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Comment: Re:How is this illegal? (Score 1) 95 95

Still don't see the harm if Apple and the publishers try to set prices. You. An either deal with Apple or not. It's up to the publishers if they want to make that deal.

As for oil companies they can try to set prices as well. Doesn't work too well because there are great incentives for lowering prices if it will increase total profits.

Comment: Re: Well, well, well. (Score 1) 312 312

Look up the history of free banking. When banks (or any business for that matter) are permitted to fail they tend to act more responsibly. Of course it is in the politicians interest to have a central bank so they don't have to limit spending to what they can tax and borrow voluntarily at market rates.

Comment: Loads of money to be made by whoever solves this (Score 2) 203 203

There has to be some way to figure this problem out. It should be especially easy with restaurants since they all use software to track orders. Maybe something like a new Diners Club Card where the Restaurant/Server and Customer can rate each other based on real data. For instance if the customer complains about waiting too long the data should show when they were seated and ticket was opened and when the food was served. If the customer complains about the soup but didn't order it the customer's other reviews be suspect. If the customer claims the server was rude but that server otherwise gets great reviews then they should be suspect. If the restaurant owners could get that kind of feedback on which dishes/servers were liked or disliked it would help them as well. And if you present the card when you show up and you have a good reputation as a diner you could get higher ranked servers.

Comment: Re: Well, well, well. (Score 1) 312 312

If the latter, government spending is essential because the market is way too shortsighted and prefers to take risks on balance sheets.

Because politicians are known for their long term thinking? All of the problems you state have to do with governments and central banking and have zero to do with free markets.

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