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Comment: Re:Re usability (Score 3, Interesting) 151

by trout007 (#48739007) Attached to: In Daring Plan, Tomorrow SpaceX To Land a Rocket On Floating Platform

Their engines are already reused "sort of". They test fire their engines before launch. One time they evens scrubbed a launch after the engines were lit. They fixed the problem in a few hours and launched after that.

One of the reasons payloads cost multi-billion dollars is because the launchers cause near that amount. Cheaper launchers will lead to cheaper payloads..

Comment: Re:Integrated this, integrated that (Score 1) 840

There is no way to adjust timing anymore. I had a 1998 Civic that was just when electronic timing started but they still had a distributer. I went to adjust the timing after replacing plugs and when I turned the distributer the car started to stall then to my suprise fixed itself. I stood there for a few minutes in wonder as I could move the distributer from one side to the other and the computer would figure out how to fix my mistake. I guess they left the ability to adjust the timing in case the computer failed.

Comment: Let the environment fit the task. (Score 1) 420

by trout007 (#48701801) Attached to: The Open Office Is Destroying the Workplace

As an enginner my ideal work environment would consist of communal spaces were you can talk and interact with other people to brainstorm and review ideas. Kind of like a coffee shop vibe with whiteboards and projectors or TV's where you can share your screen. Then also have places similar to quiet study rooms at college where you can hide away when you really need to focus on detailed tasks. I run relativly resource intensive CAD software and it easily runs these days on a $2k laptop. Any intensive FEA gets sent to a cluster anyway.

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