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Comment Re:You must be new here (Score 1) 1822

here's no doubt that the Slashdot community is one of the most thoughtful, intelligent, and prolific communities on the web.

You must be new here.

The really sad thing is that it used to be so. I've been here since the beginning, though I didn't sign up for an ID immediately. This used to be the go to site for news for nerds and stuff that matters. Not only has the level of discourse dropped precipitously but the quality of content has as well. Most 'breaking news' stories that I see here are ones I saw days ago on other sites. The editors are a joke and do not even bother to try editing anything. I'm willing to give the new owners the benefit of the doubt, but I really can't see how they can fix any of this.

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 2) 558

25 MPH (or 40 km/h) on a road of the quality seen in the video will usually feel like it is too slow, and it is not surprising that there are many that exceed this limit.

I notice that most arterial roads around here have the equivalent of 30 MPH (50 km/h) though reduced to 40 km/h or 25 MPH past schools. Where there also is at least one speed bump or raised pedestrian crossing (basically a speed bump with the crosswalk on top). Non-arterial roads have 30 km/h (which would correspond to 20 MPH), and there are always speed bumps.

Submission + - How do I get Microsoft to get up off their asses & look at a Windows 10 prob ( 4

mykepredko writes: My product communicates with a host system via Bluetooth (using the Serial Port Profile) and each time a device is connected to a PC a couple of serial ports are allocated. Windows has always had a problem with not automatically disposing of the allocated ports when the connection is removed, but until Windows 10, there were processes for deleting them. This isn't possible for Windows 10 (which apparently has new Serial/Com port and/or Bluetooth drivers) — but individuals, who are apparently working for Microsoft, periodically reply with useless suggestions or attempt to promote questions and ideas as solutions to the problem: I suspect that this is an issue for all Windows 10 users (although I guess few people are plugging/unplugging devices) — so how do we get Microsoft to take notice (and not have to pay for them to fix their bug)?

Submission + - VGA in Memoriam ( 1

szczys writes: VGA is going away. It has been for a long time but the final nails in the coffin are being driven home this year. It was the first standard for video, and is by far the longest-lived port on the PC. The extra pins made computers monitor-aware; allowing data about the screen type and resolution to be queried whenever a display was connected. But the connector is big and looks antiquated. There's no place for it in today's thin, design minded devices. It is also a mechanism for analog signaling in our world that has embraced high-speed digital for ever increasing pixels and integration of more data passing through one connection. Most motherboards no longer have the connector, and Intel's new Skylake processors have removed native VGA functionality. Even online retailers have stopped including it as a filter option when choosing hardware.
The Internet

T-Mobile's Binge On Violates Net Neutrality, Says Stanford Report ( 217

An anonymous reader writes: The debate over whether or not Binge On violates Net Neutrality has been raging ever since the service was announced in November. The latest party to weigh in is Barbara van Schewick, law professor at Stanford University.

In a new report published today — and filed to the FCC, as well — van Schewick says that Binge on "violates key net neutrality principles" and "is likely to violate the FCC's general conduct rule." She goes on to make several arguments against Binge On, saying that services in Binge On distorts competition because they're zero-rated and because video creators are more likely to use those providers for their content, as the zero-rated content is more attractive to consumers.

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