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Comment Re:Focus on his current skills (Score 5, Insightful) 86

This! I don't know how many times I've been asked to take a couple days or weeks and help teach someone how to design and engineer mechanical thing. It's only taken me 30 years of life long learning so let me just boil that down for you. Specialization is what makes the modern world possible. This guy needs to focus on what he is good at.

Comment Re:That's all that consumer-oriented businesses do (Score 1) 246

All employers pay less than what the employee produces otherwise you would be out of business. What the employee gets is an assurance they are getting paid at the end of the pay period regardless of sales, they get all of the capital (building, equipment, etc). The owners carry the majority of the risk since it's their capital at stake.

Comment Re:That's all that consumer-oriented businesses do (Score 1) 246

"It's a statement that I would suffer an even greater loss by going without broadband entirely."

So you are better off making this voluntary exchange exactly like I said. The fact you only have one provider is not a function of the market but political.

Comment Re:That's all that consumer-oriented businesses do (Score 1) 246

Just because you regret a decision doesn't mean that at the time it wasn't voluntary. Lock in is not force. If you buy something that requires a certain expendable item to function you know you are dependent on it being available. I'd like to be able to buy parts for my 20 year old lawn mower but the manufacturer refuses to support it anymore.

Food, lodging, and medicine are certainly voluntary. You can. Jose to be homeless or live in the wilderness and live off the land. It just so happens that voluntary exchange has made us so wealthy nobody even thinks it's an option.

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