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Comment: Florida Best Performance. (Score 4, Informative) 778

by trout007 (#47493555) Attached to: States That Raised Minimum Wage See No Slow-Down In Job Growth

The best performer is Florida which only raised it's minimum wage to keep pace with inflation by 14 cents/hr.

"The number of jobs in Florida has risen 1.6 percent this year, the most of the 13 states with higher minimums. Its minimum rose to $7.93 an hour from $7.79 last year."

In reality inflation is much worse for low income people in Florida so in real terms the minimum wage decreased for those people.

Comment: AIO wireless (Score 1) 273

by SiChemist (#46449461) Attached to: WSJ: Americans' Phone Bills Are Going Up

I switched from Verizon (~$80/month including a company discount) to AIO wireless at $45/month. That $45 gets me unlimited minutes and texts and 2.5GB of "high speed" data (4Mb/s on HSPA, 8Mb/s on LTE) and unlimited data at 256Kb/s after the 2.5GB limit has been exceeded. No contract. It uses AT&T towers, so I have great coverage. I am very happy with the service.

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