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Comment Re: Cars (Score 1) 496

Modern cars and diesels actually clean the air polluted by older vehicles. Exhaust and pollution from less environmentally friendly vehicles gets inhaled by these new vehicles and HC and NOx and particulate matter get a second pass through the system. This is especially so in dense traffic.

Comment Intel needs to simplify (Score 2) 104

They've got over a dozen product lines going and numerous iterations underneath that. The overlap is insane. Aside from graphics speed, the chips don't get much faster. The performance of this cpu is still in the range of 5 year old i7 mobile processors. The only reason to upgrade to a newer computer is just features, speed isn't really there unless you have a celeron.

Comment Re:Did anybody else think about who InFocus is? (Score 1) 224

I've been hoping for the day that the "computer" is just a module within the laptop much like this device. Then when you get Joe-Somebody who gets a promotion and wants a laptop, you just pop this inside the laptop dock and now he's mobile. Or even just make it so the laptop is slightly more modular.

Comment Re:My mistake (Score 1) 497

d) Not declaring types, he means not using types for declaration - In languages, like C and Java you must give variables a type

What about :
var something = somethingElse();
Sometimes you're dealing with some kind of method that uses some type you're not really familiar with other than you can access a few methods attached to the returned data to get what you need.

You're technically not giving it a type, your'e just letting it figure it out via var.

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