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Comment infosec institute is bullshit (Score 4, Informative) 97

Why not evaluate the candidate shitty policies on information security? Like Carly who can't grasp math and is in favor of back doors into software and encryption.

What a stupid "investigation"

Even their page doesn't have SSL by default, when you go to the HTTPS site, it uses outdated encryption even with a modern browser.

Comment Yes and no (Score 2) 27

I am getting ready to launch one for my company. We simply announced it was coming and got inundated from India with garbage Metaspoilt attempts. Speaking with people that have programs this seems to be standard. Getting to serious issues seems to be a bit harder since it takes a bit more skill than a script kiddie can do. The real keys to success seem to be defining the scope well from the onset. But time shall tell.

Comment Reality speaks for itself (Score 0) 142

Tesla pushed the "autonomous driving" out in a beta update. Immediately youtube was filled with videos of Tesla's with auto-driving enabled almost crashing as it can't handle corners, swerved into other lanes etc.

Then you have google who is taking a multi year approach of refining the technology before even letting consumers see it.

Tesla is (in my mind) looking hard to make noise about their products and it is dangerous to push out alpha "self driving" software out to the masses. It is quite a difficult problem to solve and people shouldn't be beta testers.

Comment Re:Because no one gives a shit about security (Score 1) 99

True, HL7 is garbage and makes me hate life. I'd say it is a combination of both. Any of the new tech coming out still suffers from these issues. But then again, it isn't like hospital INFOSEC people are the cream of the crop. I recently filled out a questionnaire if we had a "HIPAA Certification" - of which none exist (Unless you count the new HITRUST bullshit certification, which they weren't talking about)

Comment Because no one gives a shit about security (Score 1) 99

Medical devices have gone under the guise of "security by obscurity" for far too long. They have no standards. They are plugged into the network without any worry at all to what could happen. Insulin pumps are terrible at this.

Even Dick Cheney had to have special consideration taken for his pacemaker, since the technology is so bad.

It isn't just device makers. In general most don't give a shit about security. From banking "apps" to healthcare "apps" - security is generally the last checkbox checked before shipping. It isn't a core tenet of technology for companies, it is feature you may or may not get to.

Until there are actual penalties for ignoring basic information security practices, no one will waste time (aka money) securing things they "don't have to."

Comment The answer is simple (Score 1) 362

Older people just don't give a shit about what Facebook, Twitter, etc are doing. Facebook has recruited me heavily the but I have no interest in anything they do. I am not going to uproot my family to work for FB, Twitter, etc.

At an old 33, I prefer to work on either my own company or optionally if that wasn't there, companies which share my passions.

Young People are great to hire because they'll work their fingers to the bones for some abstract promise, but once you build a family and a life, working 80 hours a week, because startup, isn't appealing.

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