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Journal Journal: OMG 7

I havent been here for years!


Comment the offer still stands (Score 1) 4

If you ever want to talk or whatever, send me a mail (tuxette at gmail dot com) and I can send mail, my AIM name, facebook URL, whatever...
Christmas Cheer

Journal Journal: for those of you not on multiply... 4

boyfriend of tuxette and I graded successfully to P5 in Krav Maga on Thursday. Next up is G1 and we won't be allowed to grade to that for at least another year :-)
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Journal Journal: wheeeee!

Just so I can boast about it here as well... I'm going to Svalbard next week! :-D

For business. But still...

Linux Business

Journal Journal: update for those of you who aren't on Multiply 7

Let's see...

- The new job (started 3rd of March) is going OK though there are still quite a lot of adjustment pains. At the very least I have close to a carte blanche when it comes to going to external courses and conferences, which is quite cool.

- It's finally warm enough to start running outside. Yay!

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: the stick of pain 1

You know you're in for a training from hell when the instructor says that he's going to whack you with the stick of pain if your tempo (when doing drills) is too slow...

It was a good training though :-)

The Gimp

Journal Journal: Nebbeline 3

I've written about Nebbeline on Multiply. Thought I'd share her with everyone over here...
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Journal Journal: lens lens baby 7

I got a lensbaby! :-D

The 2.0 to be more precise. I can't wait to start playing around with it...

If you don't know what a lensbaby is or what it can do, click on the product link, or perhaps check out the lensbaby flickr group...
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Journal Journal: moose news 2

More crashes in the full moon

Statistics show that a full moon really can "bring out the beast," at least in Norway, where the most collisions between cars and moose occur when the moon is full and the weather is cold.

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Journal Journal: mod points? 5

I didn't finish using the last set I got. And I've only been here a very few times since I wrote my last JE. What gives? ;-)
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Journal Journal: BOKSBOKSBOKSBOKSBOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ENG 6 15 RSA

Whoa... very close match. Scoring only by kicks. Both sides came soooo close to the line but never made it... wow... !!

What was up with the trophy falling apart during the awards ceremony? Hmmm...


Journal Journal: Pot Belly

I posted this on multiply; forgot to post it here. Freshly Ground is a South African group...

watch and listen - it's one of the most beautiful music videos I have ever seen...

Christmas Cheer

Journal Journal: I survived Jo'burg... 2

...but not the long flight home. Urgh :-/

See Multiply and all... photos etc. to come later...

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