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Comment Intel needs to simplify (Score 2) 104

They've got over a dozen product lines going and numerous iterations underneath that. The overlap is insane. Aside from graphics speed, the chips don't get much faster. The performance of this cpu is still in the range of 5 year old i7 mobile processors. The only reason to upgrade to a newer computer is just features, speed isn't really there unless you have a celeron.

Comment Re:Did anybody else think about who InFocus is? (Score 1) 224

I've been hoping for the day that the "computer" is just a module within the laptop much like this device. Then when you get Joe-Somebody who gets a promotion and wants a laptop, you just pop this inside the laptop dock and now he's mobile. Or even just make it so the laptop is slightly more modular.

Comment Re:My mistake (Score 1) 497

d) Not declaring types, he means not using types for declaration - In languages, like C and Java you must give variables a type

What about :
var something = somethingElse();
Sometimes you're dealing with some kind of method that uses some type you're not really familiar with other than you can access a few methods attached to the returned data to get what you need.

You're technically not giving it a type, your'e just letting it figure it out via var.

Comment Re:Nobel Prize is a tool to stir up (Score 1, Flamebait) 48

As we have seen with pre-issuing Obama with the peace price when he continues the wars he vowed to eliminate, and continues to allow drone strikes and has even targeted US citizens without trial on foreign soil, the Nobel Prize system has become not much more than a political award.

Comment Re:people pay attention to likes on youtube? (Score 1) 66

Believe it or not, there are many people out there in which YouTube is their source of income. Dave Jones is one of them. He makes enough that he has made it his full time job. Let's say there's some a-hole at work that has it in for you because you you pointed out a technical flaw in something they did. Now this person has made it a point to try to mess with you whenever they can, and at your next salary review your boss points out that one or more co-workers has been saying this and that about you and that you need to shape up or you don't qualify for a raise.

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