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Comment Dell Screens (Score 1) 435

My work laptop (Dell E6440) has a very nice 1080p 14" screen with much better color than pretty much any other laptop I've seen. And it can drive 3 external 1080p displays when it is docked. I've got good eyes so I appreciate 1080p even when small for more room. It only has a dual core i5 but other processors are available. I even use this laptop to connect back to my faster Toshiba laptop that doesn't have as nice of a screen.

Comment I don't like the audio codecs (Score 1) 145

Something in the way they work causes my wife's voice to cut out randomly when talking to me on the phone especially if there's background noise. I don't seem to have that problem with other people just her, so maybe she has a unique voice frequency that it rejects as noise. (*insert joke here*) We've tried different brands of phone and the problem persists.

Comment Re:Waste of money (Score 1) 341

As far as computing goes, well into the 70s, computers were a mainly female dominated industry. In the 80's people started getting computers into their own homes and elementary schools. Then people could learn computer skills without attending a university. If I want speculate why women dominated at that time, I would guess it started in the 40s during the war. Civilian women in mathematics (like Grace Hopper) were recruited into the computer industry to help with the war effort while many of the men were abroad. Grace became an officer in the Navy as a result of her previous professorship. Women who were not college educated who had experience typing were likely recruited into computing as well to do data entry and to convert hand written programs into punch cards and such. Many of them I'm sure picked up some knowledge of programming along the way.

Comment Where's the problem? (Score 1) 242

There's an old survivalist trick where you can use a pit with water, waste, urine, etc and you put a collection can/bucket in the middle, stretch plastic over the top and put a rock in the middle. The water evaporates and condenses on the plastic and gravity pulls it down to where the rock is in the center and it drips into the collection can. It is essentially distilled and clean to drink as long as nothing else is evaporating and condensing.

Comment Re:A tragedy in any other country is success here (Score 1) 894

In order to own a gun, at least in Victoria, you have to compete in a certain number of competitions per year. Essentially making it cost prohibitive. You can however join a club and rent "gun time" at the target range and use one of their guns. I know a girl who's a "gun nut" near Melbourne and she said on the one hand she feels that they should be allowed to own a gun but she said that everyone there's a horrible shot because they have no experience.

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