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Comment Re:What applications? (Score 2) 144

In other words, virtual reality. The problem with the current VR headsets like the DK2, is you have effectively a 1080p display that fills most of your field of vision, in other words, yes - you can see the pixels and they are pretty big. The screen door effect is also pretty bad. Text is very difficult to read using the Rift DK2 unless the text is very large.

Developing very high PPI displays will be a real benefit for VR headsets. Tne next crop (the Vive/SteamVR and Oculus CV1) have better resolution (IIRC it's something like 1200 pixels vertical) and probably will have much less of a screen door effect, but the resolution really needs doubling at least for a VR headset to truly feel HD.

Comment Re: Not wasted (Score 1) 144

I think you are confusing image capture resolution with image display resolution.

It doesn't matter what image image capture resolution you have if your display resolution is orders of magnitude less.

So no, I'm not confusing the two.

>I said 7 years ago

'Splain to me how RI Hospital had access to Retina display resolution. Give three examples.

I'm pretty sure it is you who are confused.


Comment Re:Does the submitter know .... (Score 1) 27

The Isle of Man TT is a thing of fucking beauty.

There is nothing else like it anywhere. Oh yes, there are moto races that are longer and "less boring" to the NASCAR crowd, but if you pay attention for even 5 minutes to this race, you will be hooked like I was.

It is motorcycle erotica. Not porn, erotica.

And they've started racing electric bikes a couple of years ago.


Comment Re: Not wasted (Score 2) 144

>It's probably industrial

Or medical.

X-rays are sent 'round the hospital not on film these days, but as files. 7-8 years ago XGA flat panels and similar were pretty standard at RI Hospital. The thing is, when you have a fracture that is the head of your radius pushed into your radius, it's very difficult to see the actual break with that fuzzy resolution (because it looks normal). After going home with some Oxycontin (urgh, never again) I had to take the actual films to my orthopedist who put them on a wall mounted light-table and then it was plain to see. Even my untrained eye caught it.

If it was an 8k display at RI Hospital, they would have seen it.

(there is nothing you can really do for that kind of fracture anyway except to use a sling when the pain gets irritating - if a doctor puts a cast on you in the ER, go to your ortho and have it cut off the next couple of days, or else you're looking at surgery on your elbow later (my ortho told me this and he was right)).


Comment Re:Why all the desktop stuff? (Score 1) 116

Solaris had been running on x86 since about 1990. One motivation for running on two different processors is that the porting process uncovered a fair number of bugs, I would go so far as to say the reputation of the open source UNIX software from the late 1980's and early 1990's was due to the process of porting to the various flavors of UNIX.

Sun was in the process of migrating away from CDE when Oracle bought them, so implementing a desktop was more a matter of porting GNOME and KDE to run on Solaris. The Firefox ports to Solaris were done by a Sun's software group in China and Sun was paying Adobe to support Acroread and Flash on Solaris.

Comment Re:Before anyone bangs on about bedallions and so (Score 1) 197

Most roads around here (Ventura County, USA) do NOT have real-time traffic information or any information about constructions, closures, etc. Just the main highways. Likewise in Los Angeles. Get off the freeways and major highways and you'll get a map - and that's it.

Comment Re:Government monopolies are not fair competition (Score 1) 197

Fact is two people should be able to enter into their own contract without a jealous third party getting shitty that the buyer isn't forced to buy from their shitty overpriced monopoly. You want to go classic taxi? You are free to do so. The rest of us should be able to do as we wish.

Uber rides are NOT two people entering their own contract. Uber contracts with drivers. You contract with Uber. Uber pairs a rider and driver. The rider pays Uber. Uber pays the driver. It's as much a "two person contract" as when I buy milk at the grocery store and the checkout lady rings up the price.

Comment Re:I had to (Score 2) 37

Honestly I find most paleontologist evidence to be really weak. I understand that they have very little to work with, but compared to other branches of science, they sure make very long jumps to conclusions. I suspect a lot of it is the paleontologist (is that the wrong word?) saying something like "this could be a hint that..." and the reporter saying, "scientists discover..."

Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 531

It seems that you misunderstood what the researchers did. They fed a set of subjects fructose-sweetened soda and another set glucose-based soda. Both table sugar and HFCS have similar amounts of both.

As for the taste, HFCS is slightly sweeter, but aside from that, any difference must come from residual elements in the sweetener. Absolutely pure sugar and HFCS would taste similarly.

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