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Comment Re:Bias? (Score 1) 74

as it seems like it was coincidence that he ended up there (story is looking more like he hit a bank and ended up at PP, being that no one from PP was actually hurt....)

So when the police said that the shooter mentioned "baby parts" it was because he was at the local bank trying to withdraw baby parts?

And the propane tanks he carried into the Planned Parenthood were going to be used for his camp stove?

Jesus, man. Will you really twist yourself into a pretzel rationalizing terrorism just because you share the same ideology as the perpetrator?

Comment Re:News for Facebook employees (Score 1) 74

If you can take several months off, it just means the company doesn't really need you. Or, it means someone else is will have to work harder (with no extra pay) to make up for your absence

That's why God made temporary workers. If the absence of one employee means "someone else will have to work harder", then companies need to examine their staffing strategy.

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Journal Journal: 1950s TV

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Comment problems (Score 1) 80

Let's hope it goes better than BillG school reform!

It won't. Bill suffers from the same ego problem that many successful people suffer from - thinking that because you were good at one thing means you are qualified to solving every other problem. But very few people are great in vastly different domains. Even most geniuses stick to at least one area.

Giving money to people who are real experts in a domain and giving them room to find solutions is a hundred times better than coming in as a celebrity and taking over with your own random idea. This can, in fact, have a negative effect on the actual progress in the field.

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