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Comment: Re:This validates the US policy... (Score 1) 737

by BasilBrush (#49347157) Attached to: Germanwings Plane Crash Was No Accident

I'm pretty much as feminist as a man can be. But that doesn't extend to pretending that the majority of men are not stronger than the majority of women. If your feminism enables you to believe something that is contrary to scientific fact, then you have a problem.

And no, I don't believe in arming anyone. Least of all on a plane.

Comment: Re:They fear making the wrong choice (Score 0) 269

by BasilBrush (#49338425) Attached to: Developers and the Fear of Apple

And I'm sure you'd like them to get off your lawn too.

Generally speaking when people think young people have changed, what they're not realising is they themselves have changed. Young people aren't different, and neither are older people. You've just moved from one set to the other, and so your outlook on others has changed.

Comment: Re:my experience: (Score 0) 269

by BasilBrush (#49338369) Attached to: Developers and the Fear of Apple

The company I'm contracting for right now does both platforms. They require twice as many developers for the Android version, yet it takes longer to ship, and has more bugs.

Fragmentation is a very, very, real problem with Android.

Of course, someone should ask Gil Amelio how that analysis worked for Apple back in the 90's.

Nice to quantify the age of your opinions.

Comment: Re:my experience: (Score 0) 269

by BasilBrush (#49338235) Attached to: Developers and the Fear of Apple

Android is the largest platform (because it's used on the most phones.) But iOS stopped losing market share to it some time ago.

The #1 reason why I would fear developing for apple is they have a tendency to block and steal the really good ideas.

You're kidding right? WiFi syncing (obvious), using an icon that features both the standard symbol for WiFi (obviously) and the standard symbol for Syncing (obviously). That's what's in common? And nothing else.

It couldn't be more obvious if you painted obvious on it with day-glo paint. You'd have to be pretty stupid to think that was copied.

Comment: Re:my experience: (Score 0) 269

by BasilBrush (#49338115) Attached to: Developers and the Fear of Apple

Amusing that I said "What some here will miss" and you posted to prove that you missed it. It's not often I bother poking down to the -1 level but I have on this occasion, so I might as well correct you.

WhatsApp is exclusive to phones. What sense does not allowing its use on laptops make?

I already pointed out that social apps are in the overlap of the Venn diagram. And as I said "availability doesn't affect that. The company that create WhatsApp have decided what platforms they are doing. It's irrelevant to the point about certain apps being baturally phone ones and some being naturally desktop.

Unless you pair a Bluetooth keyboard and plug in an external monitor.

You still have no way of operating the GUI elements. Phones have a touchscreen interface. That monitor you plugged in isn't one. And in carrying all those bits, you might as well have brought a laptop that's actually built for the job, and won't be hamstrung.

Whilst you're fucking about with your bundle of crap, other people have long since finished the task.

Comment: Re:Journalists being stonewalled by Apple? (Score 1) 269

by BasilBrush (#49335559) Attached to: Developers and the Fear of Apple

Unfortunately for Apple, they're not Microsoft! They don't have the market share on anything to dictate.

That's not unfortunate for Apple. Their business model is built on selling things at a profit when they don't have market share dominance. Thus the don't face the same disaster as is happening to Microsoft who's business model IS based on having near-monopoly market share.

So don't sweat about it. Give it a few years, and the "Apple difference" won't really be so different, and they'll be seen as perhaps a Sony or Toshiba.

It's theirs to lose. Companies like Sony and Nintendo lost it. Apple could too. But provided they keep the quality up, they'll stay where they are.

Comment: Re:my experience: (Score 2) 269

by BasilBrush (#49335437) Attached to: Developers and the Fear of Apple

It's not just a mater of convenience of having a computer in your pocket when you''re not at work. There's a Venn diagram of apps, some of which are interchangeable between mobile and desktop, but others which only make practical sense on one or the other.

e.g. Car and pedestrian navigation apps are phone territory. They make no sense on the desktop.
Spreadsheets and word-processing are desktop territory, then make little sense on a phone. Social media makes sense on both.

(What some here will miss is that availability of apps doesn't contradict this. Yes, I can buy a GPS that connects to a PC, and get some arcane navigation app for a laptop. But it makes no sense to do so. Likewise with office apps for phones - they allow viewing and changing the odd item. You wouldn't create or do extensive editing there.)

Nothing in progression can rest on its original plan. We may as well think of rocking a grown man in the cradle of an infant. -- Edmund Burke