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Comment Re:Tested in the courts (Score 1) 118

As we are in Civil Law and not in Criminal Law, there is no such concept of "being guilty". Are you infringing on their rights? Yes, as they have a monopoly on their invention granted by the state. Are they infringing on your rights? Of course they are, but they have a patent that allows them to do so.

There are two ways to get out of this mess: first, prove you are not infringing on their rights. That would mean that you prove none of the claims in their patent fits to you, or it is already covered by prior art. Thus, their patent would not allow them to infringe on your rights, as you aren't enfringing on theirs. Second, prove that the monopoly should not have been granted to begin with. Then there is no case, as there is no patent at all.

Comment Re:A bad spot (Score 1) 295

I would rather say that the Paris attacks are proof that Edward Snowden is right in every way. Not only are the surveillance schemes he revealed illegal, they are completely useless. France has similar schemes in place, France and Belgium both knew that the attackers were planning something, they even gave an interview to the Dabiq magazine about their planned attacks, and how they can easily cross borders without hindrance.

No, preventing the Paris attacks would not have required even more intelligence gathering and breaking encryption. It would have required real persons to really look into matters, really follow the suspects, and catch them before they armed themselves and go for their killing spree. Instead the intelligence community sat there hoping that out of the data cloud a voice would tell them time and location of the attacks.

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 4, Insightful) 594

The Bush/Cheney "rush to war" wasn't poll-driven, nor was it a "rush" in that it took almost a year and included multiple attempts at UN consensus and Congressional approval.

And everyone was telling them they can get lost with it, as it makes no sense and will just create more problems. Luckily they were right, it made sense, and now all the problems are solved. Iraq is a blooming democracy, and the neighboring feudal states are rapidly reforming towards pluralistic, democratic societies.

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