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Comment Re:I've been in the audience (Score 1) 380

Same thing with all show audiences. To most people it's just a thrill to go see any TV show so you are like the nieve girl laughing at all of the guys jokes. It's just what is expected of you. I used to go to the Late Show in NYC and when I watched it again at night it didn't seem as funny. Something about a live performance. Maybe you feel empathy towards the performer and are cheering them on to have a good show.

Comment Can't see past step 1 (Score 1, Insightful) 226

The issue is that people can't see past step one. They want to end all suffering even when that suffering is a direct response to a persons choices. Let's take hungry children. In the old days when someone got pregnant without being married they were considered irresponsible. Society gave them two choices. Either they would get married or give the child up for adoption to a married couple. We know a child will be much more successful in life if they are raised by a mother and father. This worked out because some couples can't have kids.

Today what we do is tax the responsible people and give that money to the irresponsible people to raise their kids. Despite all evidence that a single mom (or dad) is a strong indicator of poor future outcomes. The liberal feels bad for the girl that gets pregnant without being married. What they don't feel bad for are the responsible couples that are so heavily taxed they put off childbirth until they are so old they need medical intervention to get pregnant. Meanwhile the single moms raise children that are a drain on society.

This is what happens in all types of situations due to the liberal mind. They can't stand any suffering and they are willing to destroy everything to alleviate responsibility for their actions.

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