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Comment Re:Good for France. (Score 2) 131

There is no universal right that a company must be allowed to do business in every country on the planet.

But there are negotiations under way to allow exactly that. They are called TPP and TTIP and similar, and they are basicly about how to protect multinational corporations from national courts and those pesky citizens and their ideas how the law of the country should be.

Comment Re:Good for France. (Score 2) 131

See, that's the mistake you make here. Facebook does business in France and has a french version of itself, targeted at french customers. And that's the reason why the french judge decided it is also subject to french laws. If you don't do business with french customers, if you don't target french customers, and if you never intend to create a french version of your website, you will not have any problems with the french court system.

Comment Re:Good for France. (Score 1) 131

And that's exactly what TPP and TTIP and similar contracts are about. Multinational corporations want to have the most comfortable laws to them being applyable wherever they do business. And when they aren't, they want to have the right to sue in a private court not accessible and not responsible to anyone else.

It's basicly the removal of the right of individual countries to have their own laws if they are in the way of multinational corporations.

Comment Never had one. (Score 1) 272

Pagers were never that great here around, only hospitals used it, and about two years ago, I was within a project to lay to rest the last pager system at a hospital I know of. The other hospitals use DECT phones since ages and have the whole campus covered with DECT repeaters. Pagers are clumsy as you have to find the next phone and call from there. DECT phones can be called directly.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 4, Insightful) 173

It is more complicated than that. It's not "I'm a fast runner", that seems to trigger the cheating. It's the "I'm a faster runner than others". In the article at the Washington Post, there is a description of the experimental set-up. Games that are a battle against yourself (like a trivia game or playing the lottery) don't let people cheat afterwards. Games that are a battle against an opponent do.

It seems the experience of winning against someone else which causes you to feel entitled and to cheat the next time to ensure your next win. And then you get into a spiral of cheating, winning, cheating, winning etc.pp., we know so well from professional sports or successful businessmen with shady ethics.

Comment Re:Youtube next? (Score 2) 176

Facebook has strict rules how the buttons have to be implemented, and thus they are liable for anything caused by those buttons.

It would be different if Facebook didn't have those rules in place, then they could claim innocence for the data arriving at their servers.

And if would be different if EU law didn't explicitly forbid collecting data without the consent of the ones creating the data. And no, it's not the responsibility of the users to take care to not create the data in the first place. It's always the fault of the one collecting it afterwards without consent. "But it is out there and can easily be collected" is not a valid argument in the view of EU law.,

Comment Re:yes, or simply try to imagine what sort of dama (Score 1) 213

The Volkswagen Beetle is an original design of Ferdinand Porsche. Yes, that guy Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche, whose engineering company was called Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche G.m.b.H., and which later turned into the Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft or Porsche AG for short. The Porsche AG at first was building performance versions of the VW Beetle with newly shaped car bodies and improved engines, which were called Projekt 356 or Porsche 356.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 459

There have been similar attempts in other legislations, which all failed, because somehow the people who elected the current legislation for some reason wanted it to be that way, and they were still the majority. So I doubt, 20,000 voters will make a difference even in New Hampshire. If they want to vote for something too different, there will always be 20,000 others voting against.

We will see how this works out, but I remain doubtful.

Comment Re:No privacy for Americans? (Score 3, Informative) 29

When you data gets mined by the FBI (and in theory also by the NSA), you have means of bringing that to court. Europeans not being citizens of the U.S. didn't even have this, as their privacy is not protected by the U.S. constitution. This was the main argument why the European Court ruled that the Safe Harbour Agreement does not provide sufficient protection to E.U. citizens and thus is invalid.

Comment Re:Well, we will be using JRE 8 for a while then (Score 2) 165

Does not necessarily work that way. I have some systems to support whose administration website uses Java 1.4 (luckily the last of the Java 1.3 ones was scrapped lately). So I have to keep some VMs ready if I have to do something there because no one will ever invest in updating the management frontend. Those machines were deployed somewhen in the 1990ies, and they are still humming along, no immediate pressure for the actual operator of them to replace them with anything more recent, as none of the newer features is important to him.

Comment Re:Gibberish (Score 1) 121

Also do not forget, that "non-predictability" can be a good model for something. Quantum physics has some effects that are "random", like tunneling. Calling them "random" basically means "we do not know how they work, but they seem to follow a certain statistical model".

What you are referring to is the idea of hidden variables. But it seems that there are no hidden variables in Quantum Theory. To paraphrase Albert Einstein, God appearently really plays dice.

Comment Re:I guess it's easier... (Score 1) 425

And here lies the problem with your simple solution: "proper portions". What is a proper portion seems to vary from person to person, even if they have the same exercise regime. And there are many factors involved in determining what the the proper portions are, from your gut bacteria to the expression of several genes.

As the experiment of Mark Haub has shown (the famous Twinkie diet), even a very loop sided diet taken for several months can be ok and actually improve your health if you take care of what "proper portions" are.

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