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Comment Re:Windows Mobile? (Score 1) 154

It's defaulted to off though, and probably a majority of Android users don't know it exists or are locked out of changing it by their carrier (without rooting it) in the US.

Pre WP7 there wasn't any code signing necessary, so deploying to WM6.5 and below was as simple as it is on a Windows PC.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 498

In Texas they use three tests to confirm suspicion and give you a ride in one of their fancy jail taxis. Breathalyzers tend to be one of those three tests.

Nothing holds up in court, however, unless you either submit to a blood test or refuse one (which in Texas is an admission of guilt).

Comment Re:I think Beck has started to believe his own con (Score 3, Insightful) 1276

Meh, I don't think he's really any of those. Just a guy looking for shock value to sell viewership/listenership, and it works.

Either way I can't stand to listen to anything he says, or Amy Goodman for that matter. People who push their agenda through "news" irritate the crap out of me.

Comment Re:Human video projectors (Score 1) 139

My calculus class in college wasn't a lecture class, thank goodness. We were able to interact with the prof, ask questions during the lesson, and learned much more (and quicker) for all that.

A video lecture class on calculus would be helpful, but not nearly as helpful as having the professor interact right there to the 20 or so students in the room.

Comment Re:fail (Score 1) 278

From TFA

"In (his) book Domscheit-Berg confesses to various acts of sabotage against the organization. The former WikiLeaks staffer admits to having damaged the site's primary submission system and stolen material," Hrafnsson's statement said.

Damaging the primary submission system could be a range of things, but given the accusation I'd say they sound more than suspiciously similar.

So I suppose you can believe his own words or not... up to you.

Comment Re:fail (Score 2) 278

I don't think you're really reading what Jeremiah is saying. This guy admits to removing a component guaranteeing the anonymity of leakers. On top of that, he's taken with him backlogged (read: not yet published) leaked documents. Assange's alleged wrongdoing has nothing to do with the functionality and business model of the site/company.

Now, strangely, if this guy was a programmer and the component was software, all they would need to do is go to their SCR and put the code back in.. and possibly some data cleanup (redaction of names of leakers). If it was hardware, then plug it back in. If it's damaged, the author of the story needs to report that.

Comment Re:Texas Budget Deficit (Score 1) 811

The fact that there are insufficient laws governing taxes on sales of items bought on the internet from a company in another state doesn't at all make it dishonest or tax evasion. You cannot evade taxes that don't exist.

And I argue those jobs will not reappear, people will still continue to buy from Amazon regardless of the location of a distribution center.

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