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Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 328

We have the same thing in engineering. You can design mechanical or electrical systems using McMaster and Digikey and all off the shelf components just hooking them together. I consider it design not engineering, but it can be a cheap and fast way to get a job done. But it won't be optimal. Engineering is required to build custom parts and boards and prove it will work.

Comment Important work and plan is key (Score 1) 289

I'm a mechanical engineer but most technical people I know enjoy working if it's an important project and there is a plan to make it succeed. If you are working on something stupid forget it. If it's a great idea but no way to make it work (management, funding, politics) forget it as well.

I was put in a new project I thought was pretty cool. I spent 2 weeks doing an analysis which proved the optimal configuration based on the given requirements. I was told we are using the original less efficient configuration because it looks "innovative". I could hear the motivation leaving me.

Comment Re:Psychology (Score 1) 141

It depends on the school of economics. The Austrian school makes no such assumption which is why it lacks specific predictive ability. It is based on how humans act which is basically they pick from what they perceive as the best choice of those they see as available at the time. What this doesn't allow is your judgement as to what is rational. If someone decides at a certain time smoking a bowl is preferable to going to work at that moment than that is what they do otherwise they would do something else. The problem with this is all choices are ordinal. Basically you can rank the choices based on what they did but you can't compare them to a non choice.

For example if someone went to the store and bought 4 apples for $2 all you can say is they preferred the apples to the $4 and time end effort to go to the store. You can draw no other conclusions.

But most economists hate this because it eliminates specific predictive power. For example you can predict that if the Fed creates a $1T and gives it to the banks there will be a bubble somewhere and a misallocation of resources into that bubble. But you have no clue where the bubble will be or when it will pop. The only conclusion you can reach is not to artificially create money in the first place and let the markets set interest rates and money supply.

Comment Re:El Niño in action (Score 1) 289

The names are confusing you. El Niño causes more Pacific cyclones (both Eastern hurricanes and Western Typhoons). What happens in the Altamtic is just as many hurricanes are created near Africa but as they get near North America the strong winds either push them north or break up the storms so you have very few make landfall at hurricane strength.

I'm a Floridian so I'm always happy when El Niño is there.

Comment There were issues with Post Katrina ET's (Score 5, Informative) 59

We had issues with Post Katrina ET's because many of the technicians were displaced after Katrina and they lost institutional knowledge. The Ground Umbilical Carrier Plate (GUCP) was not installed within the tolerances and we had problems for the rest of the program with leaking hydrogen gas from this connection which caused quite a few scrubbed launches.

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