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Comment: Re:Larger landing area (Score 1) 341

It will be the AirForce that makes the call since they run the Missle Range at Cape Canaveral. The range is designed to handle these types of accidents. The pads are seperated by miles of scrub brush. They also have flight termination system if the rocket goes outside of the flight path they destroy it.

I'm thinking it's going to be pretty soon they will be able to attempt a landing there.

Comment: Re:Education has been in decline since women's lib (Score 1) 148

But a teaching degree doesn't teach you to master the material you are teaching. At most it can allow you to manage a class and teach from a book which is exactly the problem we have today. I'm not saying 5 weeks is enough but I would take someone that worked as a biologist their whole life and took a 5 week course over someone with a teaching degree that studied biology for 5 weeks.

Comment: Education has been in decline since women's lib. (Score 1) 148

This is a natural result of women's lib. Before that the smartest women (those that are today's scientists, engineers, doctors) would be awesome teachers. Today most teachers are either C students or the hold outs that truly find education as their calling. I'm not saying we need to go back to the old days but we can't keep the same system in place and expect better results.

Comment: Women's lib partially responsible for bad schools. (Score 2) 19

by trout007 (#49426821) Attached to: The Cyberlearning Technologies Transforming Education

Not that women's lib is a bad thing but before women could get any job they were qualified for many were limited and selected teaching. This means that millions of women that were smart enough to be doctors, lawyers, scientists, or engineers were teachers instead. Now it seems like most teachers are C students at best.

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