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Comment Re:Busy Work... (Score 2) 386 386

As for the ISPs, I imagine the **IAs would love to see them inconvenienced even further by piracy. It means more of an incentive to put in place technological measures to stop piracy like blocking popular trackers, traffic shaping and tiny usage quotas.

Or an incentive to just stop caring and start ignoring the requests from media lawyers.

Comment Re:Absurd credentialism (Score 1) 220 220

More than that, you need to filter out the nutjobs who would otherwise sue everyone and everything using insane troll logic to justify themselves and would constantly bog down the legal process by questioning even well established facts by claiming that "nobody ever proved it to them." Having lawyers as necessary middlemen does remove a whole lot of clutter for this specific problem, and if the lawyer himself becomes the problem, Jack Thompson demonstrated how well that ends up for them.

Comment The RIAA showed us how to abuse it (Score 3, Insightful) 220 220

First, because I don't think that subpoenaing a defendant's identity from a service provider constitutes an abuse of the legal system in and of itself.

The abuse does not come from the request itself, but usually what follows said request. The plaintiff usually knows that he has thin legal ground over his lawsuit and will pull back his suit before a judgement likely to favor the defendants (and set a landmark) can happen. He will then turn around and DIRECTLY contact each of those defendants that got outed in the discovery process and personally extort thousands of dollars from them under threat of ruining them through endless litigation that will cost them far more to defend themselves from a million dollar lawsuit.

Now THAT is textbook abuse.

Comment Maybe not all our fault (Score 1) 311 311

He documents how one woman narrowly missed being hit by a train after she followed sat-nav directions over a railway track. While she got out of her car to open the level-crossing gate, a speeding train drove straight through her vehicle. While this may be an extreme case, Vamosi argues that we are developing a culture of dependence on technology to the detriment of our common sense.

Are we really sure Skynet didn't become self-aware and declare war on humanity a few weeks ago?

Comment Something doesn't add up (Score 1) 575 575

How does a hacker steal several gigs of data in a few minutes in the midst of a DDoS attack, when the server are too overwhelmed to answer outside requests? Whatever ISP this guy has that can give a download speed of above 1 gig per minute, I want in on their service!!!

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