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Comment Re:Phones are higher density (Score 1) 51

Which brings up an interesting point. Desktop machines struggle to drive 4k monitiors with hundreds of watts of graphics power. Phones (like the G3) drive their QHD displays with a total thermal envelope of about 5W. Even scaling up, 9 phones is 45W to drive this many pixels. Why the disconnect?

(note this doesn't really address the connection - phones get ultra-short cables and small total pixel counts compared to this)

Comment Re:Not in my house (Score 1) 497

You laugh...but I have a teen daughter. The idea is that a "cool" house is where the kids will want to hang out. Movie screen and large movie collection, playroom with sofas, bean bags, and cushy carpet, fountain drinks, espresso bar with all the trimmings - you name it. I'd rather have them party it up at my place than somewhere else.

Comment As someone who deals with architectural drawings (Score 1) 51

Wow - this would be great...though in a larger size - say 60ish inches; enough for a 30x42 plan at nearly 150 dpi with room on the side for toolbars. Throw in a wacom/n-trig digitizer interface and a stand that lets me mount it like a drafting table and I'd be in heaven.

Comment Re:What interface ? (Score 1) 51

DP 1.3 is 32.4Gbps (25.92Gbps net through after overhead) which is sufficient for 8k/30Hz full 24bit video at ~25Gbps, and 8k/60Hz using 4:2:0 subsampling. That's clearly not ideal for a computer screen, where you would want 4:4:4, but is probably good enough for nearly any screen up to about 40-50" (and likely on towards 100") regardless of distance when reproducing video (moving) content.

Comment Which is why I never use debit (Score 1) 210

People are always more careful with their own money. If I haven't paid my CC bill, the CC company is out that money. If it comes out of my bank account, I'm SOL until they get around to figuring it out. It's why I always decline when offered a debit card - WTF would I want *my* money on the line where a fraudulent transaction might occur?

Comment Re:What are "reasonable" legal fees? (Score 1) 203

It's easy. That's 5 hours for an IP lawyer.

Even for a garden variety lawyer, it's only 10 hours at a partner level. The fresh-outs are billing at $250-350/hr. There's two hours just to check conflict of interest and set up your file ($500). Send one of those briefs to go look up case law and type up a briefing for a half a day ($1000-1400), let the partner review it and consult for 2 hours with the client ($1000), then write and opinion (2 hours, $1000) and then send a brief to type/proof/file it with the court (4 hours, another $1000-1400) and you've easily popped a $4000-5000 bill.

Comment Re:Oops! (Score 1) 170

The problem is that you've spent $50,000 on lemonade taste testing and recipe development. Making a $5 glass of lemonade using a recipe which uses $0.35 of raw materials instead of $0.60 isn't going to allow you to make a bigger profit if you have to sell it for $4.75 or less.

They have two plans:
1) Sell their VR headsets for $500 and pray they sell enough
2) Declare bankruptcy, buy the tech back at liquidation, and start a new company selling the same headset for $200

Note: this is how golf courses get built. It generally takes two developers to go bankrupt before a golf course can turn a profit.

Comment Re:Engineering is expensive (Score 1) 170

Tech doesn't magically appear. It occurs because of engineering. It may not be your engineering budget, but somebody spent the money, time, and research costs to develop what you will eventually use.

And, just for the record, a lot of positional tracking DID come from rocket science (and the closely associated aeronautical work). And we spent a shitload of money on that kind of engineering just to get to the starting blocks where mobile phones could even consider them.

Comment Engineering is expensive (Score 3, Insightful) 170

The parts of cheap. Make 100 Million headsets and you could sell them profitably for $150. They've got a mountain of engineering debt to pay off, though, and they're sure as hell not going to sell 100 million.

People (and research) are expensive. That's why it's going to cost so much.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 0) 1139

A place where guns are prohibited but enforcement is not complete. Airports and courtrooms are gun-free zones. Everywhere else that guns are prohibited but every occupant is not subject to a rigorous search prior to entry, and all entrances and exits are not guarded, is only "technically" a gun-free zone.

This can be viewed as either a place where people shouldn't need to be worried about being harassed or bullied by armed citizens, or a place where the temporary physical superiority offered to you by carrying a firearm is suspended and you have to interact with humanity on a nominally equal footing. A cynic might say that this is either a "target rich environment" or a place where those of weak minds and hearts despise because the ability to deprive someone else of their life via a gun is the only way the can find value in themselves.

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