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Comment Waste processing is solvable. (Score 5, Insightful) 351

The problem isn't the stuff that lasts 200,000 years. That is pretty low level. Its also not the highly radioactive stuff since it decays quickly. It's the stuff that lasts hundreds of years that is trouble. Luckily we are getting better at nuclear chemistry and our ability to separate the bad from the not bad, or even useful stuff is improving. If we hadn't had such a short sighted policy we would have moved even further.

Comment Difference between this and SpaceX (Score 1) 121

The real difference is that in order to get a payload into orbit you need enough thrust to move the fuel required to get you there. This means powerful engines. This rocket had a small engine that is capable of hovering. On an orbital class rocket your engine will have too much thrust making it impossible to hover. That is what SpaceX is trying to do. Land using a thrust to weight greater than one. This is much more difficult than a hovering landing which SpaceX has already done multiple times, along with other test craft decades ago.

Comment No kidding. This reads like magic. (Score 2) 55

Here is how I understand it. Imagine you have a bunch of fat kids on swings. The swinging represents the kinetic motion of the atoms. If you measure the motion of each kid carefully and shoot a tennis ball at the kid when they are traveling towards you, you can slow them down. If you shoot enough balls at them you can slow them nearly to a stop.

Replace fat kids with the atoms in this crystal and tennis balls with photons and you have your cooling laser.

Comment You mean Temp agency? (Score 1) 113

When I started in Engineering some of my friends decided to become contractors. They would typically make about twice my pay when they had work. The temp agencies they worked for took a cut and provides the benefits like health insurance. Of course this was 20 years ago so it was easy to find a cheap high deductible policy before they were banned.

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