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by trout007 (#48474971) Attached to: Interviews: The Hampton Creek Team Answers Your Questions

I realize everyone's body is different but I have done quite a few experiments trying to figure out what to eat. For 2 months I ate 3-4 eggs a day for breakfast. I really like eggs but by the end I was getting tired. I have always had high LDL (150-170 range). Eating the eggs had zero effect over 2 months. What had worked for me is what you are suggesting. I try to get the majority of my calories from good quality natural fats. The Plant based ones are coconut oil, olive oil, and palm oil. These are actual oils you can get out of plants just by grinding and squeezing. I also get some from nuts and avocados. I avoid the ones you talk about that require chemicals to extract them from the plant before being mostly removed'. The animal fats are mostly heavy cream, butter, and to a less degree from meats. As a 40 year old man I went from 215 to 175 and have kept this weight off for over 2 years.

As for my cardiovascular health indicators everything improved with this way of eating with the exception of LDL which is still where it was. But HDL has increased and Triglycerides have gone way down as well as blood glucose levels. Plus I feel as good as I did when I was 20 where I felt like crap through most of my late 20's and 30's.

Again this is a one person experiment and I don't know if I'll die from a heart attack when I'm 60 but I'll take how I feel over contradictory theories proposed by the pharmaceutical industry.

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by trout007 (#48442467) Attached to: Doubling Saturated Fat In Diet Does Not Increase It In Blood

Same results here as I'm drinking a coffee with heavy cream. I now get about 50% of calories from fat (mostly saturated).

Everything improved with the exception of LDL which is still high 160. HDL went from 40's to 60's. Triglycerides in the 70-80's, glucose in the 60's and I'm down from 210 lb to 170 lb.

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