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Comment: Re:Graph was 4-colorable... (Score 3, Interesting) 55

by systemeng (#46406369) Attached to: Game Tech: How <em>BioShock Infinite</em>'s Lighting Works
I actually found this story quite useful as the references it gave showed that some of the problems they solved are very similar to a research problem that I am working on in electron microscopy. That being said, the article was very technical and outside of my understanding in some of the more video game related areas. I'm happy to see this on slashdot.

Comment: Re:Hint taken. (Score 3, Informative) 519

by systemeng (#45439419) Attached to: Woman Facing $3,500 Fine For Posting Online Review
The Federal Law also allows state attorneys general to file suit on behalf of tax papyers in credit reporting cases. A local lawn care service accidentally submitted an already paid bill of mine to a collections agency. The Alabama Attorney General's Office was not amused and forced them to write a letter explaining themselves to me and then suggested that I sue the company which by then had seen the error in their ways.

Comment: Re:Capitalism. (Score 2) 81

by systemeng (#42422101) Attached to: Judge Grants Defendant's Motion To Explore Alleged Fraud By Prenda Law
In a Venture Capital funded startup, the VC puts up the original money. Taking the company public swaps the capital provided by the VC for capital provided by the public in the IPO. Publicly traded stock does little once the company is started unless new shares are issued after the company goes public.

Comment: Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 421

by systemeng (#41953935) Attached to: Amid Fiscal Uncertainty, Venture Capital Is Way Down In Silicon Valley
I know exactly what you mean, metlin. I've been doing business case analysis for a startup I'm developing which will produce a tangible product with a high profit margin. A single machine in the production process has 6 zeroes in the price tag and the amount of money needed by the company over 5 years has seven zeroes. While I was able to fund the basic research with my own checkbook, scaling it into a profitable product with that funding source is impossible.

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