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Comment: Unintended consequences? (Score 4, Interesting) 341

by trout007 (#49351121) Attached to: Win Or Lose, Discrimination Suit Is Having an Effect On Silicon Valley

This also makes it more risky for companies to hire women. They need to increase the HR budget to make sure there is plenty of data to back up promotions. This is a very subjective area. Especially for a company like this one where I seriously doubt anyone is a slacker. It's like trying to judge between all 4.0 students. You have to look at things that are impossible to measure.

I'm not saying if she is right or wrong.

Comment: Re:ESRB was created by Game companies (Score 1) 128

by trout007 (#49299751) Attached to: Why Is the Grand Theft Auto CEO Also Chairman of the ESRB?

This has nothing to do with policing. Industries create standards all of the time to help the industry as a whole to appeal to their customers.

For example there are standards for threaded fasteners. The reason is because it it makes the whole concept of interchangeable threaded fasteners more appealing to customers. If I had to stick to one vendor who made their own size for everything I might just use some other technology. Because they got together and came up with a system that allows for a few sizes that meet almost all needs makes it almost trivial to select them.

The same with rating agencies. There was a public outcry for a while where parents (who actually pay for the games for kids) to provide a way to determine what content games contained. It is in the industries advantage to make a clear system for these parents. They can spend more freely knowing that a quick glance at the box will tell them what the games content is. If they make mistakes and mislabel content parents would be less likely to spend money and might take the time to look up reviews which would hurt sales.

Comment: Re:Wait to see what Nintendo does. Again. (Score 1) 124

by trout007 (#49277389) Attached to: Valve's SteamVR: Solves Big Problems, Raises Bigger Questions

Those games are first person which didn't require anything special in terms of gameplay. You were the camera.
Descent had horrible controls. It was very difficult to figure out where you were going. What made the games I mentioned exceptional was how they coordinated the camera and control for you providing an intuitive gameplay.

Comment: Wait to see what Nintendo does. Again. (Score 4, Insightful) 124

by trout007 (#49264317) Attached to: Valve's SteamVR: Solves Big Problems, Raises Bigger Questions

Remember how crappy controls in 3D games were? Then Nintendo came out with Super Mario 64 and everyone went "oh yeah this is how it should work". But what about fighting in 3D? Ocarina of Time and z-targeting pretty much established that. Now I admit that story wise Nintendo doesnt always excell. But I don't think anyone can make controls more intuitive then they can. Hell even Mario Galaxy with its insane physics is easy to pick up and figure out how to move when you are jumping from one floating asteroid to another.

Comment: Re:Please stop. Just stop (Score 1) 1080

by trout007 (#49260833) Attached to: How To Execute People In the 21st Century

What is almost never mentioned is that true justice would require restoring the victim as fully as possible. Common law came up with some equivalent costs of various crimes but that would be left to a jury to decide. If the focus was on the victim things would improve drastically especially because all victimless crimes would no longer include a prison.

In addition prisons should be privatized but not in the way they are today.
The prisoners should choose which prison they go to and use the money they earn working in that prison to pay for their incarceration as well as restoring the victim.

Comment: Re:End copyright and all kinds of IP protection to (Score 1) 386

If you want to have a consistent theory of property rights then intellectual monopoly has no place in it. What something costs to produce has zero to do with what price you can sell it for. That is basic economics. If it costs you millions of dollars to make something that I can do for $10 and customers determine they would rather have my product then you should lose business because you are wasting resources.

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