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Comment: Foxfire Books (Score 4, Informative) 272

by coaxial (#48248775) Attached to: A Library For Survival Knowledge

Foxfire has been doing this the mid 1960s. How to raise and slaughter animals. How to grow crops. How to bootstrap iron working, including gunsmithing. Everything you need, and with all the mammy-pamby crap from "urban homesteaders" and preppers. Practical knowledge from people that were doing it daily.

Comment: Liked BF2, but hated BF3 (Score 1) 208

by coaxial (#47311691) Attached to: The Simultaneous Rise and Decline of <em>Battlefield</em>

I've never been a great FPS player, but I do enjoy the genre, or at least I used to. (Apparently, kids these days think camping at spawn points is cool. In my day, that would get you kicked.) I really liked BF2. I liked hopping in anti aircraft batteries and gibbetting whole groups of people until inevitably someone stuck a bomb on the back on detonated it. Loads of fun. When I got BF3, I thought, "What the fuck is this?" Every gun, every add-on had to be unlocked. It was stupid, and made an already frustrating game, unplayable. I was a goddamn sniper, without a goddamn scope! WTF?

Even the single player campaign was boring and by the numbers. It was almost as bad as a rail-shooter, that I couldn't bother to finish it. And that's when I realized that I'd probably never play another FPS. (Well that, and the stupidity of the COD Black Ops demo where I had to walk to a U2, climb up a latter, turn on the plane, fly up, then watch a cut scene. Pointless.)

Comment: Re:Their business model sucked (Score 2) 338

by coaxial (#46875605) Attached to: How the USPS Killed Digital Mail

The USPS has a history of supporting OCR research, as part of its need to quickly and accurately route mail to its intended destination. That's main reason why ZIP codes and their later evolution of ZIP+4 came about.

That said, the National Security Complex has used the this system to institute the Mail Isolation Control and Tracking, which is a program to expand what used to be law enforcement surveillance technique (mail covers), as part of mass warrantless surveillance.

Comment: Good and Completely Unsurprising (Score 1) 157

by coaxial (#46848841) Attached to: Lucasfilm Announces Break With <em>Star Wars</em> Expanded Universe

When the prequels, came out, Lucas tossed everything the EU under the bus, including everything stated and implied in the films. ("I just remember my mother was always very sad," No! That was your adopted mom!) About the only thing he kept was Obi-Wan and Anakin fought over lava. So none of this is surprising.

When milking an existing franchise there's this need to be different-yet-similar, and a need to ramp everything up a notch or two. Eventually, everything gets a bit stupider as a result.

Years, ago I ingested everything out of the WEG RPG source books. I loved it. Now when I look out at the EU, it seems like such overwrought load of rehashed crap. A perpetual war of Sith and Jedi with even the uniforms and technology always looking the same. It's like the Star Wars Galaxy didn't even have changes in design, or different empires to grow and fall. (The Rakata being the notable exception.) Its quite a boring universe really.

Comment: Re:Fuck that guy. (Score 0) 397

by coaxial (#46531497) Attached to: Jesse Jackson To Take On Silicon Valley's Lack of Diversity

Mr. Jackson seems rooted in an age that has long since gone by. What he needs to do is tell the people he claims to represent, "pull up your damn pants, don't get ugly tattoos all over your body, learn to address people in respectful language and study your ass off rather than trying to figure how you can goof off more. There's boatloads of money, waiting to be made and odds are you aren't going to be a zillionaire hip-hop or movie star, but if you take an interest you could make more than all of them put together.


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