on someone elses OS. Java hasn't ruled the world, Android isn't going to magically make that so just because people use it on their phones. Adding another standard on top of existing standards never results in this magical silver bullet that revolutionizes the world and changes everything. Proper design from the bottom up does that.

Comment: Re:ICANN sell to the highest bidder (Score 1) 64

by BitZtream (#47951187) Attached to: Amazon Purchases<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.buy TLD For $4.6 Million

We should expect more from people who post on slashdot ... sadly, its silly to have expectations.

TLDs have certain requirements associated with them, unless Amazon magically also has some super special secret deal that Google hasn't told the world about after losing ... then Amazon won't be able to monopolize or otherwise use the TLD to an unfair advantage.

They can set certain things related to how the TLD operates, but they don't get it all to themselves. They didn't buy a TLD for themselves, they bought the right to run a TLD under ICANNs guidelines.

Comment: Re:Business IT is Boring...and that's good. (Score 2) 264

by sycodon (#47950055) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Avoid Becoming a Complacent Software Developer?

Umm...80% or more of code running businesses today is not hosted on a webserver.

All the things he mentions, including the web, are a thin veneer of cool on a core of mundane.

Things like your paycheck, 401k, benefits, scheduling, purchasing, sales, repair, shipping, renting, inventory, routing, tracking, etc. etc. etc. are all done on fairly large computers running dull code like COBOL and even FORTRAN. They may have Web interfaces built with all these wizbang thingies, but the real work happens in legacy systems that are solid as a rock because they don't change technologies every three years to something cooler than what they have now.

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The mistake we made (and continue to make) with Al-Qaeda is that we did treat them like murderers. We captured them, gave them lawyers, rights, etc. They should have been and should be exterminated on the spot. Pissing on the bodies optional.

Wars seldom end through peaceful negotiations. They end because one side completely and utterly destroys the other.

Comment: Re:So then they get another warrant ... (Score 1, Troll) 502

by BitZtream (#47938417) Attached to: Apple Will No Longer Unlock Most iPhones, iPads For Police

It doesn't work that way. Judges don't make rules, they judge the application of existing ones. Apple can not be compelled to do something that isn't already codified into law, regardless of what the judge or enforcement want.

Like wise, the most the cops can do is enforce existing laws.

The federal congress or state congress would have to pass a law requiring back doors. And congress we control. They are elected not selected. What you need to worry about is making sure congress can't do this sort of change in a secret vote and that you will vote them out of office if they try!

Sadly, they know most people don't vote, and most of those that do just check the party checkbox they've been checking since mommy and daddy indoctrinated them into the sport of politics.

Comment: Overselling Bandwidth (Score 5, Interesting) 324

by sycodon (#47936597) Attached to: FCC Chairman: Americans Shouldn't Subsidize Internet Service Under 10Mbps

I'd be happy if those fuckers just stopped overselling their bandwidth. I pay for the bandwidth but many times I get squat because everyone else is on the neighborhood cable loop. If the sell it, they need to be able to support it 24/7. This airline approach is bullshit.

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