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Comment Re: I suggest we confuse the primary Uber benefits (Score 3, Informative) 154

Of course it can be gamed. Uber is the gamification of taxi services. Everything is intended to be gamed. And the easiest way of gaming the driver ratings? By actually giving a good service and being polite. It costs nothing.

Of course be an asshole to real customers and pay accomplices to rate you. But that would cost you money. Poor gaming strategy.

Comment Re:That's gonna be a nope (Score 1) 133

He doesn't need to go back. He can buy an iPhone. Apple's business model isn't about tracking users. Whilst of course there's there's implicit traceability if you choose to use anything that needs the cloud, Apple doesn't force that on you, or do anything that is explicitly intended to track you for advertisers.

Third party software might track location. But that's mostly about making the choice whether you want to pay for an app up front, or opt for adware.

As to bloatware, again that's not a smartphone problem, that's an Android problem - where the business model invites manufacturers and networks to add their own crap on top of the apps already shipped in the OS.

Comment Re:Fragmentation is a lesser evil (Score 1) 111

Look your argument desn't even make sense within it's own assumptions. You say:

"Then Apple should stop making phones at all. It would reduce both fragmentation and choice. Win/win, isn't it?"

But of course that far bigger gain within your model would be for all the Android manufacturers to stop making phones.

Secondly just because large choice is the enemy of quality does not mean that reducing choice magically increases quality. Especially when you are removing the highest quality devices. As I said quality comes from people dedicating themselves to that outcome above all others.

Comment Re:Fragmentation is a lesser evil (Score 1) 111

All the things you mention are features, not qualities, or quality.

Consider a multi-tool. It has a pen-knife, pliers, a saw, 2 screwdrivers, scissors, a corkscrew, etc. Lots of features. But they are all very poor quality tools. In preference you would always use a knife of a specific kind, a real saw, a real screwdriver, a real corkscrew.

The multi-tool is a best useful to keep for an emergency when you have nothing else. Because it's not actually very good at anything.

And so it is with all that you are describing. A tablet isn;t the right tool for developing on. A PC is - desktop or laptop. Even with PC, the compile and upload cycle is measured in the minute range not the seconds range for a real-life app. An IDE based on a tablet is a toy, nothing more. You might be able to enjoy doing Hello World, but then any reasonable person would reach for a proper tool for the job.

Same with all the other features you describe. You're talking about a multi-tool, not a quality tool.

Look at it another way. Producing quality products is more about taking away the superfluous than adding things. Consider a hi-fi. AT the bottom end are boxes that do everything,. Then as you step up in price, the boxes add more and more features. Then they split into specialist audio devices amplifier, decks, etc. Then as the get even more expensive they increasingly concentrate on just producing the best possible reproduction, and the number of switches and controls and features reduce.

Android phone users are people who pore over feature lists. What they miss is that their devices are just awful to use when compared with an iPhone. Because of my job I have multiple phones on my desk all day every day. Androids and an iPhone. I'd never use one of the Androids for anything other than development purposes. I'd always choose the iPhone. Just as I'd always pick up a real knife as opposed to a multi-tiool knife when I have them both to hand.

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