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Comment: Re:The next big scare (Score 1) 89

by BasilBrush (#49558971) Attached to: Apple's Next Frontier Is Your Body

How is that actually supposed to work, though? Does the Apple Watch make people walk so much they gain weight?

As pointed out elsewhere you're off-topic. You're confusing ResearchKit with HealthKit and/or the Health app. But yes, one of the health app's functions is to encourage more activity such as walking, by feeding back how much activity you've done today against a target you've chosen. It's not a new idea, pedometers let you do this. But it looks to be a good implementation of it.

Comment: Re:Copying Google (Score 1) 74

by BasilBrush (#49534983) Attached to: Apple Offers Expedited Apple Watch Order Lottery To Developers

Difference is Apple had sales of about a million watches in the first day, just in the USA alone. The only reason for this lottery at all is that general sale of is sold out till June at least.

By contrast Google Glass, over what, 18 months, perhaps sold a few hundred Google Glasses. I'd be very surprised if Apple didn't sell more $10,000 Edition Watches in the first day than Google ever sold Glasses.

Comment: Re:Very true (Score 1) 74

by BasilBrush (#49534965) Attached to: Apple Offers Expedited Apple Watch Order Lottery To Developers

I have no idea how they choose who to send these to, as I'm an iOS developer working on an Apple Watch compatible app and I didn't get one.

Probably by some function of the number of apps they have on the store and the number of sales of those apps.
That would cut out all the people who aren't actual developers, that nevertheless have developer accounts. And it would be a decent stab at prioritising those more likely to ship something that people want to buy.

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 1) 355

Neither do I. But for site I use everyday, I'll take the app in preference to the mobile website every time.

And no, full (non responsive) websites are certainly not better than mobile ones when you are on a phone. They mean that either the text is too small to read and the buttons and links to small to press, or you have to constantly scroll left and right as well as up and down.

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