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Comment Re:Socalim is organized psychopathy (Score 1) 307

If the labor agrees to a voluntary wage then they are getting their fair share. It takes a tremendous amount of capital to make a laborer as productive as they are in modern life. The laborer puts nothing on the line. If the company goes under they are just out of a job.

Comment Re: She killed the calculator group. Never forget! (Score 2) 298

That's what I did. I bought 2 extra 48G's and they are sitting in plastic bags with silica gel in my safe. I use my primary every day for the unit conversion feature alone. It is a great tool I bought in 1993. It would be even better with a better screen and faster processor.

Comment Re:More like "lack of clue" instead? (Score 2) 203

The most likely reason is they all have emission testing facilities that are to the exact EPA specification. This car was designed to pass this test so nobody noticed. But eventually this is how it was found out. A private group tested it with portable equipment on the road.

Comment Re:Let industry self-regulate! (Score 2) 203

This is actually a perfect example on self regulation. The EPA didn't find this but a private clean air organization. In a free market you don't expect a company to self report every bad thing but you sure can count on their competition or private interest groups.

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