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Comment Re:Nobel Prize is a tool to stir up (Score 1, Flamebait) 47

As we have seen with pre-issuing Obama with the peace price when he continues the wars he vowed to eliminate, and continues to allow drone strikes and has even targeted US citizens without trial on foreign soil, the Nobel Prize system has become not much more than a political award.

Comment Re:people pay attention to likes on youtube? (Score 1) 66

Believe it or not, there are many people out there in which YouTube is their source of income. Dave Jones is one of them. He makes enough that he has made it his full time job. Let's say there's some a-hole at work that has it in for you because you you pointed out a technical flaw in something they did. Now this person has made it a point to try to mess with you whenever they can, and at your next salary review your boss points out that one or more co-workers has been saying this and that about you and that you need to shape up or you don't qualify for a raise.

Comment Dell Screens (Score 1) 435

My work laptop (Dell E6440) has a very nice 1080p 14" screen with much better color than pretty much any other laptop I've seen. And it can drive 3 external 1080p displays when it is docked. I've got good eyes so I appreciate 1080p even when small for more room. It only has a dual core i5 but other processors are available. I even use this laptop to connect back to my faster Toshiba laptop that doesn't have as nice of a screen.

Comment I don't like the audio codecs (Score 1) 145

Something in the way they work causes my wife's voice to cut out randomly when talking to me on the phone especially if there's background noise. I don't seem to have that problem with other people just her, so maybe she has a unique voice frequency that it rejects as noise. (*insert joke here*) We've tried different brands of phone and the problem persists.

Comment Re:Waste of money (Score 1) 341

As far as computing goes, well into the 70s, computers were a mainly female dominated industry. In the 80's people started getting computers into their own homes and elementary schools. Then people could learn computer skills without attending a university. If I want speculate why women dominated at that time, I would guess it started in the 40s during the war. Civilian women in mathematics (like Grace Hopper) were recruited into the computer industry to help with the war effort while many of the men were abroad. Grace became an officer in the Navy as a result of her previous professorship. Women who were not college educated who had experience typing were likely recruited into computing as well to do data entry and to convert hand written programs into punch cards and such. Many of them I'm sure picked up some knowledge of programming along the way.

"One Architecture, One OS" also translates as "One Egg, One Basket".