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Comment: Re:A word you made up? (Score 1) 100 100

For fuck's sake.

1) You're not posting as an AC.
2) Presumably it's not a typo for a known brand.
3) You're not asking on Slashdot for some ruse to make it look like the domain is in use when it isn't really.

You don't look like a duck, he does. What the fuck don't you understand?

Comment: Re:A word you made up? (Score 1) 100 100

Are you suggesting that trademarks should extend not only to an actual trademarked name, but to all conceivable misspellings or abbreviated versions, etc.?

No I'm not. I'm saying that all the clues point to cybersquatter:
AC question, lack of desire to put anything there that would take any time to do, worried about bandwidth costs of having a site that anyone would visit, trademark misspelling.

It walks like a cybersquatter and it quacks like a cybersquatter.

Comment: Re:The short answer is nothing (Score 1) 100 100

No, that's the man bites dog story.

The typical case is that it's a cybersquatter who's either registered thousands of domains in the hope of some of them paying off. Or worse: that's got a script looking for expired domains and snatches them up, in the hope that some schmuck who accidentally let a domain expire pays to get it back.

Comment: Re:A word you made up? (Score 0) 100 100

Put your brain into gear.

1) Anonymous coward.
2) Danger of being a typo for a known brand.
3) Unwilling to spend any time on making a real website, just wants to put something there that would give him a legal argument if it came to a legal battle.

Of course he's a cybersquatter.

Comment: Re:Perhaps half of us are (Score 0) 246 246

Sorry but yes, forced, as a member of the Eurozone.

Theoretically they could have refused like thy have now, but that was a different government then. That government didn't have the best qualified finance minister in Europe. This one does.

They probably would have been better reusing 5 years ago. Iceland did, and they've done better than any of the countries that went down the bailing out of the banks route.

Fuck your childish pony comment. It's not a matter of no strings attached. The ECB and the IMF are attempting regime change. They are insisting that the debt is paid off by punishing the poor, rather than taxing the rich.

Comment: Re:Why does Jobs always steal the limelight? (Score 1) 246 246

The Gates/Jobs match is over. Gates might have lived longer, but Jobs won the business game. Apple is the biggest tech company in the world and Microsoft is in rapid decline.

Still, yes, Gates had different but comparable business skills. That makes 2.

There were far more engineers that could design a microcomputer.

Comment: Re:Why does Jobs always steal the limelight? (Score 1) 246 246

Although this is completely true, Woz is special because he had a.. sorry there is no word for it but genius mind for reducing the number of components required to perform a particular function.

This is the off told myth, but in reality that was standard practice at the time. Components were simple to understand but expensive. Everyone came up with nifty tricks to minimise components.

Jobs mix of talents were rarer.

Comment: Re: Why does Jobs always steal the limelight? (Score 1) 246 246

If you want to play the what-if game, Apple would probably have used BeOS. Which was better in many ways than Unix. And to an end user system based on Unix and one based on BeOS needn't look any different. Only the BeOS one would be smoother.

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