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Comment Re:Lori Garver doesn't understand bicycle road rac (Score 1) 103

Just sayin' what? That you're entirely too literal and missed the point because while you're trying ridiculously to show us how smart you are ... you weren't even smart enough to realize that an analogy isn't meant to be 100% factually accurate and is instead intended to convey a point? Is that what ya'r say'n?

That sound you hear? Thats the other slashdotters laughing at you as if you ... kind of like the other riders you refer to.

Comment Re:I'd be wary of Musk, too (Score 1) 103

Sure, because you're looking at some faux value in a 'stock market' that you think has actual meaning and value.

The reality of it is that a single incident can drive Tesla stock to be worthless (and I don't mean anything related to the actual cars either).

If you measure success by the stock market, you're an idiot. The stock market is a measure of how well scammers can get stupid people to buy virtual pieces of paper (they don't even use real stock certificates anymore) as if it had some meaning or value. Stocks are a great con game, company value has nothing to do with winners and losers when you play the stock market, it has to do with dumb and dumber, and how to get those people to buy stocks so you can make money from nothing.

Tesla's position in the stock market is a direct result of idiots like you who think they are valuable and buy virtual pieces of paper that have the companies name on it. Thats it. When that fad dies, Tesla will have to stand on its own, at which point it will succeed or fail. If you did that right now, it'd implode nearly instantly.

Tesla still would not exist without ongoing subsidies. Long term SURVIVAL, not profit is the point of those subsidies. Take everything they get away today, they go under within a year. Thats not really successful by most peoples definition of the word.

Comment The real reason (Score 1) 582

I will likely be downvoted, even though what I write is absolutely true.

Revolution was predicted at least 6 years ago, a result of public land policy changes made 50 years ago and yet nobody talks about it. In fact, if anybody brings it up, they are immediately dismissed as radical, or simply silly.

Starving people are dramatically more likely to revolt than well fed people. Somehow, mentioning this ridiculously obvious fact is universally dismissed.

Comment Exactly (Score 3, Interesting) 582


We have an opportunity to forge an alliance between former enemies. The only reason the USSR and America were adversaries was the conflict over economic systems. that conflict no longer exists. Russia us just as capitalistic as the West, albeit a but more crude about it. But the point is that we have no reason to automatically line up against then anymore.

We have an opportunity to create a partnership that exceeds Nato and present a united front against Islamic Radicalism. This means not only immolating ISIS terrorists, but also, diplomatically confronting the bigger players in the Mideast that are the ones actually fueling his kind of crap with their fundamentalist nonsense. We could force them all to clean up their act, and reform Islam.

Of course, the US will need to stop supporting "moderates", mostly because there is no such thing.

Comment Re:Target audience (Score 1) 216

Wrong. You are assuming too much. They've marketed that number at you.

saying that the proportion of readers using ad blockers dropped from 23% to the single digits when faced with the choice to turn off the software or pay.

They didn't say those people turned off their ad blockers and they didn't say those people paid for a subscription.

What they said was that 'when you can't view our site with an ad blocker, people with ad blockers stopped viewing our site' ... meaning they probably just lost all of those readers completely. They simply no longer bother viewing the site at all.

And the fact that they lost all those readers is why they are now suing.

They cut off their nose to spite their face and it worked nearly flawlessly, now they're suing the guy who made the knife because they just now realized the actual effect their actions were going to have.

Comment Re:I Bet This Article Will Do As Much Damage... (Score 1) 108

If the author hasn't been played in any way, then the damage is still done: the scammers just got a great idea they'll no doubt literally capitalize on.

If you think that anybody who's written or executed ransomware hasn't already thought about ransoming medical devices, you have an astonishingly low opinion of others. Just how smart do you think you are?

Anybody who's spent the time necessary to write ransomware and attempt to profit from it has had more than enough time to consider the all reasonable possibilities, even if it took somebody as *brilliant* as you 5 minutes to come up with this idea. This isn't some global super-conspiracy; this is as brilliant as banging chips off a rock with another rock.

Comment Re:Mars isn't going anywhere. (Score 1) 173

I imagine Rei standing next to the Wright brothers and claiming that not only will their idea not work, but that it's stupid because we have trains and ships. And besides, no engines exist that can power a plane big enough to carry more than one or two people and who would want to sit exposed to the wind, and jet engines? Fantasy, and, and.

We should do something like this because we should/would want to DO something in space, not just take pretty pictures and heat up a few handfuls of dirt. Exploiting the asteroids, diverting objects that might hit the earth, etc.

And EM Drives? When you stand in the same room as the several PhDs that are investigating and tell them to their face that they are stupid dolts for even trying and they sheepishly agree, then I'll listen to you. Until then, I'll wait for the process to complete and the conclusions of the people who know what the are doing.

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