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Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 4, Insightful) 511

The Bush/Cheney "rush to war" wasn't poll-driven, nor was it a "rush" in that it took almost a year and included multiple attempts at UN consensus and Congressional approval.

And everyone was telling them they can get lost with it, as it makes no sense and will just create more problems. Luckily they were right, it made sense, and now all the problems are solved. Iraq is a blooming democracy, and the neighboring feudal states are rapidly reforming towards pluralistic, democratic societies.

Comment Re:Communism = stagnation (Score 3, Insightful) 291

You mess two things up, which makes your logic flawed.

In Bertrand Russell's example, no one of the needle workers actually strives to improve his skills. But instead, the companies replace the old needle manufacturing equipment with new ones which doubles the productivity of their workers, and all of the workers get retrained for the new process. So yes, the inventor of the Improved Needle And Pin Machine gets his share, as he has outfitted all needle manufactures with his new invention. But the global market for needles does not increase, as needles are totally cheap already. A lower price for needles does not increase demand. So what we have now is companies with 100 percent surplus manufacturing capacities competing in a tight market, and half of them will get bankrupt in the process (it may be purely random which one get hit), until the manufacturing capacity for needles fits the demand again. It means half of the workforce will be out of a job, even if they don't differ in any way from the part of the workforce, that is still employed.

So contrary to your hypothesis, it's not the individual strive or laziness that made the difference between unemployed and employed needle workers. It's pure random chance. They all trained for the new manufacturing process, they are all equally skilled. But they were just to many, if they kept their working schedule.

Comment Re:The strings are his to attach (Score 1) 416

Marriage was historically understood as a way to determine who should inherit the wealth. Children born in wedlock were entitled, children born outside the wedlock were not. That's all what marriage was about.

It also meant that no one was allowed to marry who had no wealth to pass on. Homeless people were not allowed to marry. People without a profession were not allowed to marry. People without their own business or without an estate were not allowed to marry etc.pp.

Comment Re:Huh? Illegal? (Score 2) 118

A doctor has to treat everyone without looking at the person. That's part of being a doctor. A doctor has to treat a mobster, a child molester and also a taliban. It was that way when Hippocrates formulated the Hippocratic Oath, it was that way when Henri Dunant founded the Red Cross and laid the foundation to the Geneva Convention.

Comment Re:Can Still Be Punished? (Score 4, Insightful) 173

Actually, it is the judge's problem.

What Microsoft created here is a "plausible deniability". They are neither the owner nor the operator of the computers. So if the judge argues that the data is stored on the german servers, Microsoft can say that they asked their german service provider, but the german service provider refused (rightfully, as Deutsche Telekom is incorporated in Germany and subject to german laws), and thus Microsoft simply can't answer the judge's request.

Comment Re:Premise is not necessarily correct. (Score 1) 242

The problem is that you have to compare the received image with the stored one, and then calculate the distance. If the distance is smaller than a certain treshold, the image is accepted.

A hash can't do that. Actually, a hash is designed to not allow that. The distance of two sources should always be completely unrelated to the distance of the respective hashes.

Comment Re:I can tolerate a really hot hottub (Score 2) 488

The models have predicted the warming (but being on the conservative side, not as strong as it has happened so far). The stasis seems to have been a statistical fluke, caused by a spike due to an exceptionally strong El Nino in 1998. Since 2014 has been warmer globally than 1998, and the numbers for 2015 are not in yet, but so far point to a new global warmth record even above 2014, there is no stasis at all.

Comment Re:Do Canadian Scientists respect the public? (Score 1) 197

I just cite real events. It has happened that people were playing loud music in the frontyard of their neigbors at four in the morning. It has happened that companies were dumping their waste in the local water supply. It has happened that a mob killed a business owner after the owner refusing to pay the protection money.

Comment Re:Do Canadian Scientists respect the public? (Score 1) 197

If your neighbor likes it to play loud music at four in the morning in your frontyard, you should let him live as he chooses. If the company up the river likes to dump their waste into your water supply, because this saves money and thus means higher bonusses for the bosses, you should let the managment live as it chooses. If the mob down the road likes to shot you down, because you wouldn't pay them to take care of your nice looking business, you should let them live as they choose.

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